Sunday, January 30, 2011


As salam..annyeong..hello!
it's long since i write ( beside the stories)...
actually i don't know what to write about..huhu
well, i've been busy with work lately... out at 8.45 a.m. and returned home at 6.00 p.m.. tiring..
but what to do, i love bakery... i work at a bakery though...
last wednesday and thursday i've tried making apple cake and banana cake....BOTH WERE GOOD!!! huhu..
I'M HAPPY... : D
maybe next time i'll try to make chocolate moist cake and cheese cake... i hope i'll will turn out ok...hope sooooo....
oh yeah...i'm a teacher now...huhu.. i've never dream to be a teacher before...ngee..
actually i'm just helping my juniors at school, my ex-juniors though.. and they are my neighbour..
two handsome boys...haha ( they are twins actually)...  : p
they'll sit for SPM this year, so I hope I could help them with their addmath and modern math..... they are good, just need a little bit more of guidance... i hope they'll get good result.. (shouldn't i be worrying about my SPM's result first??? this MARCH...AAAHHHH!!) about one and a half month more...huhu..
i really hope i'll get the result i'm hoping to get...(secret!)  ; )
i was tutoring them at night almost everday, (and this will continue on) i've been busy day and night and still will be busy day and night,  not enough time for blog updating...sorry... i'll try making some time to update my blog and write the stories...OKAY???
hmm..that's all for now...(no idea)..huhu
c u next time....
daa... as salam... annyeongihaseyo....


don't ever forget to SMILE!!!!!!      : )


Friday, January 28, 2011

Only You (part 8)

The phone alarm rings nonstop. I reach and stop it while half awake. Ah.. it is 6.00 a.m. already. Let me sleep more, I have such a wonderful dream. Going to SHINee’s dorm, meeting them, befriends with them.
I wake up and sit on my bed. I rub my sleepy eyes. I turn to reach my phone on the bed-side table. My eyes caught something. Mentos candy??? Then, I touch my forehead.
There is a plaster on my forehead. Wait, so everything is not a dream? It is real? I really met SHINee! Most of all, I really met Minho. Huhu!
I get out of my bed a get ready to go to the university. I have class at 9. After I performed Subuh prayer, I head to the kitchen to prepare breakfast and also some packed-lunch. It is hard to get halal food at the university, so I need to bring my own lunch.
“Hi, Asifah! Hey, what happened with your forehead?”
Shin Young greets me as soon as I sit beside her in the class. She seems really worried about my condition.
“It’s nothing. It just a small cut.”
“But why? Are you okay now?”
“I’m fine. Yesterday...”
I was just about to answer Shin Young when Professor Kang Shin Hyuk came in. The students stand up, bow and sit down again. It is a culture in Korea where a person needs to bow and greet someone who is older or senior to them.
‘Get ready to learn!’
I shout to myself. It has been a few months I am free from learning, so I need to focus on my study now.
Minho is alone in his room. He sits on his bed, just waiting for the manager to arrive to pick them to the KBS building. They need to record a show that is going to be aired on KBS channel.

He keeps thinking about yesterday incident. He keeps thinking about Asifah.

