Saturday, December 18, 2010

Love Pain (part 2)

Mi Cha’s phone rings. She answers it. Suddenly her tears burst out. Junho is shocked.
“ Wha...what...what did you say?”
Mi Cha hang up her phone.
“ Hey, Mi Cha, what is going on?”
“ Omma, appa. I’ve to go back home now.”
“ Yah, wait. What happen?”
Mi Cha ignores Junho and quickly run back home. Worrying about her, Junho follows her too. Upon reaching Mi Cha’s house, there are many people, even the police. Mi Cha tries to get into her house but some neighbours stop her. Junho become more curious of what happening. Mi Cha struggles and she finally break off from their hand and run into her house. Junho still follows her. The scene in Mi Cha’s house brings fear to Junho. Mi Cha’s father and mother are lying on the floor with a pool of blood. The smell of death is in the air.
“Omma, appa!!!”
Mi Cha’s knee beside her parents bodies.  Her tears never stop flowing. Mi Cha touches her mom bloody face. Then, her father’s.
“ Omma, appa wake up. I’m here. I’m back. I’m sorry because I leave house just now. But, I’m back now. So, please wake up.”
Junho walks to Mi Cha and holds her shoulders, trying to calm her.
“ Mi Cha, be patient. Your parents are no longer in this world.”
“ What are you talking about? I just talk with them this afternoon. They are just sleeping right now. They always sleep in the evening during weekend. I know, they must be angry with me, that’s why they do not want to wake up. Right, omma, appa? I’ve come back now, so please wake up. I’m sorry.”
“ Mi Cha! Stop this. They are already gone. You should let them go. Let them go with peace. This is all fate.”
“ No!”
Junho pulls Mi Cha into his hug. Mi Cha cries really hard. Junho is also holding in his tears. The neighbours and the police there also feel the sadness overflowing in the house. Some of them even cry watching Mi Cha.
 “Sshh..don’t worry Mi Cha. Junho oppa is with you. I’ll always be with you.”

