Friday, January 28, 2011

Only You (part 8)

The phone alarm rings nonstop. I reach and stop it while half awake. Ah.. it is 6.00 a.m. already. Let me sleep more, I have such a wonderful dream. Going to SHINee’s dorm, meeting them, befriends with them.
I wake up and sit on my bed. I rub my sleepy eyes. I turn to reach my phone on the bed-side table. My eyes caught something. Mentos candy??? Then, I touch my forehead.
There is a plaster on my forehead. Wait, so everything is not a dream? It is real? I really met SHINee! Most of all, I really met Minho. Huhu!
I get out of my bed a get ready to go to the university. I have class at 9. After I performed Subuh prayer, I head to the kitchen to prepare breakfast and also some packed-lunch. It is hard to get halal food at the university, so I need to bring my own lunch.
“Hi, Asifah! Hey, what happened with your forehead?”
Shin Young greets me as soon as I sit beside her in the class. She seems really worried about my condition.
“It’s nothing. It just a small cut.”
“But why? Are you okay now?”
“I’m fine. Yesterday...”
I was just about to answer Shin Young when Professor Kang Shin Hyuk came in. The students stand up, bow and sit down again. It is a culture in Korea where a person needs to bow and greet someone who is older or senior to them.
‘Get ready to learn!’
I shout to myself. It has been a few months I am free from learning, so I need to focus on my study now.
Minho is alone in his room. He sits on his bed, just waiting for the manager to arrive to pick them to the KBS building. They need to record a show that is going to be aired on KBS channel.

He keeps thinking about yesterday incident. He keeps thinking about Asifah.

