Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Love Pain (part 4)

After having a late lunch, they take a walk in the park. The scent of spring is in the air. The best season for a blooming love. They settle themselves on a bench under a shady tree while having ice cream.
“Mi Cha.”
“I’m sorry that I leave you back then. And I even make you wait for me for too long. I only bring misery to your life.”
“What are you saying? I’m glad now that you have come back to me. I really appreciate that. I understand that you did that because of your dream and I’m glad that you have achieved what you’ve dreamt for.”
“But still, I am not with you when you need me the most. When you lost your parents, when...”
Onew looks at the scar on Mi Cha’s wrist. The scar that marked the suffering Mi Cha had till she lost the will to live anymore. Then, Mi Cha realises that Onew is looking at the scar. She quickly cover it with her other hand.
“It’s okay, oppa. It is all fated. Luckily Junho oppa is with me during those hard times till I managed to get through it. So, I’m fine now. Don’t worry.”
“I’m glad Junho is there with you. I still feel bad for not being beside you.”
“ Stop talking like that. It’s fine. You are with me right now. You will never leave me again, right?”
“Of course, I’ll never leave you. I love you.”
“I love you too oppa.”
The breeze blows softly, bringing the mood up in the air. Mi Cha could feel the breeze and her curiosity is rising. There is even sound of wave.
“Oppa, where did you take me? I can’t see anything right now, hurry up and unfold the blindfold.”
“Wait a little bit, we are almost there. just a few steps more.”
Onew holds Mi Cha’s hand and led her to a place.
“Okay, we are here.”
They stop walking. Onew slowly untied the blind fold on Mi Cha. By the time Mi Cha open her eyes, her heart is full of surprise. They are at the beach now by the seaside. There is a mat with a picnic basket full with handmade sandwich and variety of fruits plus two bottles of fruit juice. There is even two packs of Kit Kat, Mi Cha’s favourite snack.
“Oppa, did you prepared all this while you asked me to stay in the car just now?”
“Yes, anything for you my dear. Look, I even prepared Kit Kat, your favourite, right?”
Mi Cha is touched by Onew’s effort. He even remembers her favourite snack. She guess Onew have not forgotten about her all this time.
“Here, a bouquet of roses for a beautiful lady.”
Onew hand out the roses he hid behind his back to Mi Cha. It brought smile to Mi Cha’s face. She held up the roses near to her face and smells the roses. The sweet scent calms her soul. Then, she sees something shiny hidden in the bouquet. She takes it out. It is a necklace with key-shaped locket. Mi Cha gives Onew a surprise yet lovely look.
“Let me wear it on you.”
Onew carefully put the necklace on Mi Cha. She hold the locket and shows Onew a curios look.
“A key-shaped locket?”
“It means you hold the key to my heart. See, I have a lock-shaped locket.”
Onew takes out his necklace hidden under his shirt and shows to Mi Cha.
“Thank you Onew oppa. You have done so much to me.”
Tears rolls down Mi Cha’s cheek. She kiss the locket on the necklace Onew gave, symbolizes how much she loves the necklace, how much she loves Onew. Onew walks close to Mi Cha and wipes away her tears with his fingers.

“Now, close your eyes. I have another present. But, if only you really love me then you can receive it.”
“I love you, dear. So, do you love me?”
“Of course I love you.”
Mi Cha slowly closes her eyes. Then, she feels something warm gently touch her lips. Her heart beats so fast. She could feel someone’s breath. Is it Onew? Is he the one who is close to her? Is he who kissed her?
Onew distanced himself a bit from Mi Cha. He himself could feel his heart is beating so fast. Both of them blush very badly. Well, this is their first kiss together. Onew looks into Mi Cha’s eyes. Both of them exchange gazes, sending signals of their love.
Mi Cha wakes up today with a refreshing feel. Yesterday really mark the happiest thing that had happen in her life. Going out and having fun with Onew. Plus, Onew had gave her a beautiful necklace. She holds and looks at the necklace. Then, she remembers about the kiss. Their first kiss ever. She blushes and smiles alone thinking about the kiss.
Junho is smiling looking at Mi Cha from outside her room through the open door.
‘Looking at how she behave, something must had happen yesterday.’
“Hey! Why are you smiling alone? Are you crazy now? Haha!”
Mi Cha snaps out of her beautiful thought. She gives a killer-like look toward Junho.
“Yah! I’m surprised you know.”
“Haha! What are you thinking just now? Smiling by yourself.”
Mi Cha throws herself on the bed and bumps her face onto the pillow. She is hiding her smile.
“Something must have happen yesterday right? Tell me.”
“It is none of your business. Get out of my room now, oppa.”
“Wah, you have Onew now, then you want to throw me away? How can this happen to me?”
“Haha! Just get out of my room. Don’t worry, you will not be thrown out. Haha!”
“Ok, ok!”
Junho walks out of the room. He is happy now that Mi Cha finally can be happy with Onew. No one in the world is happy as he is right now.
Onew is having a practice for his comeback today, so Mi Cha decided to cook lunch for Onew and the other SHINee’s member. She made Onew’s favourite food, fried chicken! She also cooked other dishes that could make someone drool over it. After she packed up the food, she rushes to the SM Building, where they are practicing.
Mi Cha is about to knock on the SHINee’s practice room’s door when she hears someone talking in the room.
“Onew, I think you should leave Mi Cha, for your own good.”
“What are you talking about Do Soo hyung?”

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                                                                            By : E_pah

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