Sunday, December 19, 2010

Only You (part 4)

“ It is you again, miss.”
It is him. The good looking Malay guy I met on the plane. The incident that gave me the pain on the head. Haha!
“ Hi, don’t you remember me?”
I give him a numb look. I want to play a little trick on him. Evil me.
“Who are you?”
“ What? You forgot me?”
He seems upset. I wonder why. It is not we have known each other.
“Hmm.. I think that backpack that fall onto my head made me suffered memory loss.”
“Oh, that’s why.... Wait! The backpack..fall on your head... Hey, you remember!”
I smile at him.
“ I thought you really didn’t remember. Oh, I’m sorry.”
He gathers up my files and hand them to me. Then, he collects his own files.
“ Thank you. Hi, I’m Asifah.”
“ Hi, I’m Faiz. Nice to meet you.”
“ Me too.”
“ If it is alright, can we be friends?”
A question that would I always love to hear.
“ Of course. I’m glad to.”
We settle ourselves on the bench at the university’s park. I text my friends telling them that I am not be able to meet them now. Now, the wind is accompanying us, together with the blooming flowers.
“ Faiz, I have never seen you before in the university. Are you a first year student?”
“ No. I’m a third year. Before this I study in Sungkyunkwan University. I just transferred to Korea University today.”
“Oh, I see. I’m a first year. So, you are my senior then. Ah, welcome to Korea University, *sunbae.”
“ Thank you. Well, what course are you taking?”
“ Me? I’m in the civil engineering course. How about you?”
“ I’m taking music.”
“Music? Really? Wah, I’ve longed to learn music. It’s just I’m not that good. Huhu!”
“ You love music?”
“ So much! What instrument is you major in Faiz?”
“ I can play most of the music instrument but I major in piano.”
“ Wah, I love piano. Can I...listen to your play one day?”
“ Of course. Anything for you.”
What? Hearing him say that making my heart feel flustered a bit. I don’t know why.
I give him a tour around the university since he just arrived here. I guide him to the music department, the place he need to know the most throughout his study here. We stop in front of a music room.
“ Hey, Asifah.”
“ Yes. And why are we stopping here?”
“ You said you want to hear me play the piano, right? Would like to hear it now?”
He smiles while pointing to a piano in the music room. I would love to hear him play the piano. I just nod my head. We make our way into the room and he takes a seat at the piano.
“ Come, sit here, beside me. It would be better hearing it from here while watching me playing.”
“’ll just stand here. It’s not nice for a girl to sit close beside a guy, you know it right?”
Understanding me, he takes another chair and place beside his.
“ How about here?”
Ah, you never give up. His acts give me joy a little. I lead myself and sit on the chair beside his. He signals me to be ready before taking a deep breath.
He starts playing a song. His fingers seem like dancing on the piano’s keys. Every note he plays combined to produce a beautiful melody. My soul is dazzled by the beautiful melody he played. I silently listen to his play till the very last note.
“ Wah, you are really a great pianist! The song you played was so beautiful.”
“ Oh, well thank you. You seem to enjoy it very much.”
“Of course! It’ll be great if I could play it by myself.”
“ Would you like me to teach you?”
“Really? Can you? You will not be troubled by it?”
“I would be glad to teach you. So that I can know you much better. Is it okay?”
“ Okay, teacher! Haha!”
He just smiles looking at me. It seems the smile has a different meaning but I couldn’t figure what it is. I just let that pass by my mind.
“ Hello, Hello. Ibanen narul dakeolkeyo. Hello, Hello. Ooh yeah baby baby girl.”
Suddenly my phone rings. I look onto the phone screen. A name I love appears. Minho. I wonder why this name could appear on my phone screen. Why would he call me? Something to do with the bag or something else?
“ Faiz, I’m going to answers this first, okay?”
“ Yeah, sure.”
I walk away a bit from Faiz. I push the answer button.
“ Yobaseyo.”
“ Oh, hello. Is this Asifah speaking? It is me, Minho.”
“ Yes, it is me. Oh, it is you. May I know why you called me?”
“ Hmm..are you busy this evening?”

What is going to happen?
I made this in a hurry, so I wonder whwther it is good enough or not.
But, enjoy!

*sunbae = senior

                                                                                                           By : E_pah


  1. of course its good...
    if u didnt make it in a hurry.. i wonder if it'll be this good since u make this good even in a hurry... anyway... have a nice trip to hong kong.. but.. why faiz?? i think Aidil is better.. hehehe... :p

  2. ish..rsa takot lak..aidil dok sweet talk ni..huhu
    faiz?? da la sbab..huu.. aidil cam x sesuai..ngee..