The yesterday incident starts replaying in his mind. He feels guilty to have caused Asifah to get hurt. Then,  the image of Asifah sleeping comes to his mind.
‘Ah..she looks so cute while sleeping yesterday. If only they returned a little bit later, I could have been with her longer. I don’t know why, but I feel like it.’
Minho smiles by himself.
“Hey, what are you doing smiling by yourself?”
Minho is surprised and his thought shattered away.
“Onew hyung, knock before you came in. Don’t you ever surprise me like that ever again! It really gave me a shock.”
Onew take a seat beside Minho on the bed.
“Okay, okay. I’m sorry. But, tell me what were you thinking till it made you smiling alone. Tell me, tell me.”
“Tell me or else..”
“Okay. It’s nothing. I just keep thinking about Asifah.”
“ I just feel indebted to her. She has saved my life but I haven’t done anything to her.”
“So, that is why. Hmm..why don’t you give her ticket for our upcoming concert next month? She could enjoy herself then.”
“That is a good idea, hyung!”
“I know I am good.”
Minho gives Onew a light punch on his shoulder. They laugh together.
“Thank you, hyung, for helping.”
“No problem. It seems manager hyung is here already. Let’s go!”
Yeah..finally it is over. Three hours of structural engineering class is so tiring. My head feels like want to blow out already. Huhu! But this is just the start!
“Shin Young, wanna have lunch together? I bring extra food for you.”
“I’m sorry, I have promise to meet my sister outside. I’ll be back for the evening class later.”
“Oh, okay then.”
“I’ll be going. Annyeong!”
I walk to the university’s park and stop at a picnic under a shady tree. I take a seat and starts unpacking my lunch boxes. I made kimbap(rice rolls) and strawberry flavoured puddings as desert for my lunch today. YUMMY! But, it is boring and lonely to have lunch alone. I wish someone could accompany me.
“Assalamualaikum. Hye! ”
I lift up my head to see who is standing in front of me. It is him.
“Waalaikumussalam! Oh, Faiz.”
“Can I join you here?”
“Of course. Here, have a seat.”
It seems like my wish came true.  : )
“Thank you. Wait, what is wrong with your forehead? You hurt yourself?”
“It’s nothing. Don’t worry.”
“I’m fine, really.”
“If you say so. Wah, you bring your own lunch. You cook?”
“Yeah. Want some? I made extra. Here.”
I handed one of the lunch boxes to Faiz. He opens and smiles. He is satisfied, I think.
“This looks good, really. Thank you. Kimbap. You know how to made Korean food?”
“I’ve learned from my friend here. Try it and tell me how does it tastes. Don’t worry, you’ll be safe. Haha!”
“Okay, okay. I hope I don’t get food poison. Haha!”
“I guarantee!”
Faiz take a bite of the kimbap. He stays silence for a while.
“Wah, this is really good. You are a great cook.”
“I know already. Haha! Anyway, thanks for the compliment. There is more. Here, strawberry pudding as desert.”
“I love strawberry. Let me taste it.”
Faiz take a scoop out and eat it. He looks so happy eating it. He sure loves strawberry. : )
“Wah, this is the best! You are the best!”
It is good hearing compliment from other people. Well, I am happy that he likes it. He continues eating the pudding. He looks like a little child enjoying his favourite snack. Cute!   : p
“Is it really delicious?”
“Of course. Plus, I really love strawberry!”
“I’m happy that you like it. If you want more I could make it for you next time.”
“Really? But, I don’t want to trouble you.”
“It’s fine. I love to cook.”
“You are really the best!”
Hearing his words really make me happy. I do not why. Maybe because he loves my cooking, I guess. At least someone loves it. : D
“But, can I ask you a favour?”
“What? Anything for you.”
“ how to play the piano? Your plays yesterday was really good.”
“It’s okay, I guess. I’ll be happy to teach you.”
“Really? It is okay? You are not trouble with it?”
“I’m glad to teach you. But, you have to make me these delicious strawberry puddings, deal?”
“Okay! Songsaengnim!”
“Haha! When do you want to start? How about tomorrow?”
“Tomorrow? I don’t have plan tomorrow. It’s okay, I guess. During lunch break?”
“Okay, set! During lunch break.”
“Hmm..let’s meet at my class. I need to check first whether the music room is available or not. So, you just come to the music department. My class is at level 3.”
“Asifah, can.. I.. have your phone number. It’ll be easy for me to contact you. After all, we are friends now, right?”
“Yeah, I also forgot to ask your number. Give me your phone, I’ll save my number. Here is my phone, save yours.”
We exchange our phone and save each other number. I saved my number under Asifah while he saved under his name Faiz, but...
“Hmm..should I just call you Faiz or Abang Faiz, cause it seems rude for me just to call you by your name since you are older than me.”
“You are worry about that? Haha!”
“Why are you laughing?”
I make an irritated face. He stops laughing.”
“I’m sorry. You worry about such little thing. It’s up to you what you want to call me. But I think it’s better you call me Abang Faiz if you don’t want to be seen rude. Still, just treat me as a friend, okay?”
“Okay, Abang Faiz!"
"Asifah, how old are you?"
"Hmm? I'm 18."
"18? How can you already enrolled for undergraduate program?"
"I got that question a lot. Kekeke. Actually, I lived abroad when I was 4 until 10. So, I started my school earlier by a year. I returned to Malaysia when I was 10 and entered primary school as grade 5 which is for the 11 years old students. That's why I finished school and entered university earlier."
"Ouh, I see."
"By the way, how old are you?"
"I'm 21."
If he is 21 years old, then he is the same age as Jonghyun oppa.  : )

"You came here under scholarship, Asifah?"
"Yes. You too?"

He just nodded. Wah, he must be a bright student.
Faiz take a look at his watch.
“It’s almost 2 already. I have class. I need to do now.”
“Me too. Okay, see you later.”
“See you tomorrow. At the music department, during lucnhbreak, don’t forget.”
“Okay, okay. Daa, assalamualaikum.”
Faiz walks toward the Music Department building. I tidy up the lunch boxes. I was just going to make a move when a message arrives in my phone’s inbox. I sit back on the bench.
I open up the message. Oh, it is from Minho!
-          Hye! I’m sorry to disturb you. I just want to ask, are you free this weekend? I need to see you.
What? See me?

Huh...sorry for the delay in pasting the continuation. I’m lacking of ideas as I’ve been busy with other things. Plus, I don’t have the time to write because of work.
I’ll try my best for next time.
Please, enjoy. I’m glad to read your comments, so please leave some. Huhu!

Thank You........

                                                                                                         By: E_pah


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