Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Only You (part 15)

I placed the grocery I bought on the kitchen cabinet. I take it out one by one. There are a dozen of eggs, chicken sausages, fresh prawns, some veggies, seaweeds and so much more. I am thinking to make bento for SHINee for our meeting tomorrow. Minho just messaged me to meet him at 11.00 at a place, hmm..their practice building, I think. It is different from the SM Entertainment main building, so I am quite unfamiliar with the address he just sent me. If the main SM Entertainment building, I already quite familiar. Stalking did the work. By the way, hope I will not lost tomorrow. I hope..

After keeping the groceries, some into the cabinet and some into the fridge, I wash myself, pray and comfortably place myself onto the comfy sofa in my living room, facing my 35 inch LCD TV. The blank screen flashes out images of Lee Seunggi once I pressed the ‘ON’ button on the remote controller. Ah, he is so handsome. No wonder he got to act in this facial product CF. I literally scream in my heart when he winks and flashes his beautiful smile at me, well, in the CF exactly. ;-p

I glance at the clock above the TV. 9 o’clock! Time for Onew’s oppa’s drama marathon for this week! Onew oppa? Ah, my cheeks feel hotter when I remembered back what he did to me this evening. HE PINCHED MY CHEEK! No one has ever does that, well other than my closed GIRL friends. I cup my face, smiling like an idiot.

Asifah! Snap out of it!! It is wrong to think more than that. I slap both of my cheeks. OUCH! Now I am in pain. Sigh.. Asifah, you really need to stop dreaming.


I look at myself in the mirror. I twirl around one time.

“Okay! Everything is perfect!”

A sky blue dress matching with a pair of dark blue jeans together with a blue and white polka dots shawl. I want to look the best today, why? To meet SHINee of course. Not to impress them so much, but a girl could not resist to look pretty, right? Especially to meet your favourite idol. ;-p

I look again at my reflection.

“Asifah, you look pretty today, like always!”

Haha! Laughing at my own silliness in the morning.

The chill morning air tickles my covered body. Quite cold. I make my way to the nearest subway station accompany by the beautiful almost blooming flowers on the tree.


Only a few minutes after I walk out from the subway station, my feet stop. Sigh. I am lost. I follow the instruction Minho gave me just now, after he delivered me the bad news: he has something to do so he cannot wait for me at the subway station. Great...now I am sure I look like a lost kitty, wandering around with head high and low, looking for something that was mentioned by Minho.

I felt a light tap on my shoulder. Then, I hear someone speaking in English.

“Hi! Are you lost? Want us to help you?”

I turn around. Froze!

‘Every day I shock, every night I shock’

I could hear that playing in the background.

Beast’s song, Shock could describe my state now. Standing in front of me are two very familiar figures to me, to the whole world to be exact. Even with those sunglasses and caps, I could recognize those good-looking faces. I just cannot believe at what am I looking now.

My left foot unconsciously moves a step backward and my body too. Clumsiness took over me, I trip on my own feet. A strong hand yet with gentle grip take a hold of my hand, preventing me from falling. That touch manages to stop my heartbeat and realize me that this is REAL!

I stand straight again with my head down. That hand now moves to my shoulder and that person lowered his body to have the same eye level with me.

“Are you okay?”

I could feel I am blushing hard right now. How can I lift up my head to see him? Gathering up all my courage, I slowly lift up my head, looking at him, still avoiding his sunglasses covered eyes. Wondering why? Someone just tell me how to face on of your favourite idol when he is only an inch from you? I am talking about Super Junior’s Eunhyuk right now! And Donghae too!

“I..I’m okay..Thank...you.”

I must look stupid with my stuttering words. Then, I feel a light pinch on my left cheek. Shocked by that, I look straight into Eunhyuk’s face while my hand brushing my red cheek. One word, HANDSOME! Make it two words... HANDSOME + HOT! 

“Oh, I’m sorry. You’re just too cute when blushing. Oh wait, I may seem perverted.”

“Of course you’re Hyukkie.”


I just stay still watching both of them bickering, cute~. Okay, now my cheeks are a place for pinching. Well, I don’t mind if they are idols..haha! Dirty minded. I smile to myself.

“It’s okay. Ha..ha..ha..”

“You seemed lost. Want us to help you?”

I shift my eyes to Donghae who is beside Eunhyuk. Ahh...he is so handsome! Cute too with the smile on his face.

“Really? Actually, I want to go to here.”

I show them the address Minho messaged me last night. They must know this place, they are SM artist too.

“Here? We know this place. Come, we’ll take you. But, why are you going there?”

See, like I said, they must know it. By the way, should I tell them I am going to meet SHINee? Weird, right?

“Ah..Thanks. I’ve some work there. Te..he..”

“Donghae, we need to go to the shop now, or else they’ll be angry. They want their drinks.”

I heard Eunhyuk whispered to Donghae in Korean. They must think I cannot understand Korean since I look 
like a foreigner. Let them be for now. ;-p

“Ah, right! Miss, I’m sorry, we have things to do. But, I’ll show you how to get there.”

