Sunday, February 12, 2012

Only You (part 16)

“Why are you hitting yourself now?”  

I heard a chuckled. Stopping what was I doing, I follow the source of that voice. My eyes meet Onew oppa standing right in front of the door, smiling.

“O..oppa. He..he..nothing.”

Wah!! So embarrassing. Why do I embarrass myself so much today? I am sure I am blushing again.
I walk toward Onew oppa and so do him. An unexpected thing happen again. He pinch my cheek...again.. sigh~

“You’re so cute! You’re blushing again. Stop blushing or else I can’t stop myself from pinching your cheek again.”

How can I? You just said that and you expect me to not blush. Onew oppa, please stop. I literally scream that in my head.

“I’m sorry if I am that cute. I can’t help it.”

“Haha! Oh, now you’re being cheeky. Come in, Minho asked me to wait for you here.”

I follow by Onew oppa’s side into the building.


Asifah mentally slaps herself when she arrives at a door with ‘SHINee’s practice room’ read on it. She still cannot believe she is here. Still, Onew’s voice sure her that this is real.

“Come in.”

Asifah and Onew walk through the door as soon as Onew opens it. Music echoes in the room with 3 figures right in the middle of the mirror’s covered room, dancing their heart out.

“Hey, guys! Someone is here!”

All three of them stop dancing and quickly turn around facing Onew and Asifah. Upon seeing the familiar figures, smiles appear on their good-looking faces.

Taemin runs toward both of them with Jonghyun walking with his usual charming walk while Key rushes off to shut down the music and quickly joining them.

“Annyeong, chinggu-ah! Wah, you really came. Yay!”

Taemin’s cheerful voice fills up the now quiet room. Asifah just smiles shyly and give all of them a small bow.

“Annyeong. are you guys doing?”

“We’re perfectly fine. Just a little tired from the practice. Anyway, thanks for asking, cutie dongsaeng.”

A tint of red quickly appears on Asifah’s cheeks, upon hearing Jonghyun’s words. Such a sweet talker Jonghyun.

“Yah, Jonghyun hyung, stop with your sweet talk, pervert.”

“Hey, Key, I’m not a pervert! Right, Asifah?”

Asifah just shrugs at Jonghyun.

“See, even she say you’re a pervert.”

“What? She didn’t even say anything.”

“But, she didn’t deny it.”

“Still, she didn’t say anything.”

“She didn’t deny.”


Asifah chuckles seeing their childish behaviours. Her favourite idols acting just like other normal teenagers in front of her own two eyes.

“Yah, Key hyung, Jonghyun’re embarrassing yourself, you know?”

“TAEMIN! Shut up!”

Both of Key and Jonghyun sound at Taemin, not in such an angry town well more like in brotherly way. 

Because of that, Taemin pretends that he is scared and hides behind Onew’s back.


“Three of you..stop it. Sigh~”

“Emm...sorry to interrupt. But, I bring some food. Wanna eat together, now?”

All of them turn around to Asifah and give her a big smile.

“Really? We’re starving now.”

“Let’s eat then!”


We settle down on the floor. I am between Onew oppa and Jonghyun oppa, with Taemin sitting in front of me and Key in between him and Jonghyun. I open up the big black and red lunch boxes I brought and their reaction really pleased me.

“Waaa!! You cook all this, Asifah?”

“Mhmm...try some Jonghyun oppa. Here!”

I shove him the boxes. He picks up sweet egg roll with his chopstick and shoves it into his mouth.

“How is it? Good?”

I look at Jonghyun with both hands clasping hard under my chin, waiting for his answer.

“It’s so delicious, really!”


He nods. Thank God.

“Glad you like it. Onew oppa, Key oppa, Taemin, try some.”

Each of them picks some food and stuffs into their mouth.

“’s delicious.”

“I agree with Taemin. You’re a good cook, right Onew hyung?”

Onew oppa nods vigorously while still stuffing some more food into his mouth.

“Hyung, eat slowly. You’ll cho..”

Suddenly Onew oppa coughs out, choking on the food. I gently pat his back.

“Sigh. Just as I said.”

Key hyung shakes his head. The rest of us just laugh at Onew clumsiness.

“Having a good time I see..but without me?”

Minho oppa walks in with plastic bags full of drinks. My heart did skip a beat seeing him. hehe~

“Annyeong, Asifah. They don’t do anything bad to you, don’t they?”


They shouted at the same time.

“No. They are all nice.”

I flash a smile at him but still haven't had the courage to look straight at him.

“See..we are niiiiccceee....”

Jonghyun oppa emphasizes his word. He then ruffles my head and smile at me.


Minho oppa take a seat between Taemin and Onew oppa. He places the drinks he bought in the middle by the side of the lunch boxes.

“Hey, Minho. Try this, Asifah made it.”

“Oh..really? Hmm...looks delicious.”

Minho oppa looks at me then at the food. Ah, his one second look at me already flustered my heart.
He takes grilled black pepper prawn and eats it. He chews slowly.


Hah~ I am glad.

Minho picks up rice roll and shoves into Taemin mouth. Seeing that, Jonghyun oppa keeps bugging Key oppa to feed him too. Willingly, Key oppa agrees to that. Onew oppa? He is busy eating the chicken balls all by himself.

I chuckle seeing these happen in front of me. The popular SHINee acts just like themselves ( I think) here. A familiar feeling you would have when you are with your family or close friend.

The next hour is filled up with our voices and laughter. I am the kind that quite shy to talk with someone I just knew, but if that person starts a conversation, I am happy to have a chat. It is the same hare. After making myself comfortable with them, we have a happy time chatting. We talk about me, about them, about anything.


new chapter... enjoy...  ;-p

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