The yesterday incident starts replaying in his mind. He feels guilty to have caused Asifah to get hurt. Then,  the image of Asifah sleeping comes to his mind.
‘Ah..she looks so cute while sleeping yesterday. If only they returned a little bit later, I could have been with her longer. I don’t know why, but I feel like it.’
Minho smiles by himself.
“Hey, what are you doing smiling by yourself?”
Minho is surprised and his thought shattered away.
“Onew hyung, knock before you came in. Don’t you ever surprise me like that ever again! It really gave me a shock.”
Onew take a seat beside Minho on the bed.
“Okay, okay. I’m sorry. But, tell me what were you thinking till it made you smiling alone. Tell me, tell me.”
“Tell me or else..”
“Okay. It’s nothing. I just keep thinking about Asifah.”
“ I just feel indebted to her. She has saved my life but I haven’t done anything to her.”
“So, that is why. Hmm..why don’t you give her ticket for our upcoming concert next month? She could enjoy herself then.”
“That is a good idea, hyung!”
“I know I am good.”
Minho gives Onew a light punch on his shoulder. They laugh together.
“Thank you, hyung, for helping.”
“No problem. It seems manager hyung is here already. Let’s go!”
Yeah..finally it is over. Three hours of structural engineering class is so tiring. My head feels like want to blow out already. Huhu! But this is just the start!
“Shin Young, wanna have lunch together? I bring extra food for you.”
“I’m sorry, I have promise to meet my sister outside. I’ll be back for the evening class later.”
“Oh, okay then.”
“I’ll be going. Annyeong!”
I walk to the university’s park and stop at a picnic under a shady tree. I take a seat and starts unpacking my lunch boxes. I made kimbap(rice rolls) and strawberry flavoured puddings as desert for my lunch today. YUMMY! But, it is boring and lonely to have lunch alone. I wish someone could accompany me.
“Assalamualaikum. Hye! ”
I lift up my head to see who is standing in front of me. It is him.
“Waalaikumussalam! Oh, Faiz.”
“Can I join you here?”
“Of course. Here, have a seat.”
It seems like my wish came true.  : )
“Thank you. Wait, what is wrong with your forehead? You hurt yourself?”
“It’s nothing. Don’t worry.”
“I’m fine, really.”
“If you say so. Wah, you bring your own lunch. You cook?”
“Yeah. Want some? I made extra. Here.”
I handed one of the lunch boxes to Faiz. He opens and smiles. He is satisfied, I think.
“This looks good, really. Thank you. Kimbap. You know how to made Korean food?”
“I’ve learned from my friend here. Try it and tell me how does it tastes. Don’t worry, you’ll be safe. Haha!”
“Okay, okay. I hope I don’t get food poison. Haha!”
“I guarantee!”
Faiz take a bite of the kimbap. He stays silence for a while.
“Wah, this is really good. You are a great cook.”
“I know already. Haha! Anyway, thanks for the compliment. There is more. Here, strawberry pudding as desert.”
“I love strawberry. Let me taste it.”
Faiz take a scoop out and eat it. He looks so happy eating it. He sure loves strawberry. : )
“Wah, this is the best! You are the best!”
It is good hearing compliment from other people. Well, I am happy that he likes it. He continues eating the pudding. He looks like a little child enjoying his favourite snack. Cute!   : p
“Is it really delicious?”
“Of course. Plus, I really love strawberry!”
“I’m happy that you like it. If you want more I could make it for you next time.”
“Really? But, I don’t want to trouble you.”
“It’s fine. I love to cook.”
“You are really the best!”
Hearing his words really make me happy. I do not why. Maybe because he loves my cooking, I guess. At least someone loves it. : D
“But, can I ask you a favour?”
“What? Anything for you.”
“ how to play the piano? Your plays yesterday was really good.”
“It’s okay, I guess. I’ll be happy to teach you.”
“Really? It is okay? You are not trouble with it?”
“I’m glad to teach you. But, you have to make me these delicious strawberry puddings, deal?”
“Okay! Songsaengnim!”
“Haha! When do you want to start? How about tomorrow?”
“Tomorrow? I don’t have plan tomorrow. It’s okay, I guess. During lunch break?”
“Okay, set! During lunch break.”
“Hmm..let’s meet at my class. I need to check first whether the music room is available or not. So, you just come to the music department. My class is at level 3.”
“Asifah, can.. I.. have your phone number. It’ll be easy for me to contact you. After all, we are friends now, right?”
“Yeah, I also forgot to ask your number. Give me your phone, I’ll save my number. Here is my phone, save yours.”
We exchange our phone and save each other number. I saved my number under Asifah while he saved under his name Faiz, but...
“Hmm..should I just call you Faiz or Abang Faiz, cause it seems rude for me just to call you by your name since you are older than me.”
“You are worry about that? Haha!”
“Why are you laughing?”
I make an irritated face. He stops laughing.”
“I’m sorry. You worry about such little thing. It’s up to you what you want to call me. But I think it’s better you call me Abang Faiz if you don’t want to be seen rude. Still, just treat me as a friend, okay?”
“Okay, Abang Faiz!"
"Asifah, how old are you?"
"Hmm? I'm 18."
"18? How can you already enrolled for undergraduate program?"
"I got that question a lot. Kekeke. Actually, I lived abroad when I was 4 until 10. So, I started my school earlier by a year. I returned to Malaysia when I was 10 and entered primary school as grade 5 which is for the 11 years old students. That's why I finished school and entered university earlier."
"Ouh, I see."
"By the way, how old are you?"
"I'm 21."
If he is 21 years old, then he is the same age as Jonghyun oppa.  : )

"You came here under scholarship, Asifah?"
"Yes. You too?"

He just nodded. Wah, he must be a bright student.
Faiz take a look at his watch.
“It’s almost 2 already. I have class. I need to do now.”
“Me too. Okay, see you later.”
“See you tomorrow. At the music department, during lucnhbreak, don’t forget.”
“Okay, okay. Daa, assalamualaikum.”
Faiz walks toward the Music Department building. I tidy up the lunch boxes. I was just going to make a move when a message arrives in my phone’s inbox. I sit back on the bench.
I open up the message. Oh, it is from Minho!
-          Hye! I’m sorry to disturb you. I just want to ask, are you free this weekend? I need to see you.
What? See me?

Huh...sorry for the delay in pasting the continuation. I’m lacking of ideas as I’ve been busy with other things. Plus, I don’t have the time to write because of work.
I’ll try my best for next time.
Please, enjoy. I’m glad to read your comments, so please leave some. Huhu!

Thank You........