Both of them told me the direction, the sign or anything that will lead me there, all in English. The English accents are quite funny.  I try to concentrate on their instruction, but their handsome faces and cool voices would not let me too. Haha! I bow and bid them goodbye as they leave while waving to me too with a smile on their faces. I could not help to smile too, all my way to the SM practice building.

I look at the 3 storey building in front of me. Nothing special about it. Just a plain light grey building with a tinted glass door.

Wait! I haven’t took any pictures with Eunhyuk and Donghae. Ahh!!! Why do I just remember now? I was just too shocked to meet them, I guess. Silly me!

I continuosly hit the left side of my head with my free left hand for my silly action.

“Why are you hitting yourself now?”  *


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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Only You (part 14)

Hah.. the air is so fresh even though it is quite cold. The sun is shining bright yet it is covered up a little by the fluffy clouds. A perfect day for leisuring. Luckily I choose to go out cycling at the Han River Park today with Joon.

While I was cycling with Joon on my left side, I spot someone familiar sitting on the bench. I decide to move closer toward the right side to get a better view. Joon who noticed my change of direction follows me too. 

After a few metres closer I recognize the person. Ah, it is her!

“Hey Joon, let’s stop for a while there.”

I motion with my head toward her to Joon. He gives me a curious look. I just ignore him and slow down my pace until I finally stop in front of her. Still, she does not take her eyes off from her laptop screen. She did not realize I am here, I guess. Then, she smiles. Ah, cute! Smiling by herself. Kekeke! I hear she murmurs something.

“Ah, my sweet memory.”

As curiousity over taken me, I unconsciously respond to her words.

“What is so sweet?”

She seems a bit startles after hearing my voice. She slowly raises her head up while I am taking off my shades.

“Omo, OPPA??!!”

Because of the shock, she leans her back well, overly leans back making her fells backward. Instinctively, I 
reach out my hand to catch her. But, wait, I am on a bicycle. The unstable position I am in now make me stumble forward with her too and I ended up falling on top of her. Heh, my Sangtae again.


She winces in pain. I raise my face up facing hers. My eyes meet hers. Those pure dark brown-blackish eyes swallow me into its own innocent world. I froze. Then, I feel a pair of hands softly against my chest.

“Mmm..Onew oppa, could you get up?”

“Oh? I’m sorry.”

I slowly get up with a hand behind my neck and sit beside her. She sit up too while rubbing her back. It must have hurt.

“Are you.. al..”

“Ah! My laptop!”

What? She worries about her laptop more that herself and most importantly than me? She picks up her laptop from the soft grass and inspects it for some damages. Soon later she sigh out relieves. It is fine, I guess.

“You worry about your laptop more than yourself.. more than ME?”

She turns to me, a bit shock by what I said. I don’t really meant what I said, just to tease her.

“N..no..I me.mean..  S..ss..sorry, o...ooppa.”

She lowers down her head. Auww..she is cute stuttering. And I could see she is blushing too. Ah, cute! I cannot stop myself from pinching her blushing cheek.

She is taken aback with my action. She held her right cheek, which where I was pinching before, while giving 
me a what-are-you-doing look. Guess what? She is blushing even more! So cute! I am thinking to pinch her cheek once mo...r until I hear someone whispering.

“Yah, what are you doing? Onew, I’m here too.”

Ouch..totally forgot about Joon. I turn to him and smile. He smirks. I quickly put on my sunglasses and fix my cap, afraid that someone might notice me.

“Sorry. Oh ya, Joon. Meet Asifah, my donsaengie..”

Joon turns his gaze from me to Asifah. He raises up his cap a little flashes his so infamous smile.


“Hi, I’m Asifah.”

“Nice to meet you. But, I need to go. Onew, you want to stay?”

I nod.

“I’ll go first. Bye!”

He waves at us while stepping on the pedal and starts cycling. After a while he is far from our sight.


I turn back toward Asifah who is trying to stand up. I quickly get up and help her stand properly.

“Are you alright? Did you hurt yourself? Do you need to go to the hospital? Can you walk?”

She chuckles. Hmm?

“Oppa, relax. I’m fine. Just hurt a little.”

She sits back on the bench and taps the seat beside her, signalling me to sit down too. I pick up my bicycle from the ground and park it beside the bench before sitting down. She puts back her laptop in her bag.

Silence. Awkward.

“Hmm.. you seems so shock just now. You should have seen your face just now. Haha!”

She blushes again. Once more, cute!

“Who wouldn’t when seeing one of your favourite idols standing right in front of you, in the public?”

“Haha.. I guess so. I’m everyone favourite.”

“Hard to believe...”

She mumbles.


“Haha.. Just kidding. You are a sweet, funny person. Of course everyone like you oppa.”

She smiles after muttering those words. I feel my cheeks become hotter. Wait, I blush hearing her words? 
Sigh. Onew!


Onew and Asifah continue their conversation while having a drink together.

“You like soy milk, Ifa?”

Asifah nods quickly like a child.

“I LOVE it!!”

Onew chuckles seeing her reaction.

