Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Love Pain (part 6)

Mi Cha is in her room, sitting on her bed, silently. She keeps looking at the knife tightly hold in her hand. Her tears dropped, one by one, fall onto the knife blade.
I know this is wrong, but this the only way I could think of. A way to get out of my misery. I look to the letter I left on the table. ‘To : Junho oppa and Aunt’
Aunt, thank you for taking care of me all this time. I am sorry if I have ever hurt your feeling. Junho oppa, you have been by my side during those happy and sad times. You will always cheer me up again if I am feeling sad, but this time, just let me do thing my own way. I am sorry, Junho oppa. Forgive me for everything. Saranghae, oppa.
Onew run offs out of the taxi as soon the taxi stops in front of Junho house. He runs to the door without even looking back. Junho pays the driver and follows Onew too. Onew looks panic.
“Junho, hurry up and open the door!”
“Okay, okay.”
Junho slips his hand into his pocket to find the keys.
Junho a bit surprised by Onew’s act. He have never act like this and raise his voice to anybody. But, today is really surprising. Junho manages to find the key and quickly unlock the door. Onew rushes in and run upstairs. Junho still follows him.
Onew pushes Mi Cha’s locked room door really hard. He stumbles a bit forward into the room.
Onew is relieved to hear that voice, to be able to see those two eyes which are looking toward him too. He walks to Mi Cha who is still laying in her bed.
Junho finally reached the door and look inside. He is panting hard, tired from running before. He watches Onew slowly walking towards Mi Cha.
“Oppa.... why are you here?
Mi Cha’s weak voice travels out of her throat.
“I just miss you so much. I want to see you. Are you alright?”
Onew talks as he places himself on the bed, sitting beside Mi Cha.
“I’m fi...fine o..oppa.”
Mi Cha gives a weak smile to Onew. Onew gracefully strokes Mi Cha’s hair so that he can see her face clearly.
“My heart felt really uneasy just now, that’s why I came here. Thank goodness, you’re fine.”
Onew kisses Mi Cha’s forehead. He is relieved to find Mi Cha is doing fine.
“Don’t worry oppa. It’s just for a while more.”
Speaking the truth Onew still feels uneasy, even more after hearing Mi Cha’s weird words. He looks to the side and a scenery gives him a big shock! Blood fills up the floor at the side of the bed. Onew removes the blanket covering Mi Cha. He is shocked to see both Mi Cha’s wrists and her palms are covered with thick blood.
“Mi Cha! What is the meaning of this?”
Then, he spots a bloody knife on the floor. Onew quickly lift Mi Cha and places her on his lap.
“MI CHA!!!”
Junho who is still standing by the door, watching the two lovely couple startles by Onew’s scream. He hurriedly walks toward them to see what happens. He is shocked to see Mi Cha is covered in blood while Onew keep holding her ...tightly.
“Junho, calls the ambulance, NOW!”
Automatically, Junho’s hand seems like moving itself, reaching for his phone in the pocket. He dials and waiting for the other on the line to pick up.
“M...mi Cha, why are you doing this?”
Onew holds one of Mi Cha’s bleeding hand, hoping that the bleeding would stop. Tears already fill his eyes.
“O..o..oppa. You know that I..I.. love you, right?”
“Yeah, of course I know. I love you too.”
“That’s w..why I ha..have to leave you. I wa..want you t..to success in yo..ur career. You can’t if you a...are with m..me. But..I can’t li..live without you. It’s t..too pain..ful. I’ve expe..rience that. I don’t wa..want to get through it ag..again. Too..painful.”
Onew patiently waits to hear Mi Cha finishes her sentences, weakly. He could catch voice of Junho talking, asking for the ambulance maybe. Now, his attention is only Mi Cha. He wipes away Mi Cha’s tears. Unknowingly, his tears flow along his cheeks.
Mi Cha hardly reaches Onew’s cheek with her bloody hand to wipe Onew’s tears. Now, Onew's face is covered with Mi Cha's warm blood.
“It’s too painful for you, so you want to leave me alone? You think I’ll be happy without you? I can’t live without you too. Those years I lived without you back then were the worst time of my life.”
Mi Cha just silently stared at Onew. She knows she will not be able to see this sweet face after this. Then, her visions slowly blurred. She starts breathing really hard, enduring her pain.
“Yeah, yeah..”
Onew is really worried seeing Mi Cha’s condition now. His heart really ached, seems like being stabbed by thousand of swords seeing Mi Cha like this.
“Prr..prom..mise me.. you’ll li..live o..onn.. Ke..keep fight...ting.”
“Of course I’ll live on, but with you. You will always be at my side, forever!”
“I do..don’t think so..o. I’m so..sor..ry. S..sa..rang..hae..oppa.”
Mi Cha’s eyes slowly close. Her grip on Onew’s hand slowly loosens.
“NO! Mi Cha! Mi Cha! Hang on.”
Junho come closer as he hears Onew’s screams. He falls on his knees seeing Mi Cha's still body. Do not even move an inch. He finally breaks into tears.
Onew continuosly shake Mi Cha’s body. Then, he hugs Mi Cha tightly. His tears fall nonstop, touching Mi Cha's still body.
“Mi Cha, please don’t go..please. I love you. I can’t live without you, Mi Cha.”

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