Saturday, January 22, 2011

Love Pain (part 5)

Mi Cha is shocked to hear the words coming out of Mr.Kim mouth. She almost let go of the food she is holding, but she manages to control herself. She is still standing in front of the door.
“What are you talking about hyung? Why do I have to leave her?”
“Why? You are still rising up in the industry. It will be a chaos if the fans know you have a girlfriend. You will lose your popularity!”
“I don’t care! I love her! I just reunite with her, I can’t lose her again!”
Mi Cha is touched by Onew’s words. Tears run down her cheeks. She keep listening to their conversation.
“Think about your members! They will be affected too by your act. What will happen to SHINee if your relationship is exposed?”
Onew keeps silence. There is truth in what the manager is talking. SHINee’s activities might be affected by his act. But, he is not willing to lose Mi Cha again.
“Hey, Mi Cha! What are you doing here? Why don’t you go in?”
Mi Cha is surprised when Jonghyun greets her at the hallway. Onew and Mr.Kim are also surprised hearing Jonghyun saying Mi Cha’s name. Onew is worried that Mi Cha might heard their conversation.
“Mi Cha? long have you been here?”
“ I just arrived here, Onew oppa.  Look, I bring you food. I made fried chicken for you, your favourite, right?”
Mi Cha pretends she has heard nothing. She just showed her happy side. Onew too, trying to pretend nothing had happen.
“Wah, thank you. Lucky me to have a girlfriend like you. Thank you dear.”
Onew is relieved thinking that Mi Cha has heard nothing. He just smile at her, his most beloved girl in the world.
“It’s nothing. Oh, Mr.Kim, Jonghyun, I’ve bring for you too and for Key, Taemin and Minho too.”
“Really? Thank you, sister-in law.”
Jonghyun gives Mi Cha a wink.
“What you.. mean... sister-in-law?”
“Yah, Onew hyung is my like my brother, so you must be my sister-in –law, right Onew hyung?”
Onew answers weakly. He is still thinking about Mr.Kim words just now. Mi Cha seems could sense something different in Onew and she is sure it is about the conversation Onew had with Mr.Kim.
“Jonghyun, you’re making me feel uncomfortable.”
“ It is true. You two will end up marrying each other, right?”
Mi Cha gives Onew a look. Onew smiles at her and turns to Mr.Kim. Mr Kim returns Onew’s looks with a warning looks, reminding him of what they have talked just now. Silence is in the air. Mi Cha, sensing the awkward situation tries to brighten up the mood.
“Hey! Let us eat now. The food is getting really cold. I made it super delicious, you know.”
“Okay, Mi Cha. Wah, I’m really hungry now. Thanks for the food.”
“You’re welcome Jonghyun. Onew oppa, Mr.Kim, please enjoy the food.”
“Yeah, thanks.”
Minho, Key and Taemin join them after awhile. Everyone praise Mi Cha’s delicious food and her cooking skill, except for Mr.Kim. he is still in deep thought about Onew and Mi Cha relationship.
Mi Cha tidies up the place and keepsthe food container back into the bag after they finished eating. Jonghyun, Key, Minho and Taemin had left because they have practice while Mr.Kim needs to attend the company meeting. Onew stays with Mi Cha, despite his practice schedule.
“Mi Cha, let me send you home.”
“It’s okay, oppa. You must be busy. I can go home alone.”
“It’s fine. I want to be with you longer.”
“Okay, then.”
Onew drives Mi Cha home. They both do not speak a word during the journey. They are still thinking about the conversation Onew had with Mr.Kim.
“We’re here.”
Mi Cha still in her seat.
“Why dear? Don’t you want to go home?”
“You’ll never leave me again, right?”
“Of course. Why do you ask me that? I’ll never leave you.”
“Really? Even though your career might be affected by it?”
Onew is surprised by Mi Cha’s question.
’ Did she hear the conversation I had with Mr.Kim just now? What do I have to say to her? Even I’m still confused. But, the most important is that I really love her, I wouldn’t want to leave her. Yes, I should tell what my heart feels.’
“Yeah. Leaving you is the last thing I would do in my life. It might be hard for my career life, but I will be able to endure it with you, I’m sure of that.”
Mi Cha smiles at hearing Onew’s answer. Her heart is touched by Onew’s words. She really hopes this will come true, but will everything will be alright? Will Onew be able to succeed in his careers? She does not want Onew’s dreams will be affected by their relationship.
“Thank you oppa, for being with me. But, if I leave you, will you be alright? Will you be able to forget me and go on? Will you....”
“What are you talking about? Do you want to leave me?”
“No, that’s not what I meant. I mean, if one day, if fate doesn’t allow us to be together, if I were to leave you, will you accept that fate?”
“How do you expect for me to live without you? Please, don’t ever think of leaving me. Don’t talk about this anymore. It is painful for me to ever think that we’ll be apart...again.”
“I’m sorry, I’m just asking. Okay, I’ll get off now. Take care, oppa. Annyeongihaseyo.”
“Okay. You, take care too.”
Mi Cha steps out of the car and close the door. Onew bring down the window and smile at Mi Cha.