“Yeah, you seem to like it so much. And me, I love strawberry milk!!!”

Onew raises both of his hand up in the air. Being the clumsy person he is, he spilled some of the strawberry 
milk onto his shirt while the bottle he is holding is still in his hand above his head.

Asifah quickly reaches for a tissue in her bag and hands it to Onew. He grabs it and cleans the stain on his blue shirt.

“You’re so clumsy oppa. Guess that Onew Sangtae is true. Hihi..”

“I think. Haha!”

Their laugh filled up the air around them.



“You always come cycling here?”

“Huh? Y..yeah.. Sometime if I have free time.”


“Ifa, you...come here always too?”

“A’ah.. It’s so peaceful here.”

Asifah smiles looking out to the open space in front of them while breathing in the fresh air.

“What are you doing just now? On your laptop?”

“Ouh? Actually I came here to find some inspiration for my English essay. It’s for a competition in my 

“Wow, so you are good in English then.”

“I guess..hehe!”

“Help me..”


“With English.”

Onew flash a smile at her. 

Asifah has that what-do-you-mean look on her face.

“Waeyo? You’re good already, I think. I watched before you spoke English quite well on the shows.”

“It’s not enough. I want to be able to communicate with our fans from all over the world.”

Yeah, it is true, Onew would like to understand all the letters and comments from their fans, he wants to reply to all of it to show his gratitude toward them. They have support SHINee all this time. Onew smiles widely just thinking about it.

 Hearing soft chuckles from beside him, Onew turns to see Asifah who is looking at him too.

“Ahaha..you really think a lot of your fans. I’m sure they are glad to be your fans. Me too!!”

Asifah smiles her innocent smile again. Onew could feel he is blushing again.

 “Oppa, it’s 6 already. I need to go. Oh yeah, we’ll see tomorrow right?”

‘Ah! Minho said he want to invite her to our practice tomorrow.’ Onew thought.

“Minho told me. Okay, see you tomorrow. Want me to send you home?”

“It’s fine.”

She said while packing her stuff into her bagpack. Soon later, she finishes and get up. Onew get up as well and grabs his bicycle.

“I’ll go first. Nice meeting you oppa, annyeongihasaeyo!”

“Nice meeting you too. Annyeong dongsaengie..”

Asifah bows and leave while waving her hand to Onew. His eyes follows Asifah’s figure until it disappears from his sight. Then, he hops on his bicycle and starts pedalling, riding along the calming Han River.


Sunday, September 4, 2011


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and...i've done some changed to my story Only You..
before, i stated that my age is 20, right? i changed it to 18.. and Faiz is not 22 but 21..
now, my age is too young to be enrolled in college right? so, i stated that before, i lived abroad, so  started my school a year early...resulting me being in university a year early..
the rest...still the same..i think.. ;-p

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Only You (part 13)

