Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Only You (part 12)

I was enjoying my lunch when a message arrives in my inbox. I stop eating and look at my phone. Oh, it is from...
Abang Faiz.

From: Faiz (oppa)
Assalamualaikum. Hye! How r u?
Although I call him Abang Faiz, but I saved his name as Faiz (oppa). It just sounds cuter to call a big brother or an older guy oppa. I just love it hearing the Korean girls call the older guy ‘oppa’. Kekeke..  ;-p

From: Ifa
Waalaikumussalam. Hyep! I’m fine.. Why do u text me? Miss me?haha! ;-p

I giggle after sending the text. Shin Young gives me a blurred expression.
“Hey, why are you smiling by yourself? Who text you?”
“Hmm...wait, Fa..iz?”
“10 points for you! Haha...”
“Don’t know.”
Then another message arrives in my inbox. Shin Young try to peek, but I hide it from her. She frowns.
“Let me read it first...”

From: Faiz (oppa)
Maybe..  ; )   Nothing. I’m just bored. I’m having lunch and I miss ur delicious strawberry puddings. Hehe! What r u doing?”

From: Ifa
I’m hving lunch too, with my BFF. But, no puddings today! ;-p  I’ll make for u later, but u need to edition! Haha!

From: Faiz (oppa)
Uh, u better make for me later! Or no piano lesson...(Threat!) Oh yeah, say hello to ur BFF.

Owh, he dares to threaten me. huhu..
“Shin Young, he say hello to you.”
Shin Young smiles widely. Sigh.
“Of course. Here, read it!”
I show her the message. She reads it while smile satisfully.
“Okay, okay. Say hello to him too. Haish, why am I so happy about this?”
“Ask yourself! Well, you’re always like this when it comes to guys. Haha!”
That comment earns me a hit on the shoulder. It HURT! She really needs to control her strength. I rub my shoulder and then continue to reply Abang Faiz’s message.

From: Ifa
I need to finish my lunch now cause I’ve class later. C u tomorrow ok. Daa!

From: Faiz (oppa)
Ok. Enjoy ur lunch. Can’t wait for tomorrow. Kekeke. Daa!

I keep my phone back into the pocket and continue eating.


Yay! It is Friday, finally. Wah, I totally miss the archery club. I have not done archery in a few months. I miss my clubmate too. : )

credit: wikipedia for the pic

“Hey, what are you smilling about?”
Shin Young nudged me while asking.
“I just can’t wait for the club meeting. Aren’t you miss it too?”
“Of course I miss it! Start at 3 p.m. right?”
“Yup! One more, I have a surprise for you later.”  ; )
“What surprise? Tell me now!”
“No. It is a ‘SURPRISE’, I should not tell you now.”
I stick out my tounge to her. She pouts. I giggle at her reaction.
“Tell me, tell me.”
Suddenly the door knob on the class’s main door turns. The door open and Mrs. Shin Ae Rin enters the room.
“Looks like I can’t tell you now. Teacher is here. Huhu!”
“You better tell me later.”
I just wink at her. The students stand up and bow to Mrs. Shin Ae Rin. We sit back at our seat and begin to open up our engineering text book. My eyes are on the lecture screen in front but my mind keeps rewinding my conversation with Abang Faiz during our piano class yesterday.

“Abang Faiz, tomorrow we’re going to have club meeting. Have you decided to join which club?”
He was in a deep thought.
“No. I totally have forgotten about the club thing.”
“Is that so. Hey, would you like to join my club?”
He raised his eyebrows.
“Ok, but what club are you in?”
I stayed silence, thinking. Hmm, it is better if he does not know. ;-p
“What? Duh, how am I going to club I don’t even know. But, I guess it’s okay. You wouldn’t join any weird club, right?”
“Of course, it is a ‘good’ club.”
I emphasized on the ‘good’ word. But, how can he just agreed when he does not even know which club will he enter. I frowed my forehead.
“Hey, what’s wrong?”
“Nothing. Just, how come you agree to join my club though you don’t know what club it is.”
“It because of you. Because you are there too.”
Abang Faiz whispered slowly.
“What are you talking about? I can’t hear you.”
“Well, I believe you. You wouldn’t trick me right, though you are quite evil.”
Abang Faiz smirked. I pouted hearing his comment.
“ haven’t see the real version of evil me. huhu!”
Abang Faiz just laughed out loud. I laughed too.
“I can’t wait to see that. So, where and when will we meet tomorrow?”
“At university park. Around 2.45 p.m. after Friday prayer. Okay?”
Faiz is packing his things into his bag after the class ended. Eun Jung approaches him.
Faiz looks up and smile.
“Hi! You need something?”
“Oh, no. I just wanna ask you about club activities. You are new here, so I thought you might need some help to choose club. You want to join... my club?”
Eun Jung’s question reminds him of his talk with Asifah yesterday. He lets out a small laugh.
“Why are you laughing?”
Eun Jung raises her eyebrows.
“Nothing. Thanks for the invitation. It’s okay, I’ve decided to join a club.”
Eun Jung’s expression turns darker but she tries to hide it so that Faiz will not notice it.
“Oh, I see. What club will you join?”
“Hmm..I don’t know. Funny, right?”
“What? How come you don’t know which club will you join?”
“A friend of mine suggested me to, so I just agreed with her.”
Eun Jung surprises at the word ‘her’. Faiz just entered here, so she is sure that Faiz still don’t have many friends, especially girl. Oh wait, there is one. It couldn’t be her, could she?
“I’ve to go. See you next time. Annyeong!”
“Oh, okay. Annyeong!”
Faiz walks away and out through the door. Eun Jung just stands still, deep in her thought.


I am at the university park with Shin Young, sitting on bench under a half blooming sakura tree. Though it is still no fully bloom, it is still beautiful.
I look at my watch. It is already 2.45, but he is nowhere to be seen. We have arrived here since 2.30, after I perform my Zohor prayer. Suddenly Shin Young who is on my left nudges me.
“Hey, who are we waiting here? Tell me.”
“I told you it is a surprise. Be P-A-T-I-E-N-T.”
Shin Young sighs and leans against the bench.
I look towards the direction the voice was coming from. There stood a guy who is waving at me. I wave back. He starts to walk towards me and Shin Young. Oh yeah, Shin Young. I turn to her and she has not blinks her eyes, seeing the guy who is now standing in front of us, eyeing him up and down.

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