Friday, December 31, 2010

Only You (part 5)

I walk away a bit from Faiz. I push the answer button.
“ Yobaseyo.”
“ Oh, hello. Is this Asifah speaking? It is me, Minho.”
“ Yes, it is me. Oh, it is you. May I know why you called me?”
“ Hmm..are you busy this evening?”
“I think I have nothing to do this evening. My class end in the afternoon. Why?”
“It is good, then. If you don’t mind, I would like to ask you out.”
“Ask me out?”
I raised my voice a little. I am shocked. Who wouldn’t when a top idol ask you out? Faiz seems startled by my act and I signal him that I am alright.
“Are you okay? I am sorry if I am too straightforward.”
“No, no, I’m sorry.”
“Actually, I am alone right now. The other members all have schedule today, but I am not. So, I would like to hang out with you today, if you wouldn’t mine. I would also want to know you more, can I?”
Aahh.. What should I answer? Of course I would like to spend time with him. But, is it alright for him to go out with an ordinary girl like me? Plus, I have not known him in person. He will not do anything bad to me, right? He is an idol.
“Well, I think it is alright. Where should we meet?”
“I can pick you at your house. Just give me your address.”
“I’ll need to go to the Malaysia’s Embassy first after my class this afternoon, can’t we just meet at somewhere else?”
“The embassy is in the Hannam-dong, right?”
“Yes, why?”
“ It is better then. My house is near that area. If you wouldn’t mind, can you come to my dorm then?”
“Your dorm?”
“I mean, wait me at my dorm’s apartment main door. I’ll text you the address.”
“It is okay. What time should we meet? Around 3 p.m. , okay?”
“I’m fine with anything. It is 3 then. I’m looking forward to meeting you.”
“Me too. See you later. Annyeong.”
I hang up my phone. My soul screams out inside of me. Am I dreaming or what?
Faiz smiles when he sees me smiling by myself.
“Hey, what is going on? Are you alright?”
“I’m fine. It is just a dream come true.”
“It is nothing, really.”
Faiz seems not satisfied with my answer. He want to know more.
“It’s late. I need to go to the class right now. I wouldn’t want to be late on my first day.”
“Okay. But, can we meet after class?”
“I’m sorry. I have plan today. Maybe next time, okay?”
“Okay. See you later then. Assalamualaikum.”
After waving goodbye to Faiz, I start walking to the civil engineering department building. Something stops me from walking after a few steps. A text message arrives in my inbox. It is from Minho. He said to send me his dorm’s address. I save the message and continue walking to my destination with a blossoming heart.
I finally finished my work at the Embassy of Malaysia. I have a slight problem with my visa but it is all settled now. I take a glance at my watch. It is 2.45 p.m. already. I have to hurry. I find SHINee’s dorm according to the address Minho gave me. It is really not far from here. I just need to take a train to a station away.
As soon I arrived at the station, I walk wondering around the neighbourhood to find the apartment. I am not familiar with this neighbourhood, thus it is hard for me to find the address. Luckily, a few nice citizens help me. Korea had always been known for the courteous of its people.
I stop in front of a tall luxury apartment. Looking at the luxurious building, anyone could tell that the people living here are quite rich and loaded. I stare in amazement at the building up and down for a moment. Something is wrong with the water supply pipe I think when I see a plumber is fixing the pipe attach to the building on the fourth floor.
“Hey! Have you been here for long?”

A voice startles me. It is him. It is really Minho. I pinch my thigh a bit to see whether I am dreaming or not.
Well, that’s mean I’m not dreaming. I just lost in words.
“Asifah, are you okay?”
Minho waves his hand in front of my face. Well, that wakes me up quite a bit.
“I’m fine. I just can’t get over being surprise to see you in front of me. Sorry.”
“You are one funny girl. Haha!”

He is laughing about me. I should be happy or embarrass? Ah, I am lost. Anyway, I love seeing him laughing, seeing him happy, see everything about him with my own two eyes.
“I’m glad you come. I’m afraid that you wouldn’t. We just met and do not anything about each other, so I thought that you would hesitate to go out with me. Thank you for agreeing to go out with me.”
“I’m the one who should be thankful as you are willing to ask me out. I’ve never dream to be going out with a star, my favourite star accurately. It’s okay, I believe you would be good to me.”
“Of course I’d be good to you. But, wait, your favourite star? Me?”
Ah, my silly mouth. How could I just spit everything out? I could see Minho is smiling, maybe seeing me blushing so badly. I try looking up, to gather some courage maybe. But something caught my eyes. The plumber slipped his small-sized spanner out of his hand and it is falling right in the way of Minho’s head!
“Be careful!!”
I push Minho backward just in time. Next thing is that I feel a pain on my forehead.