“Do you wait here for long? I’m sorry.”
“Nah, we just arrived here. It’s okay Abang Faiz. Oh, by the way, this is Kim Shin Young, my best friend in the whole wide world.”
I told Abang Faiz while wrapping my hand around Shin Young’s shoulder, with a smile appears on my face. Abang Faiz gives a light bow toward Shin Young.
“Hi, I’m Faiz. Nice to meet you.”
Shin Young returns the bow.
“Hi. Just call me Shin Young. Nice meeting you....hmm...”
“Oppa, maybe?”
“Oh, okay. Nice meeting you oppa.”
I notice Shin Young is a bit blush. Haish, this girl, always like this when meeting a handsome guy. Wait, did I just said Abang Faiz is handsome? Well, quite true, no offence.  ;-p
I was startled when Shin Young nudge me with her elbow. I remove my hand from her shoulder and look at her.
“Haish, you’re spacing just now. What are you thinking?”
I look at Abang Faiz and remembering what I was just thinking just now. I let out a small chuckle. He gives me curious look.
“Ah, Shin Young, it’s nothing. We’re late, we should go now.”
I said as I was getting up. Shin Young follows my action too. I gesture toward Abang Faiz asking him to follow us.
“Follow us Abang Faiz.”
“Okay! But, we are we going?”
“You’ll find soon.”
After a few minutes of walking, we reach a small one-story building with blue roof and white wall, situated near the university’s green field. A signboard on the door read
“Oh, so you’re in the archery room. Well, I’ve never thought of it.”
“Nah, it’s just a thought.”
“Oh, okay. Let’s go in.”
I who was in the front open the club’s door.
I greet and bow to the members as soon as I open the door. Shin Young and Abang Faiz did the same.
“Oh, annyeong Ifa, Shin Young. It’s been long since I saw you guys. Miss you so much!”
A pretty looking girl with shoulder-length brown hair pulls both of us in a hug, really tight hug!
“Hye Min-ah, they’ll die soon if you’re not letting them go.”
Hye Min unnie releases us and turn to glare at Jae Min oppa. Everyone chuckle watching the childish couple in front of them. Yup, Hye Min unnie and Jae Min oppa is a couple. They both are in their third year with Hye Min unnie in the Linguistic Department and Jae Min oppa in the Sport Department.
“Yah, enough with your couple fight.”
Now, both Hye Min unnie and Jae Min oppa glare at Minseok oppa.
“N-O-T afraid at all. So, how have you guys been? Good?”
“Yes, Minseok oppa. How about you?”
“I’m fine. Just worry about this year, my final year. Burden start to pill up.”
Minseok oppa is in his fouth year now. He is the Sport Department too. Well, he is one of the top archerer in our university besides Hye Min unnie, Jae Min oppa, Jung Shin oppa, Hyo Sun unnie and Hae Jin. He won first place last year in the national competition and being rumoured to be scout into the national archery team as soon as he finish his study. Haish, envy him. He is not just good at archery but soccer, track and field, basketball even been top in his class in every exam. With his good look, he is the most perfect man in the university. No wonder he is so popular with the girls. But, I am his favourite dongsaeng, so ladies out there, do not be jealous, arasso? Hehe!
“Neh, I’m sure you’ll be fine oppa. You indeed the best student in your class.”
“Ouw, you are really indeed my favourite dongsaeng. Saranghaeyo.”
I grin at Minseok oppa’s compliment.
“Saranghaeyo oppa!”
“How about me?”
Shin Young pouts beside me. You are jealous, aren’t you? Haha!
“You too, Shin Young.”
Minseok oppa ruffles Shin Young’s hair. She smiles at him, with a satisfied look. ;-p
“Sorry for interrupting, but who is he, Ifa?”
Jung Shin oppa points toward Abang Faiz. Everybody turn to see toward Abang Faiz who is smilling awkwardly.
OH NO! I forgot about Abang Faiz.
“Don’t tell me you totally forgot about him...”
I smile sheepishly at Minseok oppa. He just shook his head. Then, I turn toward Abang Faiz and mouth ‘I am sorry’ with an apologetic face. Abang Faiz returns my act with a smile showing an it-is-fine look.
I walk to beside Abang Faiz.
“Everyone, meet Faiz, my newly-met friend. Hehe! He is from Malaysia too and in his third year. A music department student, majoring in piano.”
“Annyeonghaseyo, I’m Faiz. Nice to meet you.”
“Wah, you’re a music student? Great! Oh, by the way, I’m Hye Min. This is Jae Min”
“I can introduce myself baby.”
Everyone make a disgusting face and boo at them. Being a lovey dovey couple in front of us, haish!
“What? I can call her anything I want.”
Minseok oppa just sigh at Jae Min opaa’s statement. Then, he turns to Abang Faiz and held his hand to him. Abang Faiz takes his hand and shake.
“Hi, I’m Lee Minseok. Just call me Minseok hyung.”
Abang Faiz just nod.
Jung Shin oppa, Kyu Min oppa (4th year business department student), Hyo Sun unnie, Minji (2nd year Art and design department student), Junho (1st year sport department student) and Hae Jin (2nd year Science department student)  introduce themselves too. For your information everyone that is here is the top members in the club, and yes, that includes me and Shin Young too. ;-p  

People might be wondering how can I, Shin Young and Junho who are just a first year student could already be in a club, and known by others? Actually, we enrolled in this club since last year while we were doing our foundation, we are an exceptional case. ;-p
Soon, the other club members come flooding in the room together with the new ones too. There are about 50 people in here now.
“Looks like everyone is here. Let’s settle with the registration and start with our first meeting.”
Mr. Choi instructed as soon as his feet step into the room. He is our club advisor, a national archerer back then. His skill? The best!!! ;-p


After an hour, the meeting ended.  The committe board had been decided.
Advisor: Mr. Choi So Man
President :  Kim Minseok (4th year sport department student)
Vice-president: Shin Hyo Sun (4th year Music department student)
Secretary: Chae Hye Min (3rd year Linguistic department student)
Treasurer: Lee Jung Shin (3rd year Engineering department student)
And other few students holding the positions as the club committe members.
Since today is the first, no activity is conducted so most of the members and the teachers are already out of the room.  There are only a few left, including Minseok, Jungshin, Minji,Hae Jin, Asifah, Shin Young and Faiz.
“Ifa, want to do some archery? Oppa bring the bow today!”
“Really, I would love too, Minseok oppa. Let’s go!”
With that, Minseok and Asifah walk to the indoor practice room. Minseok takes out his bow from and hands to Asifah and she accepts it with a smile plastered on her face. They both continue to chit chat, teasing each other while practicing. A lovely sight of sister and big brother interaction.
Minji and Hae Jin join Minseok and Asifah practicing. The others? Just chatting and sometime watch the members practicing. Faiz? His eyes are kept on Asifah and Minseok.
No respond. Shin Young confusedly looking at Faiz. She follows the direction where his gaze is still landed. She chuckles.
“Faiz oppa, are you here?”
Shin Young calls him louder and that make him jumps a bit because of surprise. Jungshin who is behind them chuckles seeing Faiz’s reaction. He too knows why Faiz is spacing out.
“Oh? Why? Did u say something?”
Shin Young just keep smiling at Faiz.
“Nah, it’s nothing.”
She knows something is going on but decided not to ask because she afraid that sh might say something wrong.
“Shin Young, can I ask something?”
“Hmm..Ifa..how could I say this, hmm..seems quite close with the senior, I mean the top senior in this club. You too. Plus, both of you are just a first year. Wh...”
Before Faiz could finish his sentence, Shin Young cut him off.
“You are wondering why, right? Actually,we enrolled in this club since last year, while doing our foundation, together with Junho.  She is the only Malaysian members here. Plus, she is really good in archery. I think that’s why she stands out to the senior more. Well, it’s because of her friendly and easy-going attitude too.  And me? Because I’m her friend?”
“You chubbiness and bubbly attitude, that’s why.”
Jungshin interupts them from behind. He is actually had been keeping and ear on their conversation. Shin Young turns toward Jungshin and smile at him.
Jungshin just smile. Faiz smiles too looking at Shin Young reaction at the compliment. She sure loves compliment. ;-p
“Ehem.. Jungshin oppa, I think you said something wrong.”
The three of them now looks toward the voice just now. It is Asifah with a playful smile on her face. Minseok is with her walking toward them.
“Yah!! It’s true, right Minseok oppa?”
“I don’t know.....”
Shin Young pouts. Everyone in the room laugh out loud. Asifah pinch Shin Young cheek.
“Haha... I..I’m sorry. You know I’m just kidding.”
“Yeah. You shouldn't be treating someone older than you like this.”
Shin Young mumbled. Asifah smiles looking at her best friend’s act.

