Saturday, December 8, 2012

a day with Lee Seung Gi.. ^ ^

ha! that tittle might surprise you right?
I always hope that I could meet and spend time the handsome, smart, talented...etc Lee Seung Gi...haha! and that hope continue to still being a hope..hmm..
It's just today, my day was all about Lee Seung Gi..why? I don't why either.. it's just I started viewing some videos of him on Youtube, and it continued for a few hours..!
But, I'm not shocked of myself though. Who wouldn't fall for this amazing guy, fall for his unlimited charms. He could SING, he could ACT and he could MC too! Leading to he being labelled asTriple Crown in Korea. His LOOK?? Of course one of the best in Korea...haha! don't believe me?? you should... have a look..  ^ ^

sigh... I'll always fall for that smile.. ^ ^
what?? not enough..? want more...?

that's enough..okay? hehe

oh yeah! he came Malaysia last November....!! waaa....! It was depressing (over reaction..haha) because I can't go. Money issue, study issue... sigh~
Reading some of the articles about that fan meeting....jealousy aroused! huuu... It's hard to control a girl's jealousy...haha! Never mind, it's their chances now...but next time, I'll make sure I"ll be among the lucky one to meet and have a fun time with him. ^ ^

there were a few dramas that he was in...of course those dramas had been among the top dramas in Korea..! 
The dramas that he was the male lead were :

1) Brilliant Legacy a.k.a Shining Inheritance

It's been long since I watch this drama. But, I could still remember some of the storylines of this drama. It's a good drama.

2) My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

This one was and still my favourite! Lee Seung Gi - Shin Min Ah couple was so cute in this story..! ^ ^
there were up and down in this story and both portrayed their characters so well, getting the audiences immersed into their acting and the story. I strongly recommended you guys to watch this!

3) King2Heart

This drama was the most recent one. There were so much conflict in this drama, yet it is still fun to watch. Lee Seung Gi - Ha Ji Won couple was a strong couple to start with because of their strong personality but as time goes on, they showed the cute side of them. Don't forget to watch this too!

Lee Seung Gi acts never disapointed me. His ability to show emotion while portraying the role he is playing is one of the best among the best actor in Korea. Ah, I could never stop praising him, am I? haha.. Well, he deserves it though.. ^ ^

That's all for now. I'll talk about his singing and MCing career in another entry. You'll be amazed too~

I save the best for the last! Okay, annyeong! Daa, assalamualaikum.

ps: I really, totally fall for this one.. ^ ^


  1. minho will always be my forever namja....kekeke

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