Manage to continue Only You after a long break..
                                                                                               By : E_pah

Just having a leisure

i only stayed home for this week, going out for a while to eat or shopping..( I got new dress from my mom..yay!..huhu)
spending time with my brother, online and surfing the internet.. nothing much..
plus, I just tought my brother how to create a blog, and he successfully create one!!
Oppa, you need to treat me KFC or Kenny Rogers...huhu
but, something interesting happen to me this week...
I'll tell about it later..ngee...

my new dress@shirt....

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Love Pain (part 4)

After having a late lunch, they take a walk in the park. The scent of spring is in the air. The best season for a blooming love. They settle themselves on a bench under a shady tree while having ice cream.
“Mi Cha.”
“I’m sorry that I leave you back then. And I even make you wait for me for too long. I only bring misery to your life.”
“What are you saying? I’m glad now that you have come back to me. I really appreciate that. I understand that you did that because of your dream and I’m glad that you have achieved what you’ve dreamt for.”
“But still, I am not with you when you need me the most. When you lost your parents, when...”
Onew looks at the scar on Mi Cha’s wrist. The scar that marked the suffering Mi Cha had till she lost the will to live anymore. Then, Mi Cha realises that Onew is looking at the scar. She quickly cover it with her other hand.
“It’s okay, oppa. It is all fated. Luckily Junho oppa is with me during those hard times till I managed to get through it. So, I’m fine now. Don’t worry.”
“I’m glad Junho is there with you. I still feel bad for not being beside you.”
“ Stop talking like that. It’s fine. You are with me right now. You will never leave me again, right?”
“Of course, I’ll never leave you. I love you.”
“I love you too oppa.”
The breeze blows softly, bringing the mood up in the air. Mi Cha could feel the breeze and her curiosity is rising. There is even sound of wave.
“Oppa, where did you take me? I can’t see anything right now, hurry up and unfold the blindfold.”
“Wait a little bit, we are almost there. just a few steps more.”
Onew holds Mi Cha’s hand and led her to a place.
“Okay, we are here.”
They stop walking. Onew slowly untied the blind fold on Mi Cha. By the time Mi Cha open her eyes, her heart is full of surprise. They are at the beach now by the seaside. There is a mat with a picnic basket full with handmade sandwich and variety of fruits plus two bottles of fruit juice. There is even two packs of Kit Kat, Mi Cha’s favourite snack.
“Oppa, did you prepared all this while you asked me to stay in the car just now?”
“Yes, anything for you my dear. Look, I even prepared Kit Kat, your favourite, right?”
Mi Cha is touched by Onew’s effort. He even remembers her favourite snack. She guess Onew have not forgotten about her all this time.
“Here, a bouquet of roses for a beautiful lady.”
Onew hand out the roses he hid behind his back to Mi Cha. It brought smile to Mi Cha’s face. She held up the roses near to her face and smells the roses. The sweet scent calms her soul. Then, she sees something shiny hidden in the bouquet. She takes it out. It is a necklace with key-shaped locket. Mi Cha gives Onew a surprise yet lovely look.
“Let me wear it on you.”
Onew carefully put the necklace on Mi Cha. She hold the locket and shows Onew a curios look.
“A key-shaped locket?”
“It means you hold the key to my heart. See, I have a lock-shaped locket.”
Onew takes out his necklace hidden under his shirt and shows to Mi Cha.
“Thank you Onew oppa. You have done so much to me.”
Tears rolls down Mi Cha’s cheek. She kiss the locket on the necklace Onew gave, symbolizes how much she loves the necklace, how much she loves Onew. Onew walks close to Mi Cha and wipes away her tears with his fingers.

“Now, close your eyes. I have another present. But, if only you really love me then you can receive it.”
“I love you, dear. So, do you love me?”
“Of course I love you.”
Mi Cha slowly closes her eyes. Then, she feels something warm gently touch her lips. Her heart beats so fast. She could feel someone’s breath. Is it Onew? Is he the one who is close to her? Is he who kissed her?
Onew distanced himself a bit from Mi Cha. He himself could feel his heart is beating so fast. Both of them blush very badly. Well, this is their first kiss together. Onew looks into Mi Cha’s eyes. Both of them exchange gazes, sending signals of their love.
Mi Cha wakes up today with a refreshing feel. Yesterday really mark the happiest thing that had happen in her life. Going out and having fun with Onew. Plus, Onew had gave her a beautiful necklace. She holds and looks at the necklace. Then, she remembers about the kiss. Their first kiss ever. She blushes and smiles alone thinking about the kiss.
Junho is smiling looking at Mi Cha from outside her room through the open door.
‘Looking at how she behave, something must had happen yesterday.’
“Hey! Why are you smiling alone? Are you crazy now? Haha!”
Mi Cha snaps out of her beautiful thought. She gives a killer-like look toward Junho.
“Yah! I’m surprised you know.”
“Haha! What are you thinking just now? Smiling by yourself.”
Mi Cha throws herself on the bed and bumps her face onto the pillow. She is hiding her smile.
“Something must have happen yesterday right? Tell me.”
“It is none of your business. Get out of my room now, oppa.”
“Wah, you have Onew now, then you want to throw me away? How can this happen to me?”
“Haha! Just get out of my room. Don’t worry, you will not be thrown out. Haha!”
“Ok, ok!”
Junho walks out of the room. He is happy now that Mi Cha finally can be happy with Onew. No one in the world is happy as he is right now.
Onew is having a practice for his comeback today, so Mi Cha decided to cook lunch for Onew and the other SHINee’s member. She made Onew’s favourite food, fried chicken! She also cooked other dishes that could make someone drool over it. After she packed up the food, she rushes to the SM Building, where they are practicing.
Mi Cha is about to knock on the SHINee’s practice room’s door when she hears someone talking in the room.
“Onew, I think you should leave Mi Cha, for your own good.”
“What are you talking about Do Soo hyung?”