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Love Pain (part 5)

Mi Cha is shocked to hear the words coming out of Mr.Kim mouth. She almost let go of the food she is holding, but she manages to control herself. She is still standing in front of the door.
“What are you talking about hyung? Why do I have to leave her?”
“Why? You are still rising up in the industry. It will be a chaos if the fans know you have a girlfriend. You will lose your popularity!”
“I don’t care! I love her! I just reunite with her, I can’t lose her again!”
Mi Cha is touched by Onew’s words. Tears run down her cheeks. She keep listening to their conversation.
“Think about your members! They will be affected too by your act. What will happen to SHINee if your relationship is exposed?”
Onew keeps silence. There is truth in what the manager is talking. SHINee’s activities might be affected by his act. But, he is not willing to lose Mi Cha again.
“Hey, Mi Cha! What are you doing here? Why don’t you go in?”
Mi Cha is surprised when Jonghyun greets her at the hallway. Onew and Mr.Kim are also surprised hearing Jonghyun saying Mi Cha’s name. Onew is worried that Mi Cha might heard their conversation.
“Mi Cha? long have you been here?”
“ I just arrived here, Onew oppa.  Look, I bring you food. I made fried chicken for you, your favourite, right?”
Mi Cha pretends she has heard nothing. She just showed her happy side. Onew too, trying to pretend nothing had happen.
“Wah, thank you. Lucky me to have a girlfriend like you. Thank you dear.”
Onew is relieved thinking that Mi Cha has heard nothing. He just smile at her, his most beloved girl in the world.
“It’s nothing. Oh, Mr.Kim, Jonghyun, I’ve bring for you too and for Key, Taemin and Minho too.”
“Really? Thank you, sister-in law.”
Jonghyun gives Mi Cha a wink.
“What you.. mean... sister-in-law?”
“Yah, Onew hyung is my like my brother, so you must be my sister-in –law, right Onew hyung?”
Onew answers weakly. He is still thinking about Mr.Kim words just now. Mi Cha seems could sense something different in Onew and she is sure it is about the conversation Onew had with Mr.Kim.
“Jonghyun, you’re making me feel uncomfortable.”
“ It is true. You two will end up marrying each other, right?”
Mi Cha gives Onew a look. Onew smiles at her and turns to Mr.Kim. Mr Kim returns Onew’s looks with a warning looks, reminding him of what they have talked just now. Silence is in the air. Mi Cha, sensing the awkward situation tries to brighten up the mood.
“Hey! Let us eat now. The food is getting really cold. I made it super delicious, you know.”
“Okay, Mi Cha. Wah, I’m really hungry now. Thanks for the food.”
“You’re welcome Jonghyun. Onew oppa, Mr.Kim, please enjoy the food.”
“Yeah, thanks.”
Minho, Key and Taemin join them after awhile. Everyone praise Mi Cha’s delicious food and her cooking skill, except for Mr.Kim. he is still in deep thought about Onew and Mi Cha relationship.
Mi Cha tidies up the place and keepsthe food container back into the bag after they finished eating. Jonghyun, Key, Minho and Taemin had left because they have practice while Mr.Kim needs to attend the company meeting. Onew stays with Mi Cha, despite his practice schedule.
“Mi Cha, let me send you home.”
“It’s okay, oppa. You must be busy. I can go home alone.”
“It’s fine. I want to be with you longer.”
“Okay, then.”
Onew drives Mi Cha home. They both do not speak a word during the journey. They are still thinking about the conversation Onew had with Mr.Kim.
“We’re here.”
Mi Cha still in her seat.
“Why dear? Don’t you want to go home?”
“You’ll never leave me again, right?”
“Of course. Why do you ask me that? I’ll never leave you.”
“Really? Even though your career might be affected by it?”
Onew is surprised by Mi Cha’s question.
’ Did she hear the conversation I had with Mr.Kim just now? What do I have to say to her? Even I’m still confused. But, the most important is that I really love her, I wouldn’t want to leave her. Yes, I should tell what my heart feels.’
“Yeah. Leaving you is the last thing I would do in my life. It might be hard for my career life, but I will be able to endure it with you, I’m sure of that.”
Mi Cha smiles at hearing Onew’s answer. Her heart is touched by Onew’s words. She really hopes this will come true, but will everything will be alright? Will Onew be able to succeed in his careers? She does not want Onew’s dreams will be affected by their relationship.
“Thank you oppa, for being with me. But, if I leave you, will you be alright? Will you be able to forget me and go on? Will you....”
“What are you talking about? Do you want to leave me?”
“No, that’s not what I meant. I mean, if one day, if fate doesn’t allow us to be together, if I were to leave you, will you accept that fate?”
“How do you expect for me to live without you? Please, don’t ever think of leaving me. Don’t talk about this anymore. It is painful for me to ever think that we’ll be apart...again.”
“I’m sorry, I’m just asking. Okay, I’ll get off now. Take care, oppa. Annyeongihaseyo.”
“Okay. You, take care too.”
Mi Cha steps out of the car and close the door. Onew bring down the window and smile at Mi Cha.

