Monday, June 18, 2012

Only You (part 17)

  I look at the tickets in my hand.

SHINee Fan Meeting.
 Venue: XXXXX
Time    :XXXX
Date    :XXXX

Yeah, Minho oppa gave it to me two weeks ago. This is why he wanted to see me, a gift for helping him back then. He was less friendly than before. See, I should not dream much. It is lucky enough for me to meet them already.

I put the tickets back into my bag and proceed my way onto the bus when it arrives at the stop.

I walk into the half-filled lecture room. There is still 15 minutes till the lecture start. I sit beside Shin Young who is already engulfs herself in her book.

“Hey, Shin Young.”

She looks up from her book at gives a smile to me.

“Oh, annyeong.”

She goes back reading her book.

I place my head on the table, facing Shin Young on my left.

“Hmm…do you really can’t go to the fan meeting with me?”

“I told you. I have work at that day. I need to return to my hometown.”

She answers without looking at me, eyes still on the book.

I still remember the day I told her about meeting with SHINee, the day after I met them. She screamed so loud, like a total fangirl, even though SHINee is not her favourite. Luckily, there was no one at the rooftop at that time. She kept smiling, me too. But, we both stop smiling once she gave her answer when I asked her to go with me to the fan meeting, that SHE CAN’T GO. Sigh~

“But..I have no one to go with me.”

I pout. She stops reading, closes her book and finally looks at me. And she has that smirk on her face.

“Hey, what with that smile?”

“I have a great idea.”


“Why don’t you ask Faiz oppa to go with you?”


Everyone in the room have their eyes on us. I raise my head up and just sheepishly smile back at them. They 
go back to what they are doing before.

“What do you mean?”

I speak in a lower voice.

“You are quite close with him lately as you always met him for piano classes. And..”


“You can take care of him from being with other girls for me.”

Shin Young grins at me.

“Yah! So you’re just using me?”

“Nah, I’m just kidding.”

“I’ll try asking him later.”


I wait for Faiz oppa (uh? Look like I’m affected by Shin Young and Korean culture for me to call him oppa too) in the music room. Today is Monday, his class finish at 2.30. It is past 3 already. He should be arrived soon.

As I am lost in my thought, I hear the door flung open. He walks in, catching his breath. He closes the door and come sitting on the chair beside me.

“I’m sorry, just finish my prayer. My class ended quite late just now.”

“It’s okay. Here, drink this. Cool down yourself.”

I hand him a can of iced lemon tea. He opens it and gulps down nearly half of it. He ran here?

“You look exhausted. You ran here, oppa…?”

I quickly cover my mouth. Did I just called him oppa?

He put down the can and looks straight at me.

“Wait, oppa? Did I hear right?”


I just let out an akward smile. Faiz laugh at me. Why did he laugh?

“Hmm…Faiz oppa. Sound good too. Call me that.”

“What? Is it alright?”

“Yeah..why not. My juniors call me that.”

“Hmm..I guess living in Korea for quite a time influenced me. Oh yeah, I made ‘nasi goreng kampung’ for 
today. Here.”

I open the lunch box I brought out from my bag onto the table. Faiz oppa’s face brightens upon seeing the 
content. I am glad.

“Wah! I’ve longed to eat Malaysian food.”

“Not to forget. Your favourite desert, strawberry puddings!”

I place two cups of puddings in front of him. As always, it could bring out a smile on his face.

“You’re really the best!”

“I know.”

We both start eating and compliment sometime flows out from his mouth. There are some complaints though. 
A bit salty, less spicy. What can I do, I hate spicy food!



“Are you free on the weekend in the next 3 weeks?”

“I don’t know yet, why?”

“ like to go to SHINee fan meeting with me?”


He stops eating and looks right at me.

“Actually, I have one extra ticket and Shin Young can’t come with me. I don’t want to go alone. Will you go with me?”

“I’m…not a fan of SHINee though I heard a few of their songs.”


I bat my eyelashes at him.

“Fine..I’ll go.”


“Only if I don’t have anything to do.”

He said with a firm look.

“You’re the best oppa!”

I smile the biggest smile at him. He sighs.

One problem solved!


Two figures could be seen jogging side by side along the Han River. People not seem to mind them as they pass by, as if they are just like other couples, wearing matching caps.

“Oppa, thanks for the cap. It is nice.”

“You like it? I bought it last time I went to Japan. I thought it look nice on you, that’s why I bought it.”

“I love it so much Onew oppa!”

“And..if we wear matching caps, people would only think us as a couple. So they would not mind to thoroughly get to know who I am even if they might see my face. They will think that I may only be identical 
to Onew.”

“So, you are thinking you’re that famous?”

“Ha?Uh…uh… I guess I’m thinking too far?”

Asifah chuckles at Onew’s behaviour. She knows SHINee is really famous and every one of them is famous. It is fun to tease him, she guesses.

“Well, it’s better to think about that before it might happen. But..I think Minho oppa is famous than you. Haha!”


Due to his ‘concentration’ on the conversation too much and because of his clumsiness, Onew trips on his own feet and fell. Asifah stops and squats down to Onew.

“Onew oppa, are you okay?”

“I’m fine.”

Onew gets up and brushes the dust on his pants. Suddenly, Asifah laughs. Onew turns toward her.

“Hmm…I guess Onew Sangtae happen while you’re jogging too. It’s funny, how can you be famous when you trip over your own feet. Haha!”

“Yah! You’re gonna get it this time.”

“Catch me first!”

With that Asifah starts to run, for her life.

“You better run fast!”

Onew run after Asifah right after that. He knows she is joking, but it is fun like this. Both of them run along the river, throughout the crowd, with the air fill up by their laughter.

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