What is going to happen now?
Please wait...
Thank you!!
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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Love Pain (part 3)

“Mi Cha!! Breakfast is ready. Come down and eat!”
Junho scream out of his lungs. But still, there is no respond.
“Mi Cha!!!”
Still silence. Junho’s mom directed Junho to go upstairs and take a look on Mi Cha. She is worried that something might had happen to Mi Cha since Onew just met her a week  ago. Junho runs on the staircase and reach up to Mi Cha’s room door. He knocks on the door.
“ Hey, Mi Cha! Are you okay? Why aren’t you coming down for breakfast?”
“ Oh, oppa. I’m fine. I’m just busy with something. Come in.”
A voice come from inside. Junho turns the door knob and come in. He smiles watching Mi Cha is still in her pyjamas while looking quite confuse. He already considers Mi Cha as his own little sister.
“You still in your pyjamas? It is already 9 a.m. and you haven’t shower? And, what is with the confuse look?”
“I showered already. It is just I confuse which clothes should I wear.”
“ Just wear what you always wear. What is so hard about that?”
Junho is confused with his only ‘little sister’. But, he could sense something different about her today. She seems brighter today.
“I can’t because today is a special day. Onew oppa ask me to go out on a date.”

Mi Cha smiles widely. She looks so happy. So, this is why she looks different today, Junho wondered alone. Junho miss that smile and looks of Mi Cha. He has not seen it in this two years. He is glad that Onew could bring back that joy in Mi Cha.
“Oh, so that is why you are so happy today. Well, I’m glad for you.”
“Enough of that. Now, help me choose what to wear.”
Mi Cha held up two dresses. One is white in colour with pink polka dot and other is yellow in colour with white ribbon tied around the waist. Junho observes both dresses up and down.
“Hmm..just wear anything. You will look ugly anyway. Haha!”
“Yah! I’m serious!”
“Huhu! I’m just kidding. My little sister will look good in anything.”
“Your little sister?”
“Yeah, why? You don’t like it?”
“No, I love it. It is great to have a brother like you. I love you, oppa!”
“I love you too my lovely dongsaeng.”
Mi Cha gives Junho a warm hug. She feels really safe to be in Junho hug. This is how it feels to have a brother. She never feels it when she is with her real brother Sungmin. He even left her alone now. But luckily Junho and his family are with her all this time.
“It is enough for now. Get ready. When and how will you go out?”
Mi Cha let go of Junho.
“Onew oppa will come and pick me up at 10.”
“ You have an hour left. Quickly get ready and come down for breakfast okay?”
Mi Cha is waiting for Onew is the living room with Junho. They just had their breakfast. Then, the door bell rings. Mi Cha quickly walks to the door and open it. She smiles brightly as she sees the guy standing in front of her.
“Wah, you look pretty in that yellow dress. Even prettier with that smile of yours.”
“I know already!”
“You never change. Always love to joke.”
Both of them just smile at each other. It seems like both of them miss each other so much.
Junho could tell it is Onew by looking at Mi Cha’s smile. He walks to the door too. Onew greets him.
“Oppa, we’ll go now. I’ll return home early, don’t worry.”
“Okay, okay. Onew, take good care of Mi Cha. She is like a little sister to me. Send her home early.”
Junho gives a warn, well more like a brother talks to his little sister’s boyfriend. He is worried about Mi Cha.
“Hey, don’t worry. I’ll take good care of her. We’ll be off now. Annyeonghi haseyo!”
“ Annyeong, oppa!”
“ Annyeong you two. Have fun!”
Mi Cha waves to Junho as the car drives away. She then sits back properly in her seat. She turns to look at Onew. She has been missing him so much in these two years. Even now she still feels like this is a dream. Onew realizes she is looking at him and he playfully taps on Mi Cha’s chin with his delicate finger. Mi Cha blushes badly while Onew just laugh at her. Both of them really miss this feeling.
Onew stops at the SM Entertainment Building and drags Mi Cha inside. They enter SHINee’s practice room. There is Jonghyun, Key, Minho, Taemin and their manager, Mr.Kim. Mi Cha bows and greets them shyly. They did the same.

