Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Only You ( part 10 )

Eun Jung seems a little surprised yet she tried to remain calm. A curious look clearly shown on her face.
‘Did I say something wrong?’
“ I know him. But, why.... do you need to see him?”
“Actually I....”
“Oh, Asifah, you’re here already.”
Our eyes shift toward the voice. Ah, it is Abang Faiz. Thank goodness he found me.
“Yeah. I just arrived here. Yet, I’ve met someone though.”
Abang Faiz switches his sight to Eun Jung. He gives her a smile and Eun Jung seems glad while giving a smile back to him.
“Oh, hi Eun Jung.”
What? They know each other. Guess so, since they both study music.
“You know Eun Jung unnie?”
“Unnie? Oh yeah, she is older than you. Of course I know her. She is my classmate.”
“I see.”
“Come on, we have to now.”
Faiz elbows me, signalling me to go. Eun Jung who seems confuse look at us.
“Where are you guys going?”
“This little girl beside me now is my student. I’m going to teach her to play piano.”
“Yah, I’m not a little girl. Though..I’m quite short.” I murmured.
Faiz laugh while Eun Jung just gives out a faint smile.
“I’m sorry. Asifah, let’s go!”
“Annyeong, Eun Jung unnie! Nice meeting you.”
“Nice meeting you too.”
“See you later in class, Eun Jung.”
Eun Jung stares at the two until them both lost from her sight. There is an uneasy feeling shown in her eyes. She looks back at her bracelet and smile by herself.
Faiz and Asifah now has arrived at the Music Room : 8. They both get in. Faiz signal Asifah to sit at the front chair with desk though, situated just beside the piano and opposite of the white board. Asifah obeys him just like a really good student.
“Do you know anything about music? Music note? Key?”
Asifah shakes her head.
“This will be a loooooong class.”
Asifah sigh.
“Yah, what with the sigh?”
“Afraid that I’ll be boring with your teaching. Huhu!”
Faiz makes an annoy face. Asifah just continue to laugh until she put her hands together, asking for apology.
“It’s okay. I’m not that angry. I’ll make sure this class and the next classes will never get boring.”
“Neh, sonsaengnim.”
Asifah gives out a big smile. Faiz’s heart flutters seeing that smile. He shake his head, trying to lose  this weird feeling and trying to concentrate to his teaching.
“Are you ready, kids?”
“Ai, ai captain!”
“I can’t hear you...”

Both of them laughed at their own silliness. They both love Spongebob though. This class will surely never be boring.
About an hour and a half passed by since we start learning. A knock on the door causes us to stop anything we are doing that time.
“Can I come in?”
Abang Faiz’s face seems slightly brighter.
“Yes, sir. Come in.”
The door knob is turned and the door is open. A middle-sized figure appear. A brown slightly long haired middle- aged guy with a black frame spectacle stand in front of us. Abang Faiz stands up and bows to that guy. Koreans really respect their elders. We are used to Korean culture now as we had live here for a few years, so bowing to elders are just our normal ‘etiquette’.
“Asifah, this is Professor Kang Oh Hyuk. He is my lecturer, my most favourite!”
That comment earns him a smile from the guy, I mean Professor Kang Oh Hyuk. I stand up and bow to him too. hmm..Kang Oh Hyuk, his name seems familiar. Oh yeah, my lecturer’s name is Kang Shin Hyuk. Well, maybe it is just a coincidence.
“Annyeonghasaeyo, I’m Asifah.”
“Oh, you’re the girl Faiz told me about. Nice meeting you.”
“Thank you..umm..tell what about me?”
“It’s nothing. He just told me that he’ll be teaching someone and he needs to use this room for that.”
“Owh, I see.”
“Actually, Professor is my tuition’s teacher since I was studying in Sungkyunkwan University. So, I’ve known him about..3 years.”
“Owh, no wonder you could use this music room easily. I was wondering how could you persuade your teacher to let you use it, well..are you really good, something like that. Huhu!”
Abang Faiz shows an irritated face. Haha, I love to tease him. Professor Oh Hyuk just laughs.
“Haha! You’re something little girl. He is really good, I assure you. You are lucky he wants to teach you, he rarely teaches people, you know.”
“See, even my teacher praise me, you should be thankful.”
“Well, we’ll see.” I murmured.
Professor Oh Hyuk laughs again and I join him, while Abang Faiz is still with his irritated face.
“Ok, I’ll be going for now. Continue on with your lesson.”
We both bow to Professor Oh Hyuk. He then left the music room.
“Faiz, you got yourself an interesting student. Goodluck!” Professor Oh Hyuk walks away from the music room, smilling.
“Let’s stop here. That’s enough for today.”
“Okay songsaengnim....!”
Abang Faiz chuckles by himself. I wonder why. I open up my bag and bring out the lunch boxes I brought.
“Tadaa! I made spaghetti today. And strawberry puddings too.”
“Wah, you really brought lunch. Let me taste it.”
I handed him one of the lunch box. He sits at the seat beside me. He quickly opens it and has a spoonful of spaghetti.
“Delicious! You really are a good cook.”
“I know it already...huhu!” I raise my eyebrows at him. He just shakes his head.
After finishing the spaghetti, we enjoy the desert, strawberry puddings!

Well, I could only have some as Abang Faiz eats most of it. What to do, he really loves it! He looks so cute eating the puddings like a little kid. Haha.. Uh, what am I thinking? ;-p
I walk to my class after I had performed my Zohor prayer. In the class, Shin Young greets me.
“So, how is your piano class?”
“Hmm..not bad. Today, we just learned the basic of music as I don’t know anything related to music. I only know SHINee! Huhu..!”

“Never ending with your SHINee. Big Bang is the best!”

“I don’t care...ae, ae, ae, ae, ae..”
I sang to 2en1’s I Don’t Care song. Shin Young seems a little bit frustrated. Her chubby cheeks shown up when she pouted. ;-p
Our conversation stops when Professor Kim Min Ah walks in, holding her thick textbook. She adjusts her frameless spectacle while answering the students’ greetings. In just a few seconds, her back is already facing us, meaning lesson start NOW!

How is it...? I hope it is ok...  ;-p
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ps: credit to the owner of the pictures...
                                                                                                            By: E_pah

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