Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Only You (part 11)

‘Uuargh....!’ I am so sleepy. I ‘accidentally’ slept while I was watching Happy Together last night, so I had to wake up like 3 in the morning to finish up my assignment. For the worst, I had NOT sleep since then. I finished my assignment at 6, so I decided to just take bath, perform Subuh prayer, cook and get ready for class. Here I am now, in the lecture room at 8 a.m., where the class will only start 30 minutes from now. Urgh...
I rest my head on my arm on the table. I am about to doze off when a really, really familiar voice interrupts me.
“Annyeong, Ifa!”
I lazily raise my free arm towards her with my eyes half open, enough for me to see the chubby figure in front of me.  Ha, my friends here usually call me Ifa, Asifah seems so long for them. Huhu..
“ Wow, you are early today. It is soooo not like you.”
Shin Young giggles. Well, I always come late to class, so this is an unexpected scene for Shin Young, and my other classmate too. No wonder they had a weird gaze when I entered class this morning. ;-p
I finally raise up my head and look at Shin Young, getting her butt on her seat beside me. She turns to me and has you know what ‘a curious plus excited’ kind of look on her face. She shakes me, force me to get up.
“What?” I asked annoyed. I am still sleepy. Yet, I still sit up straight, facing her on my right.
“How about yesterday?”
“Yesterday?” I raise my eyebrows.
“Yah, your piano class.”
“Oh, well, it’s ok I guess. I just learn a few basic things about music. Why?”
“I’m sure it’s nothing. I know you. What do you want to know?”
She gives me a big grin, showing almost all her white shiny teeth.
“Hey, is he really handsome?”
“Nah, I have a friend at the music department. She said there was a new student, a third year student just transferred here and he is really good at piano, almost a genius. She said too he is really handsome, for an Asian. From what you had told me about your ‘teacher’, it suits the characteristics.”
Well, Abang Faiz is quite handsome. Of course, with his little tan skin, double eyelid, dark brown big pupils, a sweet smile and a well build body, most of the girls would probably fall for him. Even me too, the first time I saw him in the airplane. But still, Minho is my ideal man.  ;-p
“Hmm...Abang Faiz is quite handsome. He is tall and has a little tan skin. Overall you could say he is the ideal man. But, I don’t know whether he is a genius or what. His lecturer did say that he is good.”
“So, his name is Faiz? My friend haven’t tell me his name. I should ask her later.”
I chuckle at Shin Young behaviour.
“Yah, why?”
“Nothing. You just seem so eager to know.”
“Hey, I will be jealous if my best friend got a handsome man all for herself.”
I hit her shoulder. She winces in pain...mostly acting like it really hurt.
“I’m not that kind of girl. Okay, okay, I will introduce him to you next time.”
“Really? When, when?”
“Let’s see. We don’t have class today. We agreed to have class on Tuesday and Thursday only because of our schedule. We also have club activities on Friday, right?”
“Hmm...speaking of club, I really miss our club activities. Wonder who will be the president for this year. I hope that person is as nice as senior Kim Hyun Joon.”
“Yeah, I hope.”
Our conversation just end like that after our English lecturer came in. Yang Jin Man is his name. He is quite a carefree teacher, that is why he is one of my favourite teachers. Huhu! On top of all, I love learning English. Only in this class I could talk English freely as most of the time I speak in Korean. Sadly we only have 6 hours of English class a week.  : (
I snap out of my thought.
“Yes, Jin Man songsaengnim.”
“I need to see you later after class.”
“Owh, okay.”
Hmm...why do he want to see me? I wonder. Shin Young nudge me. I turn toward her and see she mouth ‘Why?’. I just shrug. I really have no idea.
I open the door to the rooftop, my favourite place in the university! It feels so calm to be here. Watching the wide blue sky or just observe the people or things below. Shin Young is already there, sitting and waiting for me. She is lost in her thought, looking out toward the blue sky.
“Yah, don’t scare me again. I could get a heart attack!”
“Mianhe, mianhe.. but, you haven’t got it though I always did this to you. You face just now was priceless! Haha! It was like..”
I copy her shocked facial expression just now. So funny. Her chubby cheeks make her look cuter. ;-p

I pinch her cheek. haha!

"Yeah. It's hurt. How come you're treating someone older than you like this."

Yup! She is older than me by a year. Why? I started my university earlier by a year, right? That is why. But, I have never thought her as an older sister as we are best friend since my first day during the foundation program. To be true, I never call her Shin Young unnie. She looks to cute to be called that. Haha!