“I want to introduce my girlfriend to you guys. This is Mi Cha. Mi Cha, this is, well I think you know there are, right?”
“Hi, I’m Mi Cha. Nice to meet you.”
“Hi, Mi Cha. I’m Jonghyun.”
“I’m Key!”
“Hi, noona. Taemin here!”
“I’m their manager, Mr.Kim Do Soo.”
“Onew hyung, is her the girl you told us about? Your only love?”
Jonghyun suddenly asks him. Onew looks quite embarrass.
“Yeah, she is. I love her so much.”
Onew looks toward Mi Cha. She is blushing so much hearing Onew talking like that, especially in front of his members. The other members just smile widely but there is an uneasy look on Mr.Kim face. He seems to not like the fact that Onew is in love with Mi Cha.
“Do Soo hyung, I’ll be off today. I have asked you yesterday right? So, I’ll be free all day today to go out with Mi Cha. Okay, annyeong everyone.”
“Annyeong Onew hyung. Have fun!”
SHINee’s members are happy for their hyung. They send them out with a wide smile, except for one person, the manager.
Mi Cha and Onew are in the car, drive through the city.
“Onew oppa, where are we going today?”
“Hmm..where do you want to go?”
“Me? There are so many places I want to go with you. He..”
“Tell me. We’ll to every one of them. We haven’t go out together for a long time. We should enjoy ourselves today!”
They went to the Lotte World, the biggest theme park in Korea. They ride every ride there and enjoy themselves. Onew had properly disguises himself by wearing sunglass, cap and even a hoodie so that no one can recognize him. So that he will be able to spend time together with Mi Cha without being disturb or being known by the public. He really wants to cherish this moment.
After having a late lunch, they take a walk in the park. The scent of spring is in the air. The best season for a blooming love. They settle themselves on a bench under a shady tree while having ice cream.
“Mi Cha.”


Huh..finally I manage to continue the story..
Sorry for the delay..
Wait for part 4!!         
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Sunday, December 26, 2010

I'm Back!!!

i'm back.. finally i can update my blog..
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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hong Kong, I'm coming!!!

I'll be going to hong kong tomorrow(today)..huhu
I'll be there for 5 days, so I will not be able to update my blog, especially to write the stories continuation..mianhe..sorry..
You guys have to wait for it a little bit..huhu..(if it is worth waiting..i hope it is) huhu.
I'll have fun there!! ngee...

Ps: Can't wait to go to the disneyland!!!

Only You (part 4)

“ It is you again, miss.”
It is him. The good looking Malay guy I met on the plane. The incident that gave me the pain on the head. Haha!
“ Hi, don’t you remember me?”
I give him a numb look. I want to play a little trick on him. Evil me.
“Who are you?”
“ What? You forgot me?”
He seems upset. I wonder why. It is not we have known each other.
“Hmm.. I think that backpack that fall onto my head made me suffered memory loss.”
“Oh, that’s why.... Wait! The backpack..fall on your head... Hey, you remember!”
I smile at him.
“ I thought you really didn’t remember. Oh, I’m sorry.”
He gathers up my files and hand them to me. Then, he collects his own files.
“ Thank you. Hi, I’m Asifah.”
“ Hi, I’m Faiz. Nice to meet you.”
“ Me too.”
“ If it is alright, can we be friends?”
A question that would I always love to hear.
“ Of course. I’m glad to.”
We settle ourselves on the bench at the university’s park. I text my friends telling them that I am not be able to meet them now. Now, the wind is accompanying us, together with the blooming flowers.
“ Faiz, I have never seen you before in the university. Are you a first year student?”
“ No. I’m a third year. Before this I study in Sungkyunkwan University. I just transferred to Korea University today.”
“Oh, I see. I’m a first year. So, you are my senior then. Ah, welcome to Korea University, *sunbae.”
“ Thank you. Well, what course are you taking?”
“ Me? I’m in the civil engineering course. How about you?”
“ I’m taking music.”
“Music? Really? Wah, I’ve longed to learn music. It’s just I’m not that good. Huhu!”
“ You love music?”
“ So much! What instrument is you major in Faiz?”
“ I can play most of the music instrument but I major in piano.”
“ Wah, I love piano. Can I...listen to your play one day?”
“ Of course. Anything for you.”
What? Hearing him say that making my heart feel flustered a bit. I don’t know why.
I give him a tour around the university since he just arrived here. I guide him to the music department, the place he need to know the most throughout his study here. We stop in front of a music room.
“ Hey, Asifah.”
“ Yes. And why are we stopping here?”
“ You said you want to hear me play the piano, right? Would like to hear it now?”
He smiles while pointing to a piano in the music room. I would love to hear him play the piano. I just nod my head. We make our way into the room and he takes a seat at the piano.
“ Come, sit here, beside me. It would be better hearing it from here while watching me playing.”
“’ll just stand here. It’s not nice for a girl to sit close beside a guy, you know it right?”
Understanding me, he takes another chair and place beside his.
“ How about here?”
Ah, you never give up. His acts give me joy a little. I lead myself and sit on the chair beside his. He signals me to be ready before taking a deep breath.
He starts playing a song. His fingers seem like dancing on the piano’s keys. Every note he plays combined to produce a beautiful melody. My soul is dazzled by the beautiful melody he played. I silently listen to his play till the very last note.
“ Wah, you are really a great pianist! The song you played was so beautiful.”
“ Oh, well thank you. You seem to enjoy it very much.”
“Of course! It’ll be great if I could play it by myself.”
“ Would you like me to teach you?”
“Really? Can you? You will not be troubled by it?”
“I would be glad to teach you. So that I can know you much better. Is it okay?”
“ Okay, teacher! Haha!”
He just smiles looking at me. It seems the smile has a different meaning but I couldn’t figure what it is. I just let that pass by my mind.
“ Hello, Hello. Ibanen narul dakeolkeyo. Hello, Hello. Ooh yeah baby baby girl.”
Suddenly my phone rings. I look onto the phone screen. A name I love appears. Minho. I wonder why this name could appear on my phone screen. Why would he call me? Something to do with the bag or something else?
“ Faiz, I’m going to answers this first, okay?”
“ Yeah, sure.”
I walk away a bit from Faiz. I push the answer button.
“ Yobaseyo.”
“ Oh, hello. Is this Asifah speaking? It is me, Minho.”
“ Yes, it is me. Oh, it is you. May I know why you called me?”
“ Hmm..are you busy this evening?”