“Onew oppa.”
“I love you. Always remember that I love you.”
Onew is happy to hear that yet confuse by Mi Cha’s attitude today. His hearts even feels heavy to leave Mi Cha now. He feels like this is the last time he will see Mi Cha, see Mi Cha’s smile and feel he warmth.
“I know. Oppa love you too.”
Onew drives away. Mi Cha’s eyes follow Onew’s car while Onew looks at Mi Cha trough the side mirror, till both disappear in each sight. Mi Cha get into her house and directly into her room. She sits at the study table and looks outside the window while holding the necklace Onew gave her.
“Ah.. Please God. Tell me what to do now. I’m confused. I love him and I want to be with him. But, I don’t want to be the one stopping him from achieving his dreams. I will leave him if it the best for him but I’m sure I can’t live without him. I couldn’t live this life anymore. I couldn’t bear to live a life without him...again. It’s too painful.”
Mi Cha takes out a pen and a paper from the drawer. She began writing something. Her tears even drop onto the paper. Then, she folds it and put into an envelope. Lastly, she opens the key-shaped necklace on her neck and put it into a box.
“This is the right thing to do.”
Mi Cha kisses the letter envelope and put it together with the box in the drawer. Tears come out nonstop from her eyes. She covers her mouth, to ensure no one is hearing her cries.
Mi Cha knocks on Junho’s room’s door. She is worried if she is disturbing him early in the morning.
“Junho oppa, can I come in?”
“Oh, Mi Cha. Come in.”
Mi Cha opens the door and sits on the bed besides Junho. She turns to face Junho and so do him.
“Oppa, thanks you for being with me all this time, taking care of me, cheering me up and for everything. I’ll always treasure the memories I’ve had with you.”
“Hey, are you alright? Why are you talking like this?”
“I’m fine. It’s nothing. I just never thank you properly before. You have done so much for me.”
“I hope you are fine as you said. I only did what I need to do as a brother. Mi Cha, thank you too for being the best little sister in the world!”
Mi Cha just smiles hearing what Junho said. She is really thankful to have Junho by her side, as her ‘brother’.
“Oppa, I love you.”
“I love you too, my cute little sister.”
Mi Cha hands the envelope and box from yesterday to Junho. Junho is surprised.
“Can you help me oppa?”
“Of course, but what?”
“Please, give this to Onew later, on your way to work. Can you?”
“I will, but why don’t you give it to him yourself?”
“It is a surprise. Help me, okay?”
“Okay. But, what about my pay?”
“Ah, I thought you’ll do it for free. Here, you pay.”
Mi Cha hugs Junho. He is surprised by her action. Then, Mi Cha cries in Junho’s hug. This surprised Junho more.
“Mi Cha, ar..are you okay?”
“I...I’m o..okay. It just I felt like crying today. It’s nothing.”
“If you say so.”
Mi Cha sends Junho off to work from the front door. Then, she returns to her room. She sits on the bed and stares around the room.
“Goodbye, goodbye Junho oppa, goodbye...Onew oppa.”
Junho reaches SHINee’s dorm. He rings the bell and Onew opens the door.
“Oh, Junho, come in.”
“Thank you.”
Junho sits on the sofa. Onew brings two cup of coffee and places it on the table.
“Here, drink this.”
“May I know, what made you come here?”
“Actually I come to give you this. Mi Cha asked me too.”
Junho gives Onew the envelope and the box that Mi Cha had gave him. Onew takes it and open the box. He is surprised to see the key-shaped necklace, his gift to Mi Cha, in that box. Junho looks at Onew who is seems acting quite weird in his eyes.
Then, Onew opens the envelope and starts reading the letter.
Dear Onew oppa,
Thank you for loving me all this time. I’m lucky to be loved by you. I’m happy all the time I spend with you. I am really thankful to God for meeting me with you and making my life more meaningful with your presence. Loving you and be loved by you are the most wonderful things that had happen in my life. I hope I could spend my entire life with you, but it seems impossible. I want you to be able to achieve your dreams and succeed in your singing career. I wouldn’t want to be the one stopping you from getting what you deserve after all of the hardwork you have done. You deserve to get the best in your life. You also deserve to get the best woman in your life and it is not me. When you find one, give this necklace to her. I’m sure she will able to always stay by your side and support you in your career and life. Now, I’ve made my decision. It is the best for us to separate. You need to achieve your dreams and succeed in your life right? But, I won’t be able to live this life without you. It is too hard, I’ve been through it before and I don’t want to go through it again. So, let’s meet again in heaven, okay? Be happy. I’ll always support you from there.
I LOVE YOU.......forever.
                                                                                   With a lots of love,
                                                                                                    Mi Cha....
‘What is the meaning of this? Separate? Wait, let’s meet again in heaven?’
“Junho, where is Mi Cha right now? Tell me NOW!!”
“Hey, what is going on? Are you okay?”
“Tell ME!!”
“Okay, okay. She might be at home now, since she don’t have any class today. Why?”
Onew rushes out of the house as soon as Junho finishes speaking. Junho who is still shocked by Onew’s act, follow him too.
‘Mi Cha, please, don’t do anything stupid.’
Onew keeps whispering that in his heart, hoping that Mi Cha will be alright.