"You're my best friend, not my UNNIE. ;-p"

I sit beside her, leaning against the fences which is build along the rooftop border.
“Ifa, why did Jin Man songsaengnim call you just now?”
“He asked me to take part in the English essay writing contest due in three weeks from now.”
“Wow! That’s good.”
“But, I don’t know whether I could do it or not. It is a contest within the engineering department. A ‘HUGE’ competition.”
“I know you can do it. Jin Man sonsaengnim also know you can do it, that’s why he choosed you. You are the best student in English in our class. Where is the girl I know who is so competitive and full confidence?”
Shin Young poke my nose. Tickle.
“Auw...you sure know how to talk ‘nice’ to me. Here! The most competitive and confident girl you have ever known!”
I raise up my hand. We both laugh together. I bring out the lunch boxes I prepared from my paper bag.
“Here, a reward for your sweet talk. Ifa’s Special fried rice and fried chicken!”
“Yay! I love you!”
“I know, I know. Come, let’s eat!”
We open our lunch boxes. I was ready to scoop a spoonful of fried rice when Shin Young interrupted me.
“Why you have more chickens?”
“Well, it because I am the one made this and I simply LOVE chicken!”
“It’s true...haha!”
I was enjoying my lunch when a message arrives in my inbox.
The situation in SHINee’s practice room is quite ordinary for the lunch break. Onew is munching on fried chicken, as always, Jonghyun is just sitting in the corner listening to his iPod and Key is just dancing randomly to girl group’s dances. Taemin is still continuing his dancing practice. Minho? He is sitting leaning against the wall, playing, texting with his phone while keep smiling.
The sound of door opening catch their attention. All of them look toward the figure standing at the door. They stand up and bow.

“Hey guys! How are you? Long time no see.”
“Eunhyuk hyung! We’re fine. How about you?”
“Well, I’m still the handsome Eunhyuk, Onew.”
“Hmph! Still with that self-praised attitude.”
“Minho, I’m just admitting the truth.”
They all laugh. Minho walks toward Eunhyuk and hugs him. Just hyung-dongsaeng type of hug, okay?  It has been almost a month since they met as they were busy with each other schedule. They let go and Eunhyuk ruffles Minho’s hair.
“Minho-ah, you miss me?”
“I miss Donghae hyung more!”
“Ah..you evil dongsaeng. I should know it.”
“But, I love you more! Haha!”
“Too late...”
Minho is close to his Super Junior hyung especially Eunhyuk and Donghae, well in fact SHINee and Super Junior are close to each other. Wait, wait...all of SM Entertainment artists are close to each other, like family! ;-p
The other SHINee’s members walk up to Eunhyuk and hug him too... Repeat, just hyung-dongsaeng type of hug, okay? All of them settle down in the middle of the room in a circle. Key is the first one to speak.
“So, what are you doing here, hyung? Super Junior don’t have any activities for now.”
“I’m here for Super Junior-M stuff. Then, I decided to stop by, wonder how you have been doing.”
“Oh yeah, I heard something really interesting!”
Eunhyuk raises his eyebrows. Onew who is really concerned speak up.
“What, hyung?”
“Emm...I heard a girl entered your dorm two days ago, is it true?”
All of the SHINee’s members are shocked.
“Judging by your expressions, it is true I guess. Auw...you guys are naughty too.”
Jonghyun quickly opens up his mouth, stuttering.
“Wh..what? H..h..how did you know?”
Eunhyuk turns his eyes toward Taemin who is already hugging his legs and placed his chin on his knees.
All of them shouted at Taemin while giving him a stern gaze.
“I’m ss..ss..sorry. I slipped it out while chatting with Eunhyuk hyung when I met him at the cafe just now....sorry...”
“Aish..you careless maknae.”
Minho gives Taemin a light punch on the shoulder. Taemin just pouts his mouth.

“So, what happened?”
Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho and Taemin look at Eunhyuk with ‘what do you mean’ looks on their faces.
“Haish...you act-pure-innocent dongsaengs. What I mean is, what did you do with her?”
“Hyung! Do you think we are perverts like you?”
“Yah, Minho-ah, don’t try to change the subject. And, I’m not a pervert!”
The SHINee’s members just shake their head. This hyung of them is sure an annoying one. Later, each of them continuosly explaining what happen that day, with that girl, specifically Asifah.
“Owh..that’s what happen. I thought...”
“What did you thought hyung?”
Jonghyun gives a stern gaze toward Eunhyuk. Eunhyuk try to avoid Jonghyun’s gaze but end up in another gaze by Key who is on his right. Sigh.
“Okay, okay..I’m sorry. But, that girl sure is special, I would like to meet her.”
“No, you not...perverted hyung.”
“Ouh...Minho, you are cruel.”
Minho feels something vibrates in his pants. He slips his hand into his pant pocket and brings out his phone. A smile draws on his face.

It was a text. He quickly opens and read it. He grins. Then, his fingers play on the keypad of his phone.
“Hey, who do you think it is? Is it her?”
Eunhyuk whispered to Key. Key who seems knew who was Eunhyuk talking about just nods.
“So, he still likes her?”
I was enjoying my lunch when a message arrives in my inbox. I stop eating and look at my phone. Oh, it is from...

Huh...I stayed up really late to finish this... I myself wonder why I wrote this plot...  ;-p
To make it longer I guess....huhu
But still, hope you enjoy..  : )
Leave your comments pleaseeee.....
Thank you.
                                                                                                                                 By: E_pah 

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