What is going to happen?
I made this in a hurry, so I wonder whwther it is good enough or not.
But, enjoy!

*sunbae = senior

                                                                                                           By : E_pah

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Love Pain (part 2)

Mi Cha’s phone rings. She answers it. Suddenly her tears burst out. Junho is shocked.
“ Wha...what...what did you say?”
Mi Cha hang up her phone.
“ Hey, Mi Cha, what is going on?”
“ Omma, appa. I’ve to go back home now.”
“ Yah, wait. What happen?”
Mi Cha ignores Junho and quickly run back home. Worrying about her, Junho follows her too. Upon reaching Mi Cha’s house, there are many people, even the police. Mi Cha tries to get into her house but some neighbours stop her. Junho become more curious of what happening. Mi Cha struggles and she finally break off from their hand and run into her house. Junho still follows her. The scene in Mi Cha’s house brings fear to Junho. Mi Cha’s father and mother are lying on the floor with a pool of blood. The smell of death is in the air.
“Omma, appa!!!”
Mi Cha’s knee beside her parents bodies.  Her tears never stop flowing. Mi Cha touches her mom bloody face. Then, her father’s.
“ Omma, appa wake up. I’m here. I’m back. I’m sorry because I leave house just now. But, I’m back now. So, please wake up.”
Junho walks to Mi Cha and holds her shoulders, trying to calm her.
“ Mi Cha, be patient. Your parents are no longer in this world.”
“ What are you talking about? I just talk with them this afternoon. They are just sleeping right now. They always sleep in the evening during weekend. I know, they must be angry with me, that’s why they do not want to wake up. Right, omma, appa? I’ve come back now, so please wake up. I’m sorry.”
“ Mi Cha! Stop this. They are already gone. You should let them go. Let them go with peace. This is all fate.”
“ No!”
Junho pulls Mi Cha into his hug. Mi Cha cries really hard. Junho is also holding in his tears. The neighbours and the police there also feel the sadness overflowing in the house. Some of them even cry watching Mi Cha.
 “Sshh..don’t worry Mi Cha. Junho oppa is with you. I’ll always be with you.”