Ah...I stayed up all night to finish this....Huaarggh..sleepy now.
I nees to wake up earlt tomorrow...WORK!! I hope I won't be too sleepy tomorrow.
Please enjoy!!!
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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Only You (part 7)

Minho walks away, into his room I guess. Sigh. When he is away, I finally could think straight, could breath normally, could relax myself. Ah, I my forehead still hurt a bit. I lean against the sofa and adjust myself to sit comfortably. The air coming from outside the window slowly blowing towards me. So relaxing. Then, I slowly close my eyes. I doze off to the dream world.
Faiz is lazily laying on his bed after returning to his room from university. He is lost in thoughts. He keeps remembering his meeting with Asifah and end up smiling alone.
Why do I keep remembering her? Ah, I can ever forget about her for a second. I want her to always be beside me while I am playing the piano, just like before. What is this feeling? What is going on with me?
“Hey, Faiz! Why are you smiling alone? Did anything happen on your first day?”
A towel landed on Faiz’s face, waking him up from his thoughts. It is Syafiq, his roommate, just get out from the bathroom.
“Yah, don’t do that anymore. Your towel smells. Haha! Yes, something did happen. The most wonderful thing.”
Minho gets out from his room after calming himself from the ‘surprise talk’ they had just now. He walks towards the living room to check on Asifah.
“Asifah, would you like to have some drin...k?”
He stops when he sees Asifah is sleeping on the sofa. He stands there, watching her sleep. Then, he goes back to his room and return to the living room with a blanket. He slowly covers Asifah with the blanket.
Minho kneel down beside Asifah.
Ah, she looks so cute when she is asleep, like a child though. How I wish I could be near her like this every moment. It feels so calm though my heart is beating faster. I feel happy just to be beside her like this.
“Jonghyun hyung, stop playing with my hair!”
“Yah, yeobo, you stop messing with my son, Taemin.”
“Key, don’t start the drama again, I’m fed up with it, right Jonghyun?”
“I don’t know Onew hyung, but I love it. Haha!
They have come home. Why do they have to return at this wonderful time? I just want to be with her longer.
It seems the other SHINee’s members have returned. Minho’s mood is ruined by them though.
“Oh, Minho you are home. Didn’t you tell me you want to go out?”
Onew asks as soon he sees Minho standing up greeting them at the door.
“Minho hyung, I’m home!”
Taemin, the maknae shout to his beloved hyung.
“Sshh! Slow down.”
Minho puts a finger on his lips, signalling them to stop making noise.
Key who just ignored the others started walking to living room. Minho realises Key’s act and try to stop him, but
Minho covers Key’s mouth. Key struggles to lose away from him, but Minho’s strength stops him. The others, shocked by Key’s scream rushing to the living room too. They are surprised, seeing a girl is sleeping in their living room.
“Shh, let her sleep. I’ll tell everything.”
All of them settle down at the dining table in the kitchen. Onew, who is the leader and the oldest, act like one, asking first about the matter.
“Minho, who is she? How can she be in our dorm? You brought her? Are you mad for bringing a girl home? We’ll be dead  if Manager hyung know.”
“Onew hyung, ask me one by one. It is hard for me to answer all.”
“I don’t care. Just answer me.”
The fellow members are surprise seeing their always calm hyung acting so furious.
“Hyung, relax. Let Minho tell us slowly.”
Jonghyun tried to calm him down. Then, Minho start telling them the whole story, from the phone call he made to ask Asifah out till how she can be in their dorm, sleeping. They listen to it carefully.
“So, that is what happen. But, we need to keep this as secret from Manager hyung, okay?”
Everyone nods to Onew’s idea. They will be dead if the manager knows.
“Minho, is this the girl you told us that night? The one whom her bag was exchanged with yours?”
“Yah, Key.”
“This is girl is something. She risked her own life to save yours. Wah, I admire that. Minho, introduce her to me okay?”
“You are the last person I want to introduce her to you, playboy Jonghyun!”
“Yah, don’t say I’m a playboy. It makes me look bad. I’m not a playboy. It’s just I know how to act in front of a girl right?”
“Yah, yah, whatever. But I’m the first one who met her .”
“Hey, Minho hyung, are you falling in love with her?”
Taemin’s question surprised Minho. The others also seem interested hearing the question. They lean forward toward Minho and waits for the answer. Minho is dazzle, not knowing what to answer as he himself does not know the answer.
“Of course not! I just met her, why would I fall in love in her? You know I’ve someone I like before this.”
“Oh, is it...”
“Lalalala....stop talking about this.”
Key covers his ears, pretending do not want to hear about this any longer.
“Let’s start worrying about her. What are we going to do with her?”
The members seem lost in Key’s word. They stare at Key, finding the meaning behind Key’s words.
“I can’t believe you guys. She is sick, shouldn’t we made something for her to eat. As a repayment for saving Minho, we should take care of her.”
Key, who is known for his motherly-act, starts acting like one, always care for the others. Even his nickname is Key-umma. Haha! He loves to cook and always cook for the members, from what I read on the article and news on the fansite.
“ Yeah, we should cook her something. But, what? We don’t know what she love to eat.”
“ How about just some chicken porridge, Minho? I can cook that.”
“Wait Key. Minho, she is a Muslim, right? She is wearing a scarf. I’ve some classmates in university a few years ago who are wearing scarf, and they’re Muslim.”
“Yeah. Why Onew hyung?”
“From what I know, a Muslim can’t just eat anything. They have something that they can’t eat, but I don’t know in detail.”
“ So, what is the point here?”
“The point is we can’t just cook anything for her. We don’t know what she can eat or what she can’t eat, Key.”
“Wah, Onew hyung, how could you know so much?”
“Taemin, didn’t you remember, I’ve been with a few guest on the Ya Haeng Sung, the show I’ve been emceeing.”
“Yes, yes, I remember that episode.”
“Which one? I can’t seem to remember.”
“Jonghyun, the one when I.....”

