Sunday, June 17, 2012

after a long time

Assalamualaikum... annyeong~
wah.. it's been a long time since I post something.. ^ ^
Alhamdulillah..I just graduated from my foundation studies last month..(maybe I should write and post some pictures about it)..i'll do it later...huhu
Now? I'm just lazying in my home sweet home..  : )
Korean dramas, RUNNING MAN, animes and comics...wah, they really made a big contribution in my life this past month...and the other coming month of course. Without them, my holiday would just be a waste..haha!!
I'll try to update something later..they have been so many things that happen in my life lately which I haven't had the chance to properly tell them, please wait.. ^ ^

Thank you! ^ ^

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