Mi Cha and Junho reach Junho’s house. They just came back from the cemetery.
“ Mi Cha, you go inside first. Oppa have to go to the grocery store to buy something, okay?”
“ Okay.”
Mi Cha weakly walks into the house. Junho’s eyes follow every step Mi Cha took. His heart aches to see the state Mi Cha is in now. A nice girl like her should not live like this.
Junho walks his feet to the grocery store near his house. He wants to buy something to cheer Mi Cha. Junho walks around the grocery store, wandering what to buy.
“ Ah, what should I buy? Hmm...maybe a Kit Kat. Mi Cha loves it.”
Junho hold his hand out, reaching for the Kit Kat on the rack. But, someone hand is also reaching for the same pack of Kit Kat. Junho look up for the owner of that hand and he is shocked to see that person. The person who he have not seen for a long time.
“ Oh, it is you Junho.”
“ Yeah. It is you, Onew.”
“ We haven’t seen for a long time. So, how are you?”
“ It has been two years. A long time, really. I’m fine. You?”
“ As you can see. Mi Cha?”
Hearing that name from Onew brings out the rage in him. Junho is still angry for what has Onew done to Mi Cha. Even though it has been two years, but as long as Mi Cha’s wound haven’t heal, he will never forget that.
“ Mi Cha? Why do you ask? You have no right to ask it. She is not important to you, right?”
Onew just keep silent to Junho’s question. He does not know how to reply. What Junho is asking is not wrong at all and Junho is also right. He has no right to ask this. He is the one who leave Mi Cha.
“Hey, Onew, are you okay?”
“ Can we talk at another place? I need to talk with you.”
They go to a nearby cafe. They sit and ordered a cup of coffee each.
“ So, what do you want to talk with me? Hurry up, I’ve something to do.”
“ I’m sorry if I’m disturbing you now. It is about me and Mi Cha. Our relationship.”
“ About you and Mi Cha?”
“ Yes. Actually I still love her. I’ve never forget her in these two years. It has been hard for me.”
“ What do you mean? You left her and now you say you still love her. What rubbish are you talking about?”
“ Please, hear my explanation. I had to leave her because of my dream. I can’t have a girlfriend when I debuted as a singer. It is my agency’s rule. That’s why I had to leave her. But it does not mean I don’t  love her anymore. I still love her.”
“ If you say you still love her then why you have never meet her or even contact her? She misses you so much. It breaks my heart to see her like that you know.”
“ I thought it will be better if we don’t contact or meet each other anymore. So that it will be easy for her to forget me. Even for me, it is hard for me to forget her. The only one I love for 5 years already.”
“ How do wish for her to forget you when you are everywhere? On the TV, in the newspaper. Your face appears everywhere!!”
“ I’m sorry. I’m really sorry.”
“ I’m not the one you should apologize to. Are you really want to know how is she now?”
“ Yes! So much.”
“ Then, follow me.”
They walk to Junho’s house. Onew seems curious.
“ This your house. What are we doing here?”
“ Mi Cha lives with my family now, after..”
“ After what?”
“ Well, you should come in first.”
Junho leads Onew to upstairs, to Mi Cha’s room exactly. Junho’s mom told that Mi Cha might be sleeping in her room after came back home. Junho knocks on the door but there is no answer. He slowly opens the door.
Onew feels happy to see the face he longed to see. It is Mi Cha. She is sleeping soundly. But, there is something about her that made Onew feels uneasy. It seems like the light of happiness has disappeared from her face. She looks pale and gloomy.
“ Hey, look at her hand. Can you see the scar on her wrist?”
“ Yes, why?”
“ She tried to kill herself once. About two years ago.”
“ What?!”
“ Yeah. Actually her parents had died about three months after you left her. To be exact, her parents are killed by the shark loaner. is her parents second death anniversary.”
Onew is shocked. His mouth is totally shut. He is unable to speak anything.
“The shark loaner killed them when her brother can’t pay his debt to them. They were killed in their house. All valuable things had been took by the them. And her brother, Sungmin is nowhere to be found till today. Mi Cha has no one and nothing. That’s why I take her to live with me. I can’t bear to see her alone, suffering.”
Onew’s tears roll down his cheeks. He never knows Mi Cha had to go through all these miserable things. He feels really guilty to have left Mi Cha to face these all alone.
“ Junho oppa, you come back? What took you so long?”
“ Ah, Mi Cha, are you awake? Sorry for disturbing you sleeping.”
Then Mi Cha’s eyes catch someone. Onew.
“ Aaahhhhh! Junho oppa! Why is he here? Why does he have to disturb me all the time? I’m tired with all of this. He said to come back to me but only his image which came back. I’m tired of waiting.”
Junho runs toward Mi Cha and hold Mi Cha in his arm. He tries to calm her down. He signals Onew to go away and wait for him downstairs.
Onew is surprised to see Mi Cha behaving like that. She has always been a sweet girl before this. she had never raise her voice to anyone. Today, everything has changed. Mi Cha is turning into someone else and it is all his fault. He is the one who made Mi Cha becoming like this.
Onew gathers up his courage and walks towards the crying Mi Cha. Junho moves aside, giving space to Onew. Onew knee in front of Mi Cha by the bed side. He wipes away Mi Cha’s tears with his fingers. Mi Cha is shocked by that. She feels the warmth she has never feel in this two years. The warmth of the one she loves the most, Onew.
“ Hey, dear. It is me Onew. I’m here now. Stop crying. My heart hurts seeing you crying like this.”
“ Is it really you? You are real right? You are really Onew oppa, right?”
“ Yes, it is me. I have come back for you. Sorry, you have to wait for so long.”
“ Thank you for coming back for me. I love you oppa.”
“ I love you too, Mi Cha, my dear.”