“Oh, I remember now! You are so funny in there hyung. Haha!”
Ah, what is that noise? I could hear someone, well a few persons are speaking. Who are they? I cannot sleep anymore. I wake up and decide to walk toward the noise to find out.
I can’t believe what I see with mw own two eyes. Am I dreaming? Am I still in my sleep? SHINee is in front of me!
The SHINee’s members are shocked to see me. They may think I am still asleep. Onew, who is shock end up pushing his chair back and unfortunately the chair fells back down. Onew fell too. This is Onew Sangtae, I guess. I run toward him to check on him and so do the others. I kneel down to him who is on the floor, in pain.
“ you okay? Are you hurt?”
“I’m fine. Don’t worry. Thanks for worrying.”
Onew gives out the sweet smile ever. Ah, my heart is sreaming in joy. Huhu!
“It’s nothing.”
Minho helps him to get up. Then, all of them turn towards me. What to do now?
“You awake already? Sorry, if we wake you up. Asifah, you should know them, right? Hey, guys! This is Asifah. You can speak Korean with her, she knows.”
Minho introduced me to them I bow and greet them, so do they.
“Hi! I’m Onew. Welcome to our dorm”

“Hello, sweetie, I’m Bling Bling Jonghyun.”

He gives me a wink. Well, he always knows how to act in front of a girl and stole her heart, haha!
“Annyeong, I’m Key. Just tell me if you need anything.”

“I’m Taemin. Nice to meet you!”

“H..hi.. everyone. I’m Asifah.”
“Why are you stuttering? Are you okay?”
“O..okay.’s just I’m still shock to meet you guys. I’m sorry.”
“Haha! You are cute.”
Jonghyun words are compliment or what? But I like it. Haha!
Ah! My head feels dizzy suddenly, maybe because of the incident just now. I held the chair to hold on.
“Hey, are you alright. Here, sit on the chair.”
Minho pulls out the chair and signals me to sit. I obediently follow him. Minho and the others sit too.
“You want to drink anything, to gain your strength back. Juice, tea or coffe?”
“She don’t need that Key. She needs this. You want some?”
Onew offers me Mentos candy. He has mint flavour and fruit flavour in each hands, but he held out me the mint flavour. I want the fruit flavour though.
“Can I have the fruit flavour one. I don’t like mint. Can I?”
Onew seems surprised by my words. Why? Did I say something wrong? Can’t I have the fruit flavour candy?
He don’t give any response. The others are wondering why Onew is acting weird. I wave my hand in front of him and he response to me. He is awake from his thought now.
“Oh, you can. Here, take it all.”
Onew gives me the whole pack on candy. I put one in my mouth and offers some to them, but they refuse. It is okay, I can have all for myself. Huhu!
Jonghyun starts ask me.
“Asifah, your Korean is good. Where did you learn?”
“I live in Korea for a year already. I’m in my first year in Korea University after I done with my foundation and language course there too last year.”
“Oh, I see. Korea University is one of the best university in Korea, you must be a good student then.”
“I just lucky to get in there, and luckier to meet all of you. Hehe!”
“Wah, You know how to get to other people’s heart.”
“It’s my speciality!”
“By the way, how are you?”
“Me? I’m 18, same as Taemin, right?”
“What, you’re the same age as me? We could be chinggu(friend) then.”
“I love to.”
“It’s mean, you have to call us oppa.”
What Onew said has startled me. I feel embarrass to call them that. I am no one to them. I just know them. Plus, they are the famous idols!
“What? I?”
“Why not? You’re younger than us. We love to hear you call us oppa, our cute dongsaeng. Huhu!”
What now? What with this cute dongsaeng. Ah, Jonghyun, becareful with your words, I might fall in love with you. Haha! But, anyway, I love Minho more.  : )
"What? I thought I'm your cute dongsaengs."
Taemin pouted his mouth. He is so cute.
"Yah, yah you will always be our cute dongsaeng. we have two now, isn't it better? haha!"
"I'm just kidding, hyung. I never mind that cause I have new chinggu!"
thank goodness. I thought Taemin do not like it.
“Try call us oppa.”
Oh, I can’t ignore Minho request.  : p
“Okay, then. Nice to know you, Onew oppa, Jonghyun oppa, Key oppa and Minho oppa, Taemin too.”
I give them a really big smile. I am happy they are able to accept and be friends with me.
“Welcome to our lives. We are happy to meet you.”
SHINee’s words make my heart really fall for them. I have always like them, but today I totally love them!  : )
“Me too. Thank you.”