"But, to me, you're my best friend. Not an UNNIE.. : )"

Then, she turns to Faiz.
“I’ve got to go. Abang Faiz, I’m sorry but can you leave here by yourself.”
“Who say he is all by himself. He has us now, right Jungshin?”
Jungshin nods. Faiz gives Minseok and awkward smile. He is glad that he is already accepted in the club, more over accepted by the members.
“It’s okay. By the way, Ifa, why are you in a hurry?”
“I’ve got something to do Abang Faiz. I’ll go now. Minseok oppa, Jungshin oppa, Abang Faiz, Shin Young, bye! MINJI unnie, HAEJIN oppa!! I’ll go first, bye!!”
Asifah raised her voice a bit to Minji and Hae Jin who is still practicing. They bid goodbye to her. Asifah waves her hand to them and the others in front of her too. Asifah give a light bow.
“Annyeong! Be careful on your way.”
“Ok, thanks Minseok oppa!”
Asifah is now out of sight after going out through the door.
“Guess, we have to leave too.”
Jungshin voiced his thought. Everyone nod in agreement. Minji left with Shin Young. Jungshin, Jae Jin, Minseok and Faiz left together after Minseok locked up the door. While walking, they keep asking Faiz, in order to get know him more.

I breathe in upon seeing the beautiful scenery in front of me. I could feel the calming breeze gracefully blowing my face, yet it is a bit cold though. It is still spring.
“Ah, I always like it here. So peaceful.”
I take a sit at of the bench placed along the Han River. It is about 5.30 in the evening. There are so not many people since today is weekday and now is still spring season which is quite cold. They are either exercising by jogging, cycling or just walking while enjoying the calming scenery.
And me? I came here to find some inspirations to write my story to hand to Mr. Later. I take out my purple laptop and place on my lap. I open and turn it on. I quickly smile upon seeing SHINee’s wallpaper appear on my screen.

(credit: owner of pic)

My meeting with them a few days ago replays in my mind.
“Ah, my sweet memory..”
“What is so sweet?”
I shock hearing that voice. A really beautiful voice which seems familiar but I cannot recognize it. A bicycle is in front of me. I lift up slowly my head to see the person on that bicycle who I thought might be the owner of the voice. As my eyes landed on ‘his’ face, he takes off his sunglasses.
“Omo, OPPA??!!

Jeng, jeng, jeng.. who is it??
OMOO... SOOOORRYYYYY for not updating for a while already.. lost my inspiration a bit...kekeke.
Hope you enjoy this chapter..
Thanks a lot!!!
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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Only You (part 12)

I was enjoying my lunch when a message arrives in my inbox. I stop eating and look at my phone. Oh, it is from...
Abang Faiz.

From: Faiz (oppa)
Assalamualaikum. Hye! How r u?
Although I call him Abang Faiz, but I saved his name as Faiz (oppa). It just sounds cuter to call a big brother or an older guy oppa. I just love it hearing the Korean girls call the older guy ‘oppa’. Kekeke..  ;-p

From: Ifa
Waalaikumussalam. Hyep! I’m fine.. Why do u text me? Miss me?haha! ;-p

I giggle after sending the text. Shin Young gives me a blurred expression.
“Hey, why are you smiling by yourself? Who text you?”
“Hmm...wait, Fa..iz?”
“10 points for you! Haha...”
“Don’t know.”
Then another message arrives in my inbox. Shin Young try to peek, but I hide it from her. She frowns.
“Let me read it first...”