“Onew oppa.”
“I love you. Always remember that I love you.”
Onew is happy to hear that yet confuse by Mi Cha’s attitude today. His hearts even feels heavy to leave Mi Cha now. He feels like this is the last time he will see Mi Cha, see Mi Cha’s smile and feel he warmth.
“I know. Oppa love you too.”
Onew drives away. Mi Cha’s eyes follow Onew’s car while Onew looks at Mi Cha trough the side mirror, till both disappear in each sight. Mi Cha get into her house and directly into her room. She sits at the study table and looks outside the window while holding the necklace Onew gave her.
“Ah.. Please God. Tell me what to do now. I’m confused. I love him and I want to be with him. But, I don’t want to be the one stopping him from achieving his dreams. I will leave him if it the best for him but I’m sure I can’t live without him. I couldn’t live this life anymore. I couldn’t bear to live a life without him...again. It’s too painful.”
Mi Cha takes out a pen and a paper from the drawer. She began writing something. Her tears even drop onto the paper. Then, she folds it and put into an envelope. Lastly, she opens the key-shaped necklace on her neck and put it into a box.
“This is the right thing to do.”
Mi Cha kisses the letter envelope and put it together with the box in the drawer. Tears come out nonstop from her eyes. She covers her mouth, to ensure no one is hearing her cries.
Mi Cha knocks on Junho’s room’s door. She is worried if she is disturbing him early in the morning.
“Junho oppa, can I come in?”
“Oh, Mi Cha. Come in.”
Mi Cha opens the door and sits on the bed besides Junho. She turns to face Junho and so do him.
“Oppa, thanks you for being with me all this time, taking care of me, cheering me up and for everything. I’ll always treasure the memories I’ve had with you.”
“Hey, are you alright? Why are you talking like this?”
“I’m fine. It’s nothing. I just never thank you properly before. You have done so much for me.”
“I hope you are fine as you said. I only did what I need to do as a brother. Mi Cha, thank you too for being the best little sister in the world!”
Mi Cha just smiles hearing what Junho said. She is really thankful to have Junho by her side, as her ‘brother’.
“Oppa, I love you.”
“I love you too, my cute little sister.”
Mi Cha hands the envelope and box from yesterday to Junho. Junho is surprised.
“Can you help me oppa?”
“Of course, but what?”
“Please, give this to Onew later, on your way to work. Can you?”
“I will, but why don’t you give it to him yourself?”
“It is a surprise. Help me, okay?”
“Okay. But, what about my pay?”
“Ah, I thought you’ll do it for free. Here, you pay.”
Mi Cha hugs Junho. He is surprised by her action. Then, Mi Cha cries in Junho’s hug. This surprised Junho more.
“Mi Cha, ar..are you okay?”
“I...I’m o..okay. It just I felt like crying today. It’s nothing.”
“If you say so.”
Mi Cha sends Junho off to work from the front door. Then, she returns to her room. She sits on the bed and stares around the room.
“Goodbye, goodbye Junho oppa, goodbye...Onew oppa.”
Junho reaches SHINee’s dorm. He rings the bell and Onew opens the door.
“Oh, Junho, come in.”
“Thank you.”
Junho sits on the sofa. Onew brings two cup of coffee and places it on the table.
“Here, drink this.”
“May I know, what made you come here?”
“Actually I come to give you this. Mi Cha asked me too.”
Junho gives Onew the envelope and the box that Mi Cha had gave him. Onew takes it and open the box. He is surprised to see the key-shaped necklace, his gift to Mi Cha, in that box. Junho looks at Onew who is seems acting quite weird in his eyes.
Then, Onew opens the envelope and starts reading the letter.
Dear Onew oppa,
Thank you for loving me all this time. I’m lucky to be loved by you. I’m happy all the time I spend with you. I am really thankful to God for meeting me with you and making my life more meaningful with your presence. Loving you and be loved by you are the most wonderful things that had happen in my life. I hope I could spend my entire life with you, but it seems impossible. I want you to be able to achieve your dreams and succeed in your singing career. I wouldn’t want to be the one stopping you from getting what you deserve after all of the hardwork you have done. You deserve to get the best in your life. You also deserve to get the best woman in your life and it is not me. When you find one, give this necklace to her. I’m sure she will able to always stay by your side and support you in your career and life. Now, I’ve made my decision. It is the best for us to separate. You need to achieve your dreams and succeed in your life right? But, I won’t be able to live this life without you. It is too hard, I’ve been through it before and I don’t want to go through it again. So, let’s meet again in heaven, okay? Be happy. I’ll always support you from there.
I LOVE YOU.......forever.
                                                                                   With a lots of love,
                                                                                                    Mi Cha....
‘What is the meaning of this? Separate? Wait, let’s meet again in heaven?’
“Junho, where is Mi Cha right now? Tell me NOW!!”
“Hey, what is going on? Are you okay?”
“Tell ME!!”
“Okay, okay. She might be at home now, since she don’t have any class today. Why?”
Onew rushes out of the house as soon as Junho finishes speaking. Junho who is still shocked by Onew’s act, follow him too.
‘Mi Cha, please, don’t do anything stupid.’
Onew keeps whispering that in his heart, hoping that Mi Cha will be alright.

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