Fuh.. I rush to make this. I’m getting ready as I’m going to KL this evening and will be back on Monday. So, maybe no continuation of the story for a few days.. SORRY!!!!
Enjoy, I made this extra longer. But, maybe most of this are about SHINee because I just want to write something about them..huhu..   : P

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Thank you for reading...
Ps: this story still not end yet..huhu
                                                                                         By: E_pah

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Only You (part 6)

Ah, my silly mouth. How could I just spit everything out? I could see Minho is smiling, maybe seeing me blushing so badly. I try looking up, to gather some courage maybe. But something caught my eyes. The plumber slipped his small-sized spanner out of his hand and it is falling right in the way of Minho’s head!
“Be careful!!”
I push Minho backward just in time. Next thing is that I feel a pain on my forehead.
Then, I heard a ‘cling’ sound, the spanner hit on the ground. I feel a hot liquid rolls down my left cheek. I touch my forehead and take a glance at my hand. A dark red liquid covered my fingers. My forehead is bleeding. Then, someone held my shoulders and I lift up my head. His shocking eyes try to find an answer.
“Hey, are you okay?”
I could not answer Minho. He shakes me.
“Are you okay? Wait, you’re bleeding. We need to go to the hospital now!”
Minho covers my wound with his handkerchief. His gentle touch relieves my pain a bit.
“Ouch! I’m fine. It is just a small cut, I don’t need to go to the hospital.”
“ Hey! You down there! Are you alright! I’m really sorry. Are you hurt?”
The plumber shouted from above. He seems worried if someone got hurt because of his carelessness, but I did get hurt.
“ It’s okay. We are fine.”
“It’s good then. I’m sorry again.”
Minho gives me a weird look. He may shock as I answer like that to the plumber even though I am the one who got hurt.
“It’s okay. I don’t want to deal with this matter any longer. Let it pass.”
“If you say so. Now, follow me. I’m gonna treat your wound.”
“Where are....”
Minho grabs my hand and drags me into his apartment building. We are in the elevator. He is still holding my hand.
“Minho-sshi, can.. you... let go of my hand.”
He quickly let go of my hand. He is blushing. Aah.. he is so cute!
“I..I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to.”

“It’s okay.”
The environment turns awkward. Both of us stay silent through our way up. We get out of the elevator when we reached the 20th floor.
“Where are we going actually?”
“ My house. More accurately SHINee’s dorm.”
“What? house?”
“Yeah, why? Don’t worry, you’ll be safe. I guarantee. Haha! Look at the face of yours. Shock. Are you thinking that I’m going to do something bad to you?”
“ It’s just I’ve..ahh, never mind.”
“We’re here. Welcome to SHINee’s dorm.”
We stop in front of a door numbered *****.Minho enters the password of the lock and opens the door. He led me in. Wow. The only word I could think of. The house is so neat, just like what I’ve read and seen in the fan club website. I’ve never thought a house with 5 guys would be this clean and neat. The shoes at the entrance are neatly arranged on the floor and on the shoe racks. The floor, not even a tiny dust!
“Asifah, here sit on the sofa. Wait, here. I’m gonna get the emergency kit.”
I take a seat on the sofa while he walks away to a room in the house. I take a look of the living room. There are pictures of SHINee hanging on the wall. There pictures of them smiling together, posing like a model and even pictures of them doing silly things. So cute! I am so lucky to be here. I’ve never imagine I could be here, in SHINee’s DORM!
Minho comes with the emergency kit and knee in front of me. He takes out some cotton and antiseptic.
“Here, let me clean your wound.”
“It’s okay, I can do it myself.”
“It’s better if I do it. You can’t see your wound, right?”
“Just stay still. But, it is hard for me to treat it with your scarf on. Can you?”
“I’m sorry. I know what did you meant. But, as a Muslim, I can’t.”
“Okay, I understand. Stay still. I’m sorry if it hurt.”
Minho gets closer to me. He leans towards against me. He gently cleans my wound. I lift up my eyes and I could see his kind beautiful eyes. We are just a few inches apart. I could feel his breath. I could smell his perfume. I could feel his warmth. My heart is beating so fast. I feel harder to breathe. I am worried that he might feel it. Ah, is this love?
I touch my forehead. Ah, he has put plaster on my wound. He keeps everything back into the kit and rushes to the kitchen. He comes back with two glasses of water and takes a seat beside me. Minho turns and face upon me. He gives me the sweetest smile ever. Ahh!

