Thursday, January 6, 2011

Only You (part 6)

Ah, my silly mouth. How could I just spit everything out? I could see Minho is smiling, maybe seeing me blushing so badly. I try looking up, to gather some courage maybe. But something caught my eyes. The plumber slipped his small-sized spanner out of his hand and it is falling right in the way of Minho’s head!
“Be careful!!”
I push Minho backward just in time. Next thing is that I feel a pain on my forehead.
Then, I heard a ‘cling’ sound, the spanner hit on the ground. I feel a hot liquid rolls down my left cheek. I touch my forehead and take a glance at my hand. A dark red liquid covered my fingers. My forehead is bleeding. Then, someone held my shoulders and I lift up my head. His shocking eyes try to find an answer.
“Hey, are you okay?”
I could not answer Minho. He shakes me.
“Are you okay? Wait, you’re bleeding. We need to go to the hospital now!”
Minho covers my wound with his handkerchief. His gentle touch relieves my pain a bit.
“Ouch! I’m fine. It is just a small cut, I don’t need to go to the hospital.”
“ Hey! You down there! Are you alright! I’m really sorry. Are you hurt?”
The plumber shouted from above. He seems worried if someone got hurt because of his carelessness, but I did get hurt.
“ It’s okay. We are fine.”
“It’s good then. I’m sorry again.”
Minho gives me a weird look. He may shock as I answer like that to the plumber even though I am the one who got hurt.
“It’s okay. I don’t want to deal with this matter any longer. Let it pass.”
“If you say so. Now, follow me. I’m gonna treat your wound.”
“Where are....”
Minho grabs my hand and drags me into his apartment building. We are in the elevator. He is still holding my hand.
“Minho-sshi, can.. you... let go of my hand.”
He quickly let go of my hand. He is blushing. Aah.. he is so cute!
“I..I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to.”

“It’s okay.”
The environment turns awkward. Both of us stay silent through our way up. We get out of the elevator when we reached the 20th floor.
“Where are we going actually?”
“ My house. More accurately SHINee’s dorm.”
“What? house?”
“Yeah, why? Don’t worry, you’ll be safe. I guarantee. Haha! Look at the face of yours. Shock. Are you thinking that I’m going to do something bad to you?”
“ It’s just I’ve..ahh, never mind.”
“We’re here. Welcome to SHINee’s dorm.”
We stop in front of a door numbered *****.Minho enters the password of the lock and opens the door. He led me in. Wow. The only word I could think of. The house is so neat, just like what I’ve read and seen in the fan club website. I’ve never thought a house with 5 guys would be this clean and neat. The shoes at the entrance are neatly arranged on the floor and on the shoe racks. The floor, not even a tiny dust!
“Asifah, here sit on the sofa. Wait, here. I’m gonna get the emergency kit.”
I take a seat on the sofa while he walks away to a room in the house. I take a look of the living room. There are pictures of SHINee hanging on the wall. There pictures of them smiling together, posing like a model and even pictures of them doing silly things. So cute! I am so lucky to be here. I’ve never imagine I could be here, in SHINee’s DORM!
Minho comes with the emergency kit and knee in front of me. He takes out some cotton and antiseptic.
“Here, let me clean your wound.”
“It’s okay, I can do it myself.”
“It’s better if I do it. You can’t see your wound, right?”
“Just stay still. But, it is hard for me to treat it with your scarf on. Can you?”
“I’m sorry. I know what did you meant. But, as a Muslim, I can’t.”
“Okay, I understand. Stay still. I’m sorry if it hurt.”
Minho gets closer to me. He leans towards against me. He gently cleans my wound. I lift up my eyes and I could see his kind beautiful eyes. We are just a few inches apart. I could feel his breath. I could smell his perfume. I could feel his warmth. My heart is beating so fast. I feel harder to breathe. I am worried that he might feel it. Ah, is this love?
I touch my forehead. Ah, he has put plaster on my wound. He keeps everything back into the kit and rushes to the kitchen. He comes back with two glasses of water and takes a seat beside me. Minho turns and face upon me. He gives me the sweetest smile ever. Ahh!

“Here, drink this to refresh yourself.”
“No, thank you. You have saved my life. I haven’t been able to thank you properly. Thank you, Asifah.”
“It’s nothing. I just did what I’ve to do.”
“What you need to do? Why do you have to save me?”
A question that only have one answer.
“Because, I couldn’t bear to see you get hurt.”
Silence is in the air. Minho seems shock to hear my answer. I just said what is in my heart though.
“Next time, don’t do this anymore.”
Ha? Why? He do not like it or what.
“Because I couldn’t bear to see you getting hurt too, most of all because of me.”
Minho’s answer gives me a huge shock. Did he really meant it or he just said it to comfort me? I’m confused. I turn to the side and face him. Our eyes meet. I feel something that I have never feel before. I could feel the warmth through his gazes. It makes feel kind of safe to be here with him now.
I turn away from Minho and so do he. The environment turns awkward again. I could see his face turn red and I myself feel my face is quite hot. We both shyly blushing. Quite funny when I think about it.
“Asifah, just rest here okay. I’m gonna keep this emergency kit first and I have something to do. Wait here, okay?”
Minho walks away, into his room I guess. Sigh. When he is away, I finally could think straight, could breath normally, could relax myself. Ah, I my forehead still hurt a bit. I lean against the sofa and adjust myself to sit comfortably. The air coming from outside the window slowly blowing towards me. So relaxing. Then, I slowly close my eyes. I doze off to the dream world.


  1. nice.. althought quite over with the plumber's spanner... did u know how big and heavy is plumber's spanner... but.. anyway... the story line is still nice...!!!!!!!

  2. i thought about a small one only..huhu
    i'll change it..huhu
    thanks for the comment..