Saturday, October 15, 2011

Only You (part 14)

Hah.. the air is so fresh even though it is quite cold. The sun is shining bright yet it is covered up a little by the fluffy clouds. A perfect day for leisuring. Luckily I choose to go out cycling at the Han River Park today with Joon.

While I was cycling with Joon on my left side, I spot someone familiar sitting on the bench. I decide to move closer toward the right side to get a better view. Joon who noticed my change of direction follows me too. 

After a few metres closer I recognize the person. Ah, it is her!

“Hey Joon, let’s stop for a while there.”

I motion with my head toward her to Joon. He gives me a curious look. I just ignore him and slow down my pace until I finally stop in front of her. Still, she does not take her eyes off from her laptop screen. She did not realize I am here, I guess. Then, she smiles. Ah, cute! Smiling by herself. Kekeke! I hear she murmurs something.

“Ah, my sweet memory.”

As curiousity over taken me, I unconsciously respond to her words.

“What is so sweet?”

She seems a bit startles after hearing my voice. She slowly raises her head up while I am taking off my shades.

“Omo, OPPA??!!”

Because of the shock, she leans her back well, overly leans back making her fells backward. Instinctively, I 
reach out my hand to catch her. But, wait, I am on a bicycle. The unstable position I am in now make me stumble forward with her too and I ended up falling on top of her. Heh, my Sangtae again.


She winces in pain. I raise my face up facing hers. My eyes meet hers. Those pure dark brown-blackish eyes swallow me into its own innocent world. I froze. Then, I feel a pair of hands softly against my chest.

“Mmm..Onew oppa, could you get up?”

“Oh? I’m sorry.”

I slowly get up with a hand behind my neck and sit beside her. She sit up too while rubbing her back. It must have hurt.

“Are you.. al..”

“Ah! My laptop!”

What? She worries about her laptop more that herself and most importantly than me? She picks up her laptop from the soft grass and inspects it for some damages. Soon later she sigh out relieves. It is fine, I guess.

“You worry about your laptop more than yourself.. more than ME?”

She turns to me, a bit shock by what I said. I don’t really meant what I said, just to tease her.

“ me.mean.., o...ooppa.”

She lowers down her head. Auww..she is cute stuttering. And I could see she is blushing too. Ah, cute! I cannot stop myself from pinching her blushing cheek.

She is taken aback with my action. She held her right cheek, which where I was pinching before, while giving 
me a what-are-you-doing look. Guess what? She is blushing even more! So cute! I am thinking to pinch her cheek once mo...r until I hear someone whispering.

“Yah, what are you doing? Onew, I’m here too.”

Ouch..totally forgot about Joon. I turn to him and smile. He smirks. I quickly put on my sunglasses and fix my cap, afraid that someone might notice me.

“Sorry. Oh ya, Joon. Meet Asifah, my donsaengie..”

Joon turns his gaze from me to Asifah. He raises up his cap a little flashes his so infamous smile.


“Hi, I’m Asifah.”

“Nice to meet you. But, I need to go. Onew, you want to stay?”

I nod.

“I’ll go first. Bye!”

He waves at us while stepping on the pedal and starts cycling. After a while he is far from our sight.


I turn back toward Asifah who is trying to stand up. I quickly get up and help her stand properly.

“Are you alright? Did you hurt yourself? Do you need to go to the hospital? Can you walk?”

She chuckles. Hmm?

“Oppa, relax. I’m fine. Just hurt a little.”

She sits back on the bench and taps the seat beside her, signalling me to sit down too. I pick up my bicycle from the ground and park it beside the bench before sitting down. She puts back her laptop in her bag.

Silence. Awkward.

“Hmm.. you seems so shock just now. You should have seen your face just now. Haha!”

She blushes again. Once more, cute!

“Who wouldn’t when seeing one of your favourite idols standing right in front of you, in the public?”

“Haha.. I guess so. I’m everyone favourite.”

“Hard to believe...”

She mumbles.


“Haha.. Just kidding. You are a sweet, funny person. Of course everyone like you oppa.”

She smiles after muttering those words. I feel my cheeks become hotter. Wait, I blush hearing her words? 
Sigh. Onew!


Onew and Asifah continue their conversation while having a drink together.

“You like soy milk, Ifa?”

Asifah nods quickly like a child.

“I LOVE it!!”

Onew chuckles seeing her reaction.

“Yeah, you seem to like it so much. And me, I love strawberry milk!!!”

Onew raises both of his hand up in the air. Being the clumsy person he is, he spilled some of the strawberry 
milk onto his shirt while the bottle he is holding is still in his hand above his head.

Asifah quickly reaches for a tissue in her bag and hands it to Onew. He grabs it and cleans the stain on his blue shirt.

“You’re so clumsy oppa. Guess that Onew Sangtae is true. Hihi..”

“I think. Haha!”

Their laugh filled up the air around them.



“You always come cycling here?”

“Huh? Y..yeah.. Sometime if I have free time.”


“Ifa, you...come here always too?”

“A’ah.. It’s so peaceful here.”

Asifah smiles looking out to the open space in front of them while breathing in the fresh air.

“What are you doing just now? On your laptop?”

“Ouh? Actually I came here to find some inspiration for my English essay. It’s for a competition in my 

“Wow, so you are good in English then.”

“I guess..hehe!”

“Help me..”


“With English.”

Onew flash a smile at her. 

Asifah has that what-do-you-mean look on her face.

“Waeyo? You’re good already, I think. I watched before you spoke English quite well on the shows.”

“It’s not enough. I want to be able to communicate with our fans from all over the world.”

Yeah, it is true, Onew would like to understand all the letters and comments from their fans, he wants to reply to all of it to show his gratitude toward them. They have support SHINee all this time. Onew smiles widely just thinking about it.

 Hearing soft chuckles from beside him, Onew turns to see Asifah who is looking at him too.

“ really think a lot of your fans. I’m sure they are glad to be your fans. Me too!!”

Asifah smiles her innocent smile again. Onew could feel he is blushing again.

 “Oppa, it’s 6 already. I need to go. Oh yeah, we’ll see tomorrow right?”

‘Ah! Minho said he want to invite her to our practice tomorrow.’ Onew thought.

“Minho told me. Okay, see you tomorrow. Want me to send you home?”

“It’s fine.”

She said while packing her stuff into her bagpack. Soon later, she finishes and get up. Onew get up as well and grabs his bicycle.

“I’ll go first. Nice meeting you oppa, annyeongihasaeyo!”

“Nice meeting you too. Annyeong dongsaengie..”

Asifah bows and leave while waving her hand to Onew. His eyes follows Asifah’s figure until it disappears from his sight. Then, he hops on his bicycle and starts pedalling, riding along the calming Han River.


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