“Here, drink this to refresh yourself.”
“No, thank you. You have saved my life. I haven’t been able to thank you properly. Thank you, Asifah.”
“It’s nothing. I just did what I’ve to do.”
“What you need to do? Why do you have to save me?”
A question that only have one answer.
“Because, I couldn’t bear to see you get hurt.”
Silence is in the air. Minho seems shock to hear my answer. I just said what is in my heart though.
“Next time, don’t do this anymore.”
Ha? Why? He do not like it or what.
“Because I couldn’t bear to see you getting hurt too, most of all because of me.”
Minho’s answer gives me a huge shock. Did he really meant it or he just said it to comfort me? I’m confused. I turn to the side and face him. Our eyes meet. I feel something that I have never feel before. I could feel the warmth through his gazes. It makes feel kind of safe to be here with him now.
I turn away from Minho and so do he. The environment turns awkward again. I could see his face turn red and I myself feel my face is quite hot. We both shyly blushing. Quite funny when I think about it.
“Asifah, just rest here okay. I’m gonna keep this emergency kit first and I have something to do. Wait here, okay?”
Minho walks away, into his room I guess. Sigh. When he is away, I finally could think straight, could breath normally, could relax myself. Ah, I my forehead still hurt a bit. I lean against the sofa and adjust myself to sit comfortably. The air coming from outside the window slowly blowing towards me. So relaxing. Then, I slowly close my eyes. I doze off to the dream world.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

work, work, work...

salam..annyeong.. Hello!
i've been busy this few days...unable to update my blog..huhu
of course been busy with my work.. bake, bake, bake..huhu

today i made chocolate deco (for cake decoration)

i've made some buns and decorated cupcakes but forgot to take pics of it and some pics have been missing, so i'm unable to upload it.. :(
i'll work harder next time!! hope i'll be a great baker!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year, New Experience...

I've just started working today at a bakery..well not exactly working..more like learning..
I work at Leena Bakery in Padang Matsirat, Langkawi.. you are welcome here.. the bread and cakes heer are DELICIOUS!! cause it made by me..haha.. just kidding.. of course by the owner(Kak Leena) and the workers (Kak Puteri, Pak Cik, Abg Tat@Tai(confuse..sorry))
It is my dream to learn bakery, cause I love IT! and i love to EAT it! huhu..
It's quite tiring but this is what I want, so it is really FUN!!
pray that I could be a good baker.. (like Bread, Love and Dream drama's Kim Tak Gu..but I prefer Gu Ma Joon...huhu..)
one of my first 'master' piece..huhu.. it is not totally my work, but i help to make it...
: D

I fried these donuts...! huhu..

A New Year...

Salam..annyeong.. Hello!!!
welcome 2011 n goodbye 2010!!
it is quite sad to leave 2010..well,  there were so much memories i've made in 2010..
i sat for SPM, my last year in school and so much more...
the time i spent with my friends in schoo were the most precious memories i've had and I know I wouldn't be able to experience it anymore...sob3.. I hope we all can achieve all our dreams!! (one of my dream is to pursue my study in Korea..hope it'll come true..huhu)
to my friends, THANK YOU for being friends with me, help me throughout the school days or just normal days...i really appreciate that!! i hope we can be friends 4ever!!!
to my family, THANK YOU so much for suppoooorting me while i'm preparing to sit for SPM last year! I've done my best, so i hope i'll get good results..
to my parents, i know THANK YOU is not enough for what you've did for me.. so i hope i'll be able to make you happy and proud with my SPM's results..just wait!! huhu
special: to my brother..who just started blogging.. hope he'll do well this year with his new blog..ngee.. treat me with something yummy ok?? huhu
i don't know this is a just a dream or a fairytale, but i hope i can meet Minho and SHINee too...what am i talking about..huhu.. but it is not wrong to dream, right?? : p
pray that me and my friends get good resultr for SPM...huhu
i hope i could experience something new in 2011 and make a lot of sweet memories!! help me ok?? : D
see u later.....
thank you,
                                                                                                                             with love,


                                                                                               credit: the pic owner
                                                                                                                                                      (gomawoyo for the SHINee's pic)