Sunday, September 4, 2011


assalamualaikum... hello, annyeong!
it's been long since i last updated my blog.. sorry... ;-p
hope everyone is doing fine..
oh yeah... hari raya just past a few days ago.. i'm sure each of us have a good time with family and friends, right?? how about 'duit raya'?? Plenty? kekeke

and...i've done some changed to my story Only You..
before, i stated that my age is 20, right? i changed it to 18.. and Faiz is not 22 but 21..
now, my age is too young to be enrolled in college right? so, i stated that before, i lived abroad, so  started my school a year early...resulting me being in university a year early..
the rest...still the same..i think.. ;-p

that's all...
i'm on my way writing the next part for only you...wait for me..
saranghae~  ;-p

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