From: Faiz (oppa)
Maybe..  ; )   Nothing. I’m just bored. I’m having lunch and I miss ur delicious strawberry puddings. Hehe! What r u doing?”

From: Ifa
I’m hving lunch too, with my BFF. But, no puddings today! ;-p  I’ll make for u later, but u need to pay..limited edition! Haha!

From: Faiz (oppa)
Uh, u better make for me later! Or no piano lesson...(Threat!) Oh yeah, say hello to ur BFF.

Owh, he dares to threaten me. huhu..
“Shin Young, he say hello to you.”
Shin Young smiles widely. Sigh.
“Of course. Here, read it!”
I show her the message. She reads it while smile satisfully.
“Okay, okay. Say hello to him too. Haish, why am I so happy about this?”
“Ask yourself! Well, you’re always like this when it comes to guys. Haha!”
That comment earns me a hit on the shoulder. It HURT! She really needs to control her strength. I rub my shoulder and then continue to reply Abang Faiz’s message.

From: Ifa
I need to finish my lunch now cause I’ve class later. C u tomorrow ok. Daa!

From: Faiz (oppa)
Ok. Enjoy ur lunch. Can’t wait for tomorrow. Kekeke. Daa!

I keep my phone back into the pocket and continue eating.


Yay! It is Friday, finally. Wah, I totally miss the archery club. I have not done archery in a few months. I miss my clubmate too. : )

credit: wikipedia for the pic

“Hey, what are you smilling about?”
Shin Young nudged me while asking.
“I just can’t wait for the club meeting. Aren’t you miss it too?”
“Of course I miss it! Start at 3 p.m. right?”
“Yup! One more, I have a surprise for you later.”  ; )
“What surprise? Tell me now!”
“No. It is a ‘SURPRISE’, I should not tell you now.”
I stick out my tounge to her. She pouts. I giggle at her reaction.
“Tell me, tell me.”
Suddenly the door knob on the class’s main door turns. The door open and Mrs. Shin Ae Rin enters the room.
“Looks like I can’t tell you now. Teacher is here. Huhu!”
“You better tell me later.”
I just wink at her. The students stand up and bow to Mrs. Shin Ae Rin. We sit back at our seat and begin to open up our engineering text book. My eyes are on the lecture screen in front but my mind keeps rewinding my conversation with Abang Faiz during our piano class yesterday.

“Abang Faiz, tomorrow we’re going to have club meeting. Have you decided to join which club?”
He was in a deep thought.
“No. I totally have forgotten about the club thing.”
“Is that so. Hey, would you like to join my club?”
He raised his eyebrows.
“Ok, but what club are you in?”
I stayed silence, thinking. Hmm, it is better if he does not know. ;-p
“What? Duh, how am I going to club I don’t even know. But, I guess it’s okay. You wouldn’t join any weird club, right?”
“Of course, it is a ‘good’ club.”
I emphasized on the ‘good’ word. But, how can he just agreed when he does not even know which club will he enter. I frowed my forehead.
“Hey, what’s wrong?”
“Nothing. Just, how come you agree to join my club though you don’t know what club it is.”
“It because of you. Because you are there too.”
Abang Faiz whispered slowly.
“What are you talking about? I can’t hear you.”
“Well, I believe you. You wouldn’t trick me right, though you are quite evil.”
Abang Faiz smirked. I pouted hearing his comment.
“Hmm..you haven’t see the real version of evil me. huhu!”
Abang Faiz just laughed out loud. I laughed too.
“I can’t wait to see that. So, where and when will we meet tomorrow?”
“At university park. Around 2.45 p.m. after Friday prayer. Okay?”
Faiz is packing his things into his bag after the class ended. Eun Jung approaches him.
Faiz looks up and smile.
“Hi! You need something?”
“Oh, no. I just wanna ask you about club activities. You are new here, so I thought you might need some help to choose club. You want to join... my club?”
Eun Jung’s question reminds him of his talk with Asifah yesterday. He lets out a small laugh.
“Why are you laughing?”
Eun Jung raises her eyebrows.
“Nothing. Thanks for the invitation. It’s okay, I’ve decided to join a club.”
Eun Jung’s expression turns darker but she tries to hide it so that Faiz will not notice it.
“Oh, I see. What club will you join?”
“Hmm..I don’t know. Funny, right?”
“What? How come you don’t know which club will you join?”
“A friend of mine suggested me to, so I just agreed with her.”
Eun Jung surprises at the word ‘her’. Faiz just entered here, so she is sure that Faiz still don’t have many friends, especially girl. Oh wait, there is one. It couldn’t be her, could she?
“I’ve to go. See you next time. Annyeong!”
“Oh, okay. Annyeong!”
Faiz walks away and out through the door. Eun Jung just stands still, deep in her thought.