Mi Cha and Junho reach Junho’s house. They just came back from the cemetery.
“ Mi Cha, you go inside first. Oppa have to go to the grocery store to buy something, okay?”
“ Okay.”
Mi Cha weakly walks into the house. Junho’s eyes follow every step Mi Cha took. His heart aches to see the state Mi Cha is in now. A nice girl like her should not live like this.
Junho walks his feet to the grocery store near his house. He wants to buy something to cheer Mi Cha. Junho walks around the grocery store, wandering what to buy.
“ Ah, what should I buy? Hmm...maybe a Kit Kat. Mi Cha loves it.”
Junho hold his hand out, reaching for the Kit Kat on the rack. But, someone hand is also reaching for the same pack of Kit Kat. Junho look up for the owner of that hand and he is shocked to see that person. The person who he have not seen for a long time.
“ Oh, it is you Junho.”
“ Yeah. It is you, Onew.”
“ We haven’t seen for a long time. So, how are you?”
“ It has been two years. A long time, really. I’m fine. You?”
“ As you can see. Mi Cha?”
Hearing that name from Onew brings out the rage in him. Junho is still angry for what has Onew done to Mi Cha. Even though it has been two years, but as long as Mi Cha’s wound haven’t heal, he will never forget that.
“ Mi Cha? Why do you ask? You have no right to ask it. She is not important to you, right?”
Onew just keep silent to Junho’s question. He does not know how to reply. What Junho is asking is not wrong at all and Junho is also right. He has no right to ask this. He is the one who leave Mi Cha.
“Hey, Onew, are you okay?”
“ Can we talk at another place? I need to talk with you.”
They go to a nearby cafe. They sit and ordered a cup of coffee each.
“ So, what do you want to talk with me? Hurry up, I’ve something to do.”
“ I’m sorry if I’m disturbing you now. It is about me and Mi Cha. Our relationship.”
“ About you and Mi Cha?”
“ Yes. Actually I still love her. I’ve never forget her in these two years. It has been hard for me.”
“ What do you mean? You left her and now you say you still love her. What rubbish are you talking about?”
“ Please, hear my explanation. I had to leave her because of my dream. I can’t have a girlfriend when I debuted as a singer. It is my agency’s rule. That’s why I had to leave her. But it does not mean I don’t  love her anymore. I still love her.”
“ If you say you still love her then why you have never meet her or even contact her? She misses you so much. It breaks my heart to see her like that you know.”
“ I thought it will be better if we don’t contact or meet each other anymore. So that it will be easy for her to forget me. Even for me, it is hard for me to forget her. The only one I love for 5 years already.”
“ How do wish for her to forget you when you are everywhere? On the TV, in the newspaper. Your face appears everywhere!!”
“ I’m sorry. I’m really sorry.”
“ I’m not the one you should apologize to. Are you really want to know how is she now?”
“ Yes! So much.”
“ Then, follow me.”
They walk to Junho’s house. Onew seems curious.
“ This your house. What are we doing here?”
“ Mi Cha lives with my family now, after..”
“ After what?”
“ Well, you should come in first.”
Junho leads Onew to upstairs, to Mi Cha’s room exactly. Junho’s mom told that Mi Cha might be sleeping in her room after came back home. Junho knocks on the door but there is no answer. He slowly opens the door.
Onew feels happy to see the face he longed to see. It is Mi Cha. She is sleeping soundly. But, there is something about her that made Onew feels uneasy. It seems like the light of happiness has disappeared from her face. She looks pale and gloomy.
“ Hey, look at her hand. Can you see the scar on her wrist?”
“ Yes, why?”
“ She tried to kill herself once. About two years ago.”
“ What?!”
“ Yeah. Actually her parents had died about three months after you left her. To be exact, her parents are killed by the shark loaner. is her parents second death anniversary.”
Onew is shocked. His mouth is totally shut. He is unable to speak anything.
“The shark loaner killed them when her brother can’t pay his debt to them. They were killed in their house. All valuable things had been took by the them. And her brother, Sungmin is nowhere to be found till today. Mi Cha has no one and nothing. That’s why I take her to live with me. I can’t bear to see her alone, suffering.”
Onew’s tears roll down his cheeks. He never knows Mi Cha had to go through all these miserable things. He feels really guilty to have left Mi Cha to face these all alone.
“ Junho oppa, you come back? What took you so long?”
“ Ah, Mi Cha, are you awake? Sorry for disturbing you sleeping.”
Then Mi Cha’s eyes catch someone. Onew.
“ Aaahhhhh! Junho oppa! Why is he here? Why does he have to disturb me all the time? I’m tired with all of this. He said to come back to me but only his image which came back. I’m tired of waiting.”
Junho runs toward Mi Cha and hold Mi Cha in his arm. He tries to calm her down. He signals Onew to go away and wait for him downstairs.
Onew is surprised to see Mi Cha behaving like that. She has always been a sweet girl before this. she had never raise her voice to anyone. Today, everything has changed. Mi Cha is turning into someone else and it is all his fault. He is the one who made Mi Cha becoming like this.
Onew gathers up his courage and walks towards the crying Mi Cha. Junho moves aside, giving space to Onew. Onew knee in front of Mi Cha by the bed side. He wipes away Mi Cha’s tears with his fingers. Mi Cha is shocked by that. She feels the warmth she has never feel in this two years. The warmth of the one she loves the most, Onew.
“ Hey, dear. It is me Onew. I’m here now. Stop crying. My heart hurts seeing you crying like this.”
“ Is it really you? You are real right? You are really Onew oppa, right?”
“ Yes, it is me. I have come back for you. Sorry, you have to wait for so long.”
“ Thank you for coming back for me. I love you oppa.”
“ I love you too, Mi Cha, my dear.”

Wait, you think this is the end?
You are wrong!! Huhu..
There is more...please wait...ngee
                                                                                                  By: E_pah

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