Wait, you think this is the end?
You are wrong!! Huhu..
There is more...please wait...ngee
                                                                                                  By: E_pah

Friday, December 17, 2010

Only You (part 3)

“ Ah, I’m sorry cause I late. You are Asifah right?”
I turn my head to the right side and I see him. The guy with blue shirt and white cap. It is him.
My heart seems stop beating for the second time today. Today is my lucky day or what? It is Minho who is standing in front of me now. I just nod my head. I am too shocked to say anything. He places the luggage beside the table and takes a sit in front of me.
“ Are you okay? You haven’t speak a word.”
How can I speak? You are sitting in front of me. I can’t even lift my head.
“ I..I..I’m okay.’s just I am shocked to see you. I’m sorry.”
 “ Well, I am sorry if I made you uncomfortable. Here, your bag. I’ll take mine.”
“ Oh, thanks.”
I finally find the courage to lift up my head. Our eyes meet for the first time. His eyes are so beautiful. It has traps my soul really. Ah, what am I thinking about right now? I am not in my right state of mind now.
“ Wait, you are the girl I run into at airport just now right? I am sure it is you.”
What? He remembers me.
“ Yes. I thought you would not remember me.”
“ Why not? It is hurt you know when I bumped into you.”
“ Oh..oh..I’m sorry then.”
“ Haha! You are blushing now. I’m just kidding. Your beauty is the one that caught me.”
I am speechless. Ah, if is going on like this, I don’t know whether my heart could hold on or not. I could right here I think.
“ Wha.. what  are you talking about?”
“Ah,  am I making you uncomfortable? I’m sorry again.”
Uncomfortable? I like it of course.
“ Sir, would like to order?”
Just then, a waiter comes to our table. He lowered down his cap a little. Maybe he does not want people to recognize him here. It will be bad if someone seeing him with a girl I think.
“ No, it’s okay.”
The waiter walks away. He watch around him, making sure no one recognize him. Plus, we even sit beside the glass window. This might make him feel more uncomfortable.
“ Do you want to go somewhere else or just go home. You seem uncomfortable here. You must not want people to see you here, right?”
He seems shocked when I talk and even in Korean.
“ You can speak Korean? I thought you are a foreigner. That’s why I talk in English just now.”
“ I am a foreigner. I am a Malaysian. But, I study in Korea. I’ve live here for 2 years, of course I can speak in Korean.”
“ I’m surprised hearing you speak in Korean. You should speak in Korean from the start.”
“ I’m sorry. Haha!”
We laugh together. I don’t know what is so funny but it just made us want to laugh at that time.
“ It’s late now. Should we just go home? You must be tired, right? You haven’t get a good rest after returning to Korea. I’m sure you just returned after having a performance abroad, right?”
“ It’s true, but I’m okay with that. But still, it’s late. We should go home now, I think. Anyway, thanks for worrying about me.”
“It’s nothing.”
‘I concern everything about you, really.’ My heart whispers.
We get out of the coffee shop after I paid for my drink. Minho insisted to pay for me, but I strongly stop him. He finally surrendered to me and let me pay.
“ Asifah, how do you come here?”
“ I walked here. Why?”
“ Do you want me to send you home? I come with my manager by car.”
“ It’s alright. My house is just two blocks away.”
“ Are you sure? It’s late now. It is dangerous for a girl like you to walk alone. Or should I walk you home?”
“ No, no, it’s fine. My house is just around the corner, really. I don’t want to trouble you.”
“ If you say so, it's okay then. Juat take care of yourself. Hmm..we can meet again, right?”
That one question startled me. Is this means I can meet him again? Of course we can meet again, I would love to.
“ Sure. I don’t mind.”
“ Okay then. I’ll go now. Goodnight. Nice meeting you today.”
“ Goodnight.”
He get into the car and his manager drives away. I walk home. My mind keeps replaying the meeting just now. My heart can’t stop thinking about him. Ah, I have to stop it now.
As soon as I reach my house, I wash up myself and perform my prayer. Then, I pray my thanks to Allah for giving me the chance to meet Minho. It was the most wonderful thing that had happen in my life. I am getting ready to sleep when I receive a text message.
‘ Annyeong! It is me, Minho. Have you reach home? I just want to wish you goodnight. Sleep well and have a sweet dream.’
I smile reading the message. I reply to him saying the same thing and also thank him for worrying about me. I am sure I will be having the sweetest dream tonight.
I wake up today with a fresh mind. I check my phone inbox. Minho’s message is there. So, it is not a dream, it is real. Everything happened yesterday is real then.
Today is the start of the new semester for the university and for me. I walk to Korea University, where I study. The office is full with students, busy with the administration for the new semester. I squish myself in the crowd and manage to get in the queue for the counter.
“ Hello! Shin Young, where are you? Have you finish with the administration process? I have.”
I call on my classmate just after I finish paying for the fees and registered my name for the courses I chosen.
“ Oh, hello Asifah. I am at the cafeteria with the others. Yes, I’ve finished with it. I registered for the courses we agreed on before this. Come here. I miss you, you know.”
“ That is great, then. I registered the same too. We can be together again for this semester. Ah,  I miss you too. We haven’t met for two months. Wait, I’ll go there.”
“ We’ll be waiting for you.”
I hang up. As I was putting my phone into my jeans pocket, I bumped into someone. My files and that person’s files are scattered on the floor.
“ I’m sorry, sir. Are you alright?”
“ It’s okay. It is not totally your fault.”
I look up to him. He seems familiar.
“ It is you again, miss.”