I am at the university park with Shin Young, sitting on bench under a half blooming sakura tree. Though it is still no fully bloom, it is still beautiful.
I look at my watch. It is already 2.45, but he is nowhere to be seen. We have arrived here since 2.30, after I perform my Zohor prayer. Suddenly Shin Young who is on my left nudges me.
“Hey, who are we waiting here? Tell me.”
“I told you it is a surprise. Be P-A-T-I-E-N-T.”
Shin Young sighs and leans against the bench.
I look towards the direction the voice was coming from. There stood a guy who is waving at me. I wave back. He starts to walk towards me and Shin Young. Oh yeah, Shin Young. I turn to her and she has not blinks her eyes, seeing the guy who is now standing in front of us, eyeing him up and down.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Only You (part 11)

‘Uuargh....!’ I am so sleepy. I ‘accidentally’ slept while I was watching Happy Together last night, so I had to wake up like 3 in the morning to finish up my assignment. For the worst, I had NOT sleep since then. I finished my assignment at 6, so I decided to just take bath, perform Subuh prayer, cook and get ready for class. Here I am now, in the lecture room at 8 a.m., where the class will only start 30 minutes from now. Urgh...
I rest my head on my arm on the table. I am about to doze off when a really, really familiar voice interrupts me.
“Annyeong, Ifa!”
I lazily raise my free arm towards her with my eyes half open, enough for me to see the chubby figure in front of me.  Ha, my friends here usually call me Ifa, Asifah seems so long for them. Huhu..
“ Wow, you are early today. It is soooo not like you.”
Shin Young giggles. Well, I always come late to class, so this is an unexpected scene for Shin Young, and my other classmate too. No wonder they had a weird gaze when I entered class this morning. ;-p
I finally raise up my head and look at Shin Young, getting her butt on her seat beside me. She turns to me and has you know what ‘a curious plus excited’ kind of look on her face. She shakes me, force me to get up.
“What?” I asked annoyed. I am still sleepy. Yet, I still sit up straight, facing her on my right.
“How about yesterday?”
“Yesterday?” I raise my eyebrows.
“Yah, your piano class.”
“Oh, well, it’s ok I guess. I just learn a few basic things about music. Why?”
“I’m sure it’s nothing. I know you. What do you want to know?”
She gives me a big grin, showing almost all her white shiny teeth.
“Hey, is he really handsome?”
“Nah, I have a friend at the music department. She said there was a new student, a third year student just transferred here and he is really good at piano, almost a genius. She said too he is really handsome, for an Asian. From what you had told me about your ‘teacher’, it suits the characteristics.”
Well, Abang Faiz is quite handsome. Of course, with his little tan skin, double eyelid, dark brown big pupils, a sweet smile and a well build body, most of the girls would probably fall for him. Even me too, the first time I saw him in the airplane. But still, Minho is my ideal man.  ;-p
“Hmm...Abang Faiz is quite handsome. He is tall and has a little tan skin. Overall you could say he is the ideal man. But, I don’t know whether he is a genius or what. His lecturer did say that he is good.”
“So, his name is Faiz? My friend haven’t tell me his name. I should ask her later.”
I chuckle at Shin Young behaviour.
“Yah, why?”
“Nothing. You just seem so eager to know.”
“Hey, I will be jealous if my best friend got a handsome man all for herself.”
I hit her shoulder. She winces in pain...mostly acting like it really hurt.
“I’m not that kind of girl. Okay, okay, I will introduce him to you next time.”
“Really? When, when?”
“Let’s see. We don’t have class today. We agreed to have class on Tuesday and Thursday only because of our schedule. We also have club activities on Friday, right?”
“Hmm...speaking of club, I really miss our club activities. Wonder who will be the president for this year. I hope that person is as nice as senior Kim Hyun Joon.”
“Yeah, I hope.”
Our conversation just end like that after our English lecturer came in. Yang Jin Man is his name. He is quite a carefree teacher, that is why he is one of my favourite teachers. Huhu! On top of all, I love learning English. Only in this class I could talk English freely as most of the time I speak in Korean. Sadly we only have 6 hours of English class a week.  : (
I snap out of my thought.
“Yes, Jin Man songsaengnim.”
“I need to see you later after class.”
“Owh, okay.”
Hmm...why do he want to see me? I wonder. Shin Young nudge me. I turn toward her and see she mouth ‘Why?’. I just shrug. I really have no idea.
I open the door to the rooftop, my favourite place in the university! It feels so calm to be here. Watching the wide blue sky or just observe the people or things below. Shin Young is already there, sitting and waiting for me. She is lost in her thought, looking out toward the blue sky.
“Yah, don’t scare me again. I could get a heart attack!”
“Mianhe, mianhe.. but, you haven’t got it though I always did this to you. You face just now was priceless! Haha! It was like..”
I copy her shocked facial expression just now. So funny. Her chubby cheeks make her look cuter. ;-p

I pinch her cheek. haha!

"Yeah. It's hurt. How come you're treating someone older than you like this."

Yup! She is older than me by a year. Why? I started my university earlier by a year, right? That is why. But, I have never thought her as an older sister as we are best friend since my first day during the foundation program. To be true, I never call her Shin Young unnie. She looks to cute to be called that. Haha!

