Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Love Pain (part 3)

“Mi Cha!! Breakfast is ready. Come down and eat!”
Junho scream out of his lungs. But still, there is no respond.
“Mi Cha!!!”
Still silence. Junho’s mom directed Junho to go upstairs and take a look on Mi Cha. She is worried that something might had happen to Mi Cha since Onew just met her a week  ago. Junho runs on the staircase and reach up to Mi Cha’s room door. He knocks on the door.
“ Hey, Mi Cha! Are you okay? Why aren’t you coming down for breakfast?”
“ Oh, oppa. I’m fine. I’m just busy with something. Come in.”
A voice come from inside. Junho turns the door knob and come in. He smiles watching Mi Cha is still in her pyjamas while looking quite confuse. He already considers Mi Cha as his own little sister.
“You still in your pyjamas? It is already 9 a.m. and you haven’t shower? And, what is with the confuse look?”
“I showered already. It is just I confuse which clothes should I wear.”
“ Just wear what you always wear. What is so hard about that?”
Junho is confused with his only ‘little sister’. But, he could sense something different about her today. She seems brighter today.
“I can’t because today is a special day. Onew oppa ask me to go out on a date.”

Mi Cha smiles widely. She looks so happy. So, this is why she looks different today, Junho wondered alone. Junho miss that smile and looks of Mi Cha. He has not seen it in this two years. He is glad that Onew could bring back that joy in Mi Cha.
“Oh, so that is why you are so happy today. Well, I’m glad for you.”
“Enough of that. Now, help me choose what to wear.”
Mi Cha held up two dresses. One is white in colour with pink polka dot and other is yellow in colour with white ribbon tied around the waist. Junho observes both dresses up and down.
“Hmm..just wear anything. You will look ugly anyway. Haha!”
“Yah! I’m serious!”
“Huhu! I’m just kidding. My little sister will look good in anything.”
“Your little sister?”
“Yeah, why? You don’t like it?”
“No, I love it. It is great to have a brother like you. I love you, oppa!”
“I love you too my lovely dongsaeng.”
Mi Cha gives Junho a warm hug. She feels really safe to be in Junho hug. This is how it feels to have a brother. She never feels it when she is with her real brother Sungmin. He even left her alone now. But luckily Junho and his family are with her all this time.
“It is enough for now. Get ready. When and how will you go out?”
Mi Cha let go of Junho.
“Onew oppa will come and pick me up at 10.”
“ You have an hour left. Quickly get ready and come down for breakfast okay?”
Mi Cha is waiting for Onew is the living room with Junho. They just had their breakfast. Then, the door bell rings. Mi Cha quickly walks to the door and open it. She smiles brightly as she sees the guy standing in front of her.
“Wah, you look pretty in that yellow dress. Even prettier with that smile of yours.”
“I know already!”
“You never change. Always love to joke.”
Both of them just smile at each other. It seems like both of them miss each other so much.
Junho could tell it is Onew by looking at Mi Cha’s smile. He walks to the door too. Onew greets him.
“Oppa, we’ll go now. I’ll return home early, don’t worry.”
“Okay, okay. Onew, take good care of Mi Cha. She is like a little sister to me. Send her home early.”
Junho gives a warn, well more like a brother talks to his little sister’s boyfriend. He is worried about Mi Cha.
“Hey, don’t worry. I’ll take good care of her. We’ll be off now. Annyeonghi haseyo!”
“ Annyeong, oppa!”
“ Annyeong you two. Have fun!”
Mi Cha waves to Junho as the car drives away. She then sits back properly in her seat. She turns to look at Onew. She has been missing him so much in these two years. Even now she still feels like this is a dream. Onew realizes she is looking at him and he playfully taps on Mi Cha’s chin with his delicate finger. Mi Cha blushes badly while Onew just laugh at her. Both of them really miss this feeling.
Onew stops at the SM Entertainment Building and drags Mi Cha inside. They enter SHINee’s practice room. There is Jonghyun, Key, Minho, Taemin and their manager, Mr.Kim. Mi Cha bows and greets them shyly. They did the same.

“I want to introduce my girlfriend to you guys. This is Mi Cha. Mi Cha, this is, well I think you know there are, right?”
“Hi, I’m Mi Cha. Nice to meet you.”
“Hi, Mi Cha. I’m Jonghyun.”
“I’m Key!”
“Hi, noona. Taemin here!”
“I’m their manager, Mr.Kim Do Soo.”
“Onew hyung, is her the girl you told us about? Your only love?”
Jonghyun suddenly asks him. Onew looks quite embarrass.
“Yeah, she is. I love her so much.”
Onew looks toward Mi Cha. She is blushing so much hearing Onew talking like that, especially in front of his members. The other members just smile widely but there is an uneasy look on Mr.Kim face. He seems to not like the fact that Onew is in love with Mi Cha.
“Do Soo hyung, I’ll be off today. I have asked you yesterday right? So, I’ll be free all day today to go out with Mi Cha. Okay, annyeong everyone.”
“Annyeong Onew hyung. Have fun!”
SHINee’s members are happy for their hyung. They send them out with a wide smile, except for one person, the manager.
Mi Cha and Onew are in the car, drive through the city.
“Onew oppa, where are we going today?”
“Hmm..where do you want to go?”
“Me? There are so many places I want to go with you. He..”
“Tell me. We’ll to every one of them. We haven’t go out together for a long time. We should enjoy ourselves today!”
They went to the Lotte World, the biggest theme park in Korea. They ride every ride there and enjoy themselves. Onew had properly disguises himself by wearing sunglass, cap and even a hoodie so that no one can recognize him. So that he will be able to spend time together with Mi Cha without being disturb or being known by the public. He really wants to cherish this moment.
After having a late lunch, they take a walk in the park. The scent of spring is in the air. The best season for a blooming love. They settle themselves on a bench under a shady tree while having ice cream.
“Mi Cha.”


Huh..finally I manage to continue the story..
Sorry for the delay..
Wait for part 4!!         
                                                                                      By : E_pah

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