Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Only You (part 15)

I placed the grocery I bought on the kitchen cabinet. I take it out one by one. There are a dozen of eggs, chicken sausages, fresh prawns, some veggies, seaweeds and so much more. I am thinking to make bento for SHINee for our meeting tomorrow. Minho just messaged me to meet him at 11.00 at a place, hmm..their practice building, I think. It is different from the SM Entertainment main building, so I am quite unfamiliar with the address he just sent me. If the main SM Entertainment building, I already quite familiar. Stalking did the work. By the way, hope I will not lost tomorrow. I hope..

After keeping the groceries, some into the cabinet and some into the fridge, I wash myself, pray and comfortably place myself onto the comfy sofa in my living room, facing my 35 inch LCD TV. The blank screen flashes out images of Lee Seunggi once I pressed the ‘ON’ button on the remote controller. Ah, he is so handsome. No wonder he got to act in this facial product CF. I literally scream in my heart when he winks and flashes his beautiful smile at me, well, in the CF exactly. ;-p

I glance at the clock above the TV. 9 o’clock! Time for Onew’s oppa’s drama marathon for this week! Onew oppa? Ah, my cheeks feel hotter when I remembered back what he did to me this evening. HE PINCHED MY CHEEK! No one has ever does that, well other than my closed GIRL friends. I cup my face, smiling like an idiot.

Asifah! Snap out of it!! It is wrong to think more than that. I slap both of my cheeks. OUCH! Now I am in pain. Sigh.. Asifah, you really need to stop dreaming.


I look at myself in the mirror. I twirl around one time.

“Okay! Everything is perfect!”

A sky blue dress matching with a pair of dark blue jeans together with a blue and white polka dots shawl. I want to look the best today, why? To meet SHINee of course. Not to impress them so much, but a girl could not resist to look pretty, right? Especially to meet your favourite idol. ;-p

I look again at my reflection.

“Asifah, you look pretty today, like always!”

Haha! Laughing at my own silliness in the morning.

The chill morning air tickles my covered body. Quite cold. I make my way to the nearest subway station accompany by the beautiful almost blooming flowers on the tree.


Only a few minutes after I walk out from the subway station, my feet stop. Sigh. I am lost. I follow the instruction Minho gave me just now, after he delivered me the bad news: he has something to do so he cannot wait for me at the subway station. Great...now I am sure I look like a lost kitty, wandering around with head high and low, looking for something that was mentioned by Minho.

I felt a light tap on my shoulder. Then, I hear someone speaking in English.

“Hi! Are you lost? Want us to help you?”

I turn around. Froze!

‘Every day I shock, every night I shock’

I could hear that playing in the background.

Beast’s song, Shock could describe my state now. Standing in front of me are two very familiar figures to me, to the whole world to be exact. Even with those sunglasses and caps, I could recognize those good-looking faces. I just cannot believe at what am I looking now.

My left foot unconsciously moves a step backward and my body too. Clumsiness took over me, I trip on my own feet. A strong hand yet with gentle grip take a hold of my hand, preventing me from falling. That touch manages to stop my heartbeat and realize me that this is REAL!

I stand straight again with my head down. That hand now moves to my shoulder and that person lowered his body to have the same eye level with me.

“Are you okay?”

I could feel I am blushing hard right now. How can I lift up my head to see him? Gathering up all my courage, I slowly lift up my head, looking at him, still avoiding his sunglasses covered eyes. Wondering why? Someone just tell me how to face on of your favourite idol when he is only an inch from you? I am talking about Super Junior’s Eunhyuk right now! And Donghae too!

“I..I’m okay..Thank...you.”

I must look stupid with my stuttering words. Then, I feel a light pinch on my left cheek. Shocked by that, I look straight into Eunhyuk’s face while my hand brushing my red cheek. One word, HANDSOME! Make it two words... HANDSOME + HOT! 

“Oh, I’m sorry. You’re just too cute when blushing. Oh wait, I may seem perverted.”

“Of course you’re Hyukkie.”


I just stay still watching both of them bickering, cute~. Okay, now my cheeks are a place for pinching. Well, I don’t mind if they are idols..haha! Dirty minded. I smile to myself.

“It’s okay. Ha..ha..ha..”

“You seemed lost. Want us to help you?”

I shift my eyes to Donghae who is beside Eunhyuk. Ahh...he is so handsome! Cute too with the smile on his face.

“Really? Actually, I want to go to here.”

I show them the address Minho messaged me last night. They must know this place, they are SM artist too.

“Here? We know this place. Come, we’ll take you. But, why are you going there?”

See, like I said, they must know it. By the way, should I tell them I am going to meet SHINee? Weird, right?

“Ah..Thanks. I’ve some work there. Te..he..”

“Donghae, we need to go to the shop now, or else they’ll be angry. They want their drinks.”

I heard Eunhyuk whispered to Donghae in Korean. They must think I cannot understand Korean since I look 
like a foreigner. Let them be for now. ;-p

“Ah, right! Miss, I’m sorry, we have things to do. But, I’ll show you how to get there.”

Both of them told me the direction, the sign or anything that will lead me there, all in English. The English accents are quite funny.  I try to concentrate on their instruction, but their handsome faces and cool voices would not let me too. Haha! I bow and bid them goodbye as they leave while waving to me too with a smile on their faces. I could not help to smile too, all my way to the SM practice building.

I look at the 3 storey building in front of me. Nothing special about it. Just a plain light grey building with a tinted glass door.

Wait! I haven’t took any pictures with Eunhyuk and Donghae. Ahh!!! Why do I just remember now? I was just too shocked to meet them, I guess. Silly me!

I continuosly hit the left side of my head with my free left hand for my silly action.

“Why are you hitting yourself now?”  *


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