Saturday, December 8, 2012

Only You (part 18)

I open the fridge. The light from the fridge fall upon my face. I search for some snack. Finally, my hand reaches out for an apple. I close the fridge door and walk to the living room.

While I was reaching for the remote control on the table, I notice there is an unread message in my inbox. I pick up my phone and settle down on the couch.

“It is an unknown number. Hmm..”

I open the message.

From: xxxxxxxxxxx
Message: Annyeong Ifa-ah!
This is Jonghyun oppa. Thank you for the birthday wish. Onew-hyung told me just now. We just finished our fan meeting for my birthday. I asked him for your number and I had to pay for it! Such an evil hyung, right? ; ) Thank you again.
Ps: Save my number, okay? ; ) You will never get it anywhere…haha

Ah! It is Jonghyun oppa. Today is his birthday. I wished him through Onew oppa since I haven’t had his number. Now, I have it! I better save his number. Lucky me! hehe… I need to reply to him.

To: Jonghyun oppa
Message:  ^ ^
Your welcome, oppa. Hope you have a good life this year and the coming year!
Ps: Thanks for your number…luckily it was free.. haha! ^ ^

I smile as I close the message and look into my phone wallpaper.

“I am so lucky to be able to get close to you guys. I’m still thinking this as a dream.”

I put back my phone on the table and take a bite of the apple in my hand. The phone wallpaper is of course SHINee’s picture.


“Shin Young, hurry up! We’re late for practice.”

Asifah calls up to Shin Young while running. Shin Young is running behind her too, with her hand busily buttons her bag. Their lectures today ended a bit late.

“Urgh… this all Mr. Kang’s fault. Why must he ended the class late? Now, I need  to run this fast.”
Asifah mumbles alone.

Shin Young who have been keeping her eyes on her bag haven’t realized someone is crossing in front of her and ended up hitting that person.


Then, a pair of strong arms firmly held her from falling. She opens her tightly closed eyes and surprise to see the person holding her.

“Fa..iz oppa.”

“Are you okay?”


“Shin Young, are you okay?”


“Hey! Shin Young! What are you doing?”

Asifah shouted from a far and runs back toward Shin Young. Noticing the state Shin Young is in now, she quickens her pace and

“KIM SHIN YOUNG! What exactly are you doing?”

With that, Shin Young awaken and tries to move away from Faiz. Well, it manages to catch other students attention too yet they just shrug it off.

“Uh..I’m sorry oppa. I didn’t realize you were walking in front of me. and..and..thank you.”

“It’s okay. Well, are you fine?”


“But, I think you need an explaination to do.”

Shin Young gives Faiz a curious look. He motions toward a direction and Shin Young turns backward following the direction. All she sees is a furious Asifah. In a few moments, Asifah is already standing right in front of her with both hands on her waist.

“We’re late and you have the time to be flirting?”

“… I actually ran into Faiz oppa just now and he managed to catch me from falling.”

Shin Young finished her explanation in just one breath. An angry Asifah really scares her.

“Faiz oppa?”

Asifah tilts her head top the side and looks over Shin Young shoulder. There, she could see Faiz, waving and smiling at her. Automatically, she smiles back.

“Ah…I see.”

“ time, hears me first!”

“Sorry, my bestfriend. Oppa, wanna go to the archery practice together?”

“I’ve nothing to do now. Might as well go with you.”

“Okay, let’s go!”

The three of them hurriedly walk to the archery field and find most of the university archers are already there. They bow and greet Minseok, Jae Min, Jung Shin, Junho and Hae Jin.

“Yah, you guys are late.”

“Sorry Minseok oppa. Our class finished late just now. I’ll start my training immediately!”

“Okay, okay. Come on. Faiz, wanna learn archery too?”

“I’ll try.”

“Shin Young, teach him.”


“Yeah, anything wrong?”

“No….I’ll do it Minseok oppa.”

“Goodluck Faiz oppa. Let’s go Minseok oppa.”

Minseok and Asifah grab a bow each and a few arrows, happily head to the field. It looks like both of them are having fun with each other, hitting the target lays in front of them. While in one corner of the field, Shin Young is busy teaching Faiz, even basic thing of the basic things, how to hold the bow.

“Hahahaha…oppa is so awkward.”

“Yah..stop laughing and teach me properly or I’ll report to Minseok.”

“Oh, now you’re threatening me. I’ll shoot you.”

Shin Young target her arrow at Faiz, and he pretends to be scared.

“Minseok!! Someone want to kill me here! He…l…mhh..”
Shin Young quickly covers Faiz’s mouth. She looks over to Minseok. Luckily, he does not hear Faiz. She releases her hand from Faiz’s mouth.

“Hahaha! You scared too.”

Shin Young pouts.

“Acting cute? Yeah, you win that.”

Shin Young startles to hear that from Faiz. A tint of red starts to appear on her cheeks. Quickly, she turns facing the target. She places the arrow and raises her bow.

“Stop that. Look how I do it, now.”

‘ wonder you guys are best friends. Same act. But, you are cuter though..hihi..’

Faiz throws a glance towards the pair just across him before looks back just in time to see Shin Young hit 
the bull’s eye.

“Woah! You’re good, Shin Young-ah.”


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