"You're my best friend, not my UNNIE. ;-p"

I sit beside her, leaning against the fences which is build along the rooftop border.
“Ifa, why did Jin Man songsaengnim call you just now?”
“He asked me to take part in the English essay writing contest due in three weeks from now.”
“Wow! That’s good.”
“But, I don’t know whether I could do it or not. It is a contest within the engineering department. A ‘HUGE’ competition.”
“I know you can do it. Jin Man sonsaengnim also know you can do it, that’s why he choosed you. You are the best student in English in our class. Where is the girl I know who is so competitive and full confidence?”
Shin Young poke my nose. Tickle.
“Auw...you sure know how to talk ‘nice’ to me. Here! The most competitive and confident girl you have ever known!”
I raise up my hand. We both laugh together. I bring out the lunch boxes I prepared from my paper bag.
“Here, a reward for your sweet talk. Ifa’s Special fried rice and fried chicken!”
“Yay! I love you!”
“I know, I know. Come, let’s eat!”
We open our lunch boxes. I was ready to scoop a spoonful of fried rice when Shin Young interrupted me.
“Why you have more chickens?”
“Well, it because I am the one made this and I simply LOVE chicken!”
“It’s true...haha!”
I was enjoying my lunch when a message arrives in my inbox.
The situation in SHINee’s practice room is quite ordinary for the lunch break. Onew is munching on fried chicken, as always, Jonghyun is just sitting in the corner listening to his iPod and Key is just dancing randomly to girl group’s dances. Taemin is still continuing his dancing practice. Minho? He is sitting leaning against the wall, playing, texting with his phone while keep smiling.
The sound of door opening catch their attention. All of them look toward the figure standing at the door. They stand up and bow.

“Hey guys! How are you? Long time no see.”
“Eunhyuk hyung! We’re fine. How about you?”
“Well, I’m still the handsome Eunhyuk, Onew.”
“Hmph! Still with that self-praised attitude.”
“Minho, I’m just admitting the truth.”
They all laugh. Minho walks toward Eunhyuk and hugs him. Just hyung-dongsaeng type of hug, okay?  It has been almost a month since they met as they were busy with each other schedule. They let go and Eunhyuk ruffles Minho’s hair.
“Minho-ah, you miss me?”
“I miss Donghae hyung more!”
“Ah..you evil dongsaeng. I should know it.”
“But, I love you more! Haha!”
“Too late...”
Minho is close to his Super Junior hyung especially Eunhyuk and Donghae, well in fact SHINee and Super Junior are close to each other. Wait, wait...all of SM Entertainment artists are close to each other, like family! ;-p
The other SHINee’s members walk up to Eunhyuk and hug him too... Repeat, just hyung-dongsaeng type of hug, okay? All of them settle down in the middle of the room in a circle. Key is the first one to speak.
“So, what are you doing here, hyung? Super Junior don’t have any activities for now.”
“I’m here for Super Junior-M stuff. Then, I decided to stop by, wonder how you have been doing.”
“Oh yeah, I heard something really interesting!”
Eunhyuk raises his eyebrows. Onew who is really concerned speak up.
“What, hyung?”
“Emm...I heard a girl entered your dorm two days ago, is it true?”
All of the SHINee’s members are shocked.
“Judging by your expressions, it is true I guess. Auw...you guys are naughty too.”
Jonghyun quickly opens up his mouth, stuttering.
“Wh..what? H..h..how did you know?”
Eunhyuk turns his eyes toward Taemin who is already hugging his legs and placed his chin on his knees.
All of them shouted at Taemin while giving him a stern gaze.
“I’m ss..ss..sorry. I slipped it out while chatting with Eunhyuk hyung when I met him at the cafe just now....sorry...”
“Aish..you careless maknae.”
Minho gives Taemin a light punch on the shoulder. Taemin just pouts his mouth.

“So, what happened?”
Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho and Taemin look at Eunhyuk with ‘what do you mean’ looks on their faces.
“Haish...you act-pure-innocent dongsaengs. What I mean is, what did you do with her?”
“Hyung! Do you think we are perverts like you?”
“Yah, Minho-ah, don’t try to change the subject. And, I’m not a pervert!”
The SHINee’s members just shake their head. This hyung of them is sure an annoying one. Later, each of them continuosly explaining what happen that day, with that girl, specifically Asifah.
“Owh..that’s what happen. I thought...”
“What did you thought hyung?”
Jonghyun gives a stern gaze toward Eunhyuk. Eunhyuk try to avoid Jonghyun’s gaze but end up in another gaze by Key who is on his right. Sigh.
“Okay, okay..I’m sorry. But, that girl sure is special, I would like to meet her.”
“No, you not...perverted hyung.”
“Ouh...Minho, you are cruel.”
Minho feels something vibrates in his pants. He slips his hand into his pant pocket and brings out his phone. A smile draws on his face.

It was a text. He quickly opens and read it. He grins. Then, his fingers play on the keypad of his phone.
“Hey, who do you think it is? Is it her?”
Eunhyuk whispered to Key. Key who seems knew who was Eunhyuk talking about just nods.
“So, he still likes her?”
I was enjoying my lunch when a message arrives in my inbox. I stop eating and look at my phone. Oh, it is from...

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