Friday, March 25, 2011

My ReSulT!!!!

Assalamualaikum....annyeong, hello!
I got my SPM's result last Wednesday (23 March 2011).....!
Wah, I was so nervous that day...proof?
I hit my MOM's flower pot while driving my FATHER's car that morning (to go to my school, SMK Tunku Putra, Langkawi to get my result)... I haven't told them though... ;-p
I went with my BFF, Bihah and Hazirah....Hazirah's sister went with us too as she need to go to school (her study session started at noon)...we went around 11.30 a.m. (quite late)...we were afraid...huhu
When we arrived, most of our friends were already there and some of them already went home...meaning we were quite late compared to others..  ;-p
My teacher, lovely MRS Siti Khalilah congratulated me...she said that I did well.. 'You did well, congrats'.
Just hearing those words, tears rolling down my cheeks. Felt like...hmm... I just don't know how to describe....mixed feelings..  ;-p     : )     : (        : D       ^ ^  .....
Then, I hugged mak (she was there even before I got there...a mom's love..  ^ ^)...
My lovable ex-form tce, Cikgu Zalina handed me my SPM's result slip...

Alhamdulillah, I got 3 A+ ( B.Melayu, Sejarah, Chemistry), 4 A (English, Mathematics, Biology, Pendidikan Islam) and 3 A- (Additional Mathematics, Physics, EST) 10 As.
I'm quite surprised coz i've never got A+ (as I remember) for the subjects I got A+ in SPM during other exams I sat in my school....while the subjects I've always got A+ (Mathematics and Pendidikan Islam), I only got A...I'm quite dissapionted..but still, I'm thankful for getting straight A...

Then, I told ayah and mama (through phone) my result... I was glad I could proudly told them my good result!  : )

THANK YOU to my PARENTS, FAMILY, TEACHERS, FREINDS and EVERYONE who've helped me through those hard time until now... please continue supporting me...

I really hope I am able to pursue my study in oversea... I want to study in KOREA!!! Wish me LUCK!
Maybe I could meet SHINee there...haha..  ;-p
BUT, the main point is, I want to study there..not flirting or playing.   ;-p

I'm quite busy with University and Scholarship application now........ so Only You and Love Pain need to be delayed a bit... just a few days... SORRY.. Mianhae...(I've always delayed the continuation...  ;-p)..

That's all for now......  *bow*

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