Friday, December 31, 2010

Only You (part 5)

I walk away a bit from Faiz. I push the answer button.
“ Yobaseyo.”
“ Oh, hello. Is this Asifah speaking? It is me, Minho.”
“ Yes, it is me. Oh, it is you. May I know why you called me?”
“ Hmm..are you busy this evening?”
“I think I have nothing to do this evening. My class end in the afternoon. Why?”
“It is good, then. If you don’t mind, I would like to ask you out.”
“Ask me out?”
I raised my voice a little. I am shocked. Who wouldn’t when a top idol ask you out? Faiz seems startled by my act and I signal him that I am alright.
“Are you okay? I am sorry if I am too straightforward.”
“No, no, I’m sorry.”
“Actually, I am alone right now. The other members all have schedule today, but I am not. So, I would like to hang out with you today, if you wouldn’t mine. I would also want to know you more, can I?”
Aahh.. What should I answer? Of course I would like to spend time with him. But, is it alright for him to go out with an ordinary girl like me? Plus, I have not known him in person. He will not do anything bad to me, right? He is an idol.
“Well, I think it is alright. Where should we meet?”
“I can pick you at your house. Just give me your address.”
“I’ll need to go to the Malaysia’s Embassy first after my class this afternoon, can’t we just meet at somewhere else?”
“The embassy is in the Hannam-dong, right?”
“Yes, why?”
“ It is better then. My house is near that area. If you wouldn’t mind, can you come to my dorm then?”
“Your dorm?”
“I mean, wait me at my dorm’s apartment main door. I’ll text you the address.”
“It is okay. What time should we meet? Around 3 p.m. , okay?”
“I’m fine with anything. It is 3 then. I’m looking forward to meeting you.”
“Me too. See you later. Annyeong.”
I hang up my phone. My soul screams out inside of me. Am I dreaming or what?
Faiz smiles when he sees me smiling by myself.
“Hey, what is going on? Are you alright?”
“I’m fine. It is just a dream come true.”
“It is nothing, really.”
Faiz seems not satisfied with my answer. He want to know more.
“It’s late. I need to go to the class right now. I wouldn’t want to be late on my first day.”
“Okay. But, can we meet after class?”
“I’m sorry. I have plan today. Maybe next time, okay?”
“Okay. See you later then. Assalamualaikum.”
After waving goodbye to Faiz, I start walking to the civil engineering department building. Something stops me from walking after a few steps. A text message arrives in my inbox. It is from Minho. He said to send me his dorm’s address. I save the message and continue walking to my destination with a blossoming heart.
I finally finished my work at the Embassy of Malaysia. I have a slight problem with my visa but it is all settled now. I take a glance at my watch. It is 2.45 p.m. already. I have to hurry. I find SHINee’s dorm according to the address Minho gave me. It is really not far from here. I just need to take a train to a station away.
As soon I arrived at the station, I walk wondering around the neighbourhood to find the apartment. I am not familiar with this neighbourhood, thus it is hard for me to find the address. Luckily, a few nice citizens help me. Korea had always been known for the courteous of its people.
I stop in front of a tall luxury apartment. Looking at the luxurious building, anyone could tell that the people living here are quite rich and loaded. I stare in amazement at the building up and down for a moment. Something is wrong with the water supply pipe I think when I see a plumber is fixing the pipe attach to the building on the fourth floor.
“Hey! Have you been here for long?”

A voice startles me. It is him. It is really Minho. I pinch my thigh a bit to see whether I am dreaming or not.
Well, that’s mean I’m not dreaming. I just lost in words.
“Asifah, are you okay?”
Minho waves his hand in front of my face. Well, that wakes me up quite a bit.
“I’m fine. I just can’t get over being surprise to see you in front of me. Sorry.”
“You are one funny girl. Haha!”

He is laughing about me. I should be happy or embarrass? Ah, I am lost. Anyway, I love seeing him laughing, seeing him happy, see everything about him with my own two eyes.
“I’m glad you come. I’m afraid that you wouldn’t. We just met and do not anything about each other, so I thought that you would hesitate to go out with me. Thank you for agreeing to go out with me.”
“I’m the one who should be thankful as you are willing to ask me out. I’ve never dream to be going out with a star, my favourite star accurately. It’s okay, I believe you would be good to me.”
“Of course I’d be good to you. But, wait, your favourite star? Me?”
Ah, my silly mouth. How could I just spit everything out? I could see Minho is smiling, maybe seeing me blushing so badly. I try looking up, to gather some courage maybe. But something caught my eyes. The plumber slipped his small-sized spanner out of his hand and it is falling right in the way of Minho’s head!
“Be careful!!”
I push Minho backward just in time. Next thing is that I feel a pain on my forehead.

Manage to continue Only You after a long break..
                                                                                               By : E_pah

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