Part 3 finish.
I wonder if it is interesting enough or not. I’m sorry.
But still, enjoy.

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Yay!! I'm free!!!..weeee......

finally, I finished my SPM... final paper is today..
thank Allah I managed to answer all the questions well...hope I'll get good result..10 A+..huhu
wanna enjoy myself a little bit..ngee... I can on9 and watch TV all time now!! yahoo....huhu

Love Pain (part 1)

“I am sorry. We can’t be together anymore. Please understand me.”
Mi Cha just stood still. Didn’t move for a bit. Only tears were rolling down her cheeks.
“ It is not that I don’t love you anymore. I love you. This is also hard for me. But, I have to do this, for my dream. I am sorry. Once I have success, I promise we can be together again.”
“ I understand. But, promise me that you’ll work hard for your dream. I’ll always pray for your success in the music industry. Lastly, please do not forget me, ok?”
“ I’ll never forget you, my dear.”
“Promise you will come back to me one day.”
“ I promise, because I love you.”
Mi Cha cry alone when remembering back that painful memories. Although it had been three months, but it felt just like yesterday that painful incident happen. And it had been three months since Onew start his career as a singer. He is now the leader of the idol group SHINee. They only just debuted for three months, but they have gain mass popularity. Mi Cha is happy for him even though her wounded heart still not recovered. Mi Cha would watch Onew on TV to fill her empty heart and her longing for him.
Mi Cha and her parents are having lunch one day. His brother, Sungmin walks out of the room in a mess toward her father.
“ Appa, can you give some money? I am broke right now.”
“What do you mean? You work right? Where have your money gone?”
“ Ah, I have used all my money. Stop nagging. Just give me some money.”
“ You must have go gambling again, right? What am I going to do with you? Ha, you haven’t pay your debt to the sharks loaner. They had been threatening us you know!”
“ Just say it if you don’t want to give me the money!”
Sungmin walks out of the house angrily. He slams the front door.
“ Ah, what is going to happen to him?”
Mi Cha’s father try to relax himself and continue eating. His face is still red though. It seems he is still angry with Sungmin.
“ Mi Cha, are you still waiting for him? I think you should just forget about him and find someone else.”
Mi Cha is surprised when her mom suddenly talked about it.
“ What do you mean, mom?”
“ Your mom is right. Appa is worry about you. You are always lost in your thoughts lately. I just don’t want your study is affected by it.”
Mi Cha’s father interferes even though he is still in rage. But, his concerns for her only daughter overcome everything.
“ I’m sorry, omma, appa. I still love him. He promise to come back to me and I believe he will.”
“ We said these because we love you. We just don’t want you to be hurt. You deserve to live a better life. We always want you to be happy.”
Mi Cha put down her chopstick on the table and stays still. Her mom continues the conversation.
“ He is star now. Why would he want an ordinary girl like you anymore? He could date other beautiful celebrities.”
“ No! I believe he still loves me. I will always wait for him.”
 “ Have he ever calls you? Have he ever text you? Have he ever come and meet you?”
“ Stop it mom! You really don’t understand how I feel! Omma and appa really don’t understand me!”
Mi Cha raises her voice towards her parents. She gets up harshly and walks to the front door.
“ Mi Cha! Where are you going now?”
“I’ll be better alone outside without omma and appa!”
“ Mi Cha, comeback!”
Mi Cha ignores her father and walk out of the door. Tears are falling down her cheeks now. She walks to a park near her house and sit on the bench there.  She begins thinking about what his parents were talking earlier.
 ‘Did Onew really have forgotten me? He never meet me, call me or even text me. What omma said was quite true. But, I believe in Onew oppa. He will come back for me. He promised me, right?’
“ Hey, what are you doing alone here? Wait, why are you crying?”
Mi Cha looks up. It is Junho who came. She forces a bitter smile.
“ Are you still thinking about him?”
Mi Cha just stays silent. Junho sits beside her. He gives her his handkerchief.
“ Here, wipe your tears. It is ugly you know. Eheh..”
Mi Cha slowly takes it. She is glad that Junho is here. Junho is like a big brother to her. They have known each other for 10 years and he is Onew’s friend too. Mi Cha had always talked about her problem to Junho and he would patiently listened and gave advice to her. He was the one who had been beside Mi Cha when she was having a hard time after breaking up with Onew. Mi Cha is really glad to have Junho in her life. And today, she will do the same thing she always did, express out all the things that had been bothering her.
“ So, you had a fight with your parents?”
“ Emm.. I really regret that. I shouldn’t have raised my voice to them.”
“ Well, you should go and apologize to your parents now. Talk to them nicely about your feelings. I’m sure they will understand you.”
“ Ok. I’ll...”
Mi Cha’s phone rings. She answers it. Suddenly her tears burst out. Junho is shocked.
“ Wha..what...what.. did you say?”

What had happen?
Please wait..

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i hope you enjoy reading only you part two.. not so much scenes, but still, i really work hard on it..