Friday, March 18, 2011

Only You (part 9)

Faiz walks toward the Music Department building. I tidy up the lunch boxes. I was just going to make a move when a message arrives in my phone’s inbox. I sit back on the bench.
I open up the message. Oh, it is from Minho!
-          Hye! I’m sorry to disturb you. I just want to ask, are you free this weekend? I need to see you.
What? See me?
-          Hyep! I think I don’t have any plans this weekend. Why do you want to see me?

-          It’s good then. I want to give you something, as a repayment for saving me yesterday. I haven’t been able to thank you properly yet.

-          You don’t have to do that. I’m doing that by my will.

-          I feel bad about it. Just let me do this for you. Okay? Can you come to the SM Entertainment building this Saturday? Around 11 a.m.? We are free at that time.

-          If you insist, okay. I can, no problem. I’ll text you later to confirm.

-          It’s set then. I’ll be waiting! I’ve practice now. Annyeong.    ; )

-          Okay. Annyeong!  : )

I slip my phone into my pocket. What? He’ll be waiting? Don’t get the wrong idea! He may just want to see, to give something. Not beyond that. Ah, Asifah, get it out your mind! I look at my watch.
I am late! I quickly stand up and make my way to my class.
I am sitting in the living room, watching drama on the television. The drama tonight is very touching, about a girl who lost his father due to her selfishness. She thought she could live the life by herself but she is all wrong. Ah..watching this make me remember my parents in Malaysia. I miss them so much already, though it only been a few days I am here in Korea. I hope they are fine. Mama, Ayah, do not worry about me. I am doing fine here!
Plus, Onew oppa is starring in this drama. ;-p

Tomorrow I will start learning the piano, how excited! I am really thankful to Abang Faiz as he willing to help me. I should do something to repay him. Oh yeah, how about cooking him lunch? That will be great,  I guess.
‘Hmm..what should I make for him? He seems to love strawberry pudding so much, so I’ll make that for the dessert. How about spaghetti for tomorrow? Wah, I also have not eaten spaghetti for quite a long time. Ok, I’ll make spaghetti and strawberry pudding for tomorrow!’
Faiz is in his room alone, busy picking out clothes to wear today. Ha lays out almost all the best clothes, he thinks, he had in his closet on the bed.
‘What should I wear today? This one or that one? I’ll be meeting her today, so I need to look my best.’
Then, his roommate, Syafiq walk into the room.
“Faiz, what are you doing?”
“Hey, which one is better? This one or that one? Blue jeans or black?”
“Anything would be good. Just wear anything. Why do make such a fuss early in the morning?”
“Nothing. I just confused which one to wear.”
“Aish, are you meeting someone special today?”
“Then, why are you busy choosing which one to wear. Just dress like you always dress up. I couldn’t understand you now.”
Yeah, why am I like this. She is just a friend I just know and I am just going to teach her how to play the piano. There is nothing special. Aaggh..!
Faiz shakes and rubs his head. Syafiq is getting more curious with his weird act.
I just finished cleaning up my house. I do not have any class this morning so I decide just to spend my time at home. I take a sit in the living room and open up my laptop.
SHINee’s wallpaper appears on my laptop screen. : p

I browse through my email. Most of them just the notification from Facebook. Then, an email caught my eyes! An email from my ‘friend forever’, Cik Ton or her real name is Halimatul Saadiah. She is in Rusia now, pursuing her dental study. Wah, how I wish I could go there and meet her. Ha, when she is a dentist, I could get free treatment from her...huhu!  : p
Subject: Assalamualaikum
Hye! How are you? I hope you are fine. How is your new semester in Korea? You are doing great, right? Like you always do. : ) It have been about a year since we have met, I really do miss you. Hey, come to Rusia and I’ll be your tour guide here! Ah, have you meet Minho in Korea? Haha! You always talk about him when we were together, through the email and while we chat. Say hello to him if you ever meet him.  ; p
Take care. I hope to see you later. Assalamualaikum.

Yah, I have met Minho here. Haha! Should I tell her or not? Ah, even though I tell her she will think it is just one my ‘dream talk’ again. : p
 I click ‘Reply’ .

Re: Assalamualaikum
Waalaikumussalam! Hyep! I’m fine here, really fine. What about you? Of course I’m doing great, I am ASIFAH! Haha..  Yeah, I miss you too. I just came back from hometown and I met your mother. She is doing fine and she said you’ll be going back this June, right? Ah, I’ll stay in Korea at that time, we won’t be able to meet yet...aahhh... You have to come Korea then and I’ll bring you to meet Onew. :p...  I’ve met Minho. We chat together, sms each other...huhu! Believe it or not.......
Take care too. We will meet later, I’m sure. Assalamualaikum!

I move the cursor and click ‘Send’. Hmm...I told her about Minho, but I’m sure she just think this as one of my ‘talk’...again...    :p
It is almost 11 o’clock already. I shut down my laptop and head to my room. I need to get ready to go to campus. PIANO class with Cikgu Faiz at 1 o’clock.!

I make my way to the Music Department building. I climb the stairs up to the level 3, just like what Abang Faiz asked me to. Students are hanging around the hallways, since it is lunch time. some are listening something with their headphones on, some are reading either books or the music scores and some are just chit chatting. Well, there are some who even singing and dancing in the hallway. Such a bright scene to see. J
I text Abang Faiz saying that I had arrived here. I stand against the wall for a while, but there is no sign of him.
“Huh, where is he?”
Then, my eyes catch something shiny on the floor, about two feet away from me. I walk and pick it up. It is silver bracelet, with cute bear pendants. Whose bracelet  is this, I wonder.
I spot someone kept watching down and sometime bending down her body. Her long black hair would fall down too when she bowed down. Then, she lifted her hair while getting up again. Wah, she is so pretty. Her long black hair matches with her white skin. Ah, what am I thinking!
“She seems looking for something. Wait, maybe this bracelet is hers. Should I ask her?”
I walk towards her. She looks even prettier when she is closer.
“Excuse me, miss. Hmm....I think, this might be yours.”
She looks at me and I show her the bracelet. She looks surprised yet she seems happy. She held the bracelet tightly in her hand.
“Oh, yeah. This is mine. Thank you very much. This bracelet is really important to me. I thought I’ll never find it again. Thank you again.”
“It’s nothing. I’m glad I could return it to you.”
She keeps looking at the bracelet while smiling. I guess she really loves the bracelet as she is very happy to find it again. She tries to wear the bracelet on her wrist but she seems to have some difficulty. Of course, anyone would find it hard to wear a bracelet on their own, using one hand.
“Come, I’ll help you.”
I help her to wear the bracelet. She lifts her head up and faces me.
“Thank you again. You are such a kind person.”
“It’s just a simple thing. People should help each other, right?”
“Yeah, by the way, I’m Eun Jung, Kim Eun Jung.”
She held out her hand. I reach her hand and we shake hand.
“I’m Asifah. I’m from Malaysia.”
“Oh, really? That’s why you look like a foreigner. Do you study here? I’ve never seen you before.”
“Yeah. Actually I’m from the engineering department. I’m in my second year.”
“Oh, I’m a third year, majoring in piano. So, what are you an engineering student doing here? Can I help you?”
“I’m looking for someone. Wait, you say you are majoring in piano and in the third year, right?”
“Yeah, why?”
“By any chance, do you know Faiz?”
Eun Jung seems a little surprised yet she tried to remain calm. A curious look clearly shown on her face.
‘Did I say something wrong?’
“ I know him. But, why.... do you need to see him?”

Tadaa....part 9..
Sorry for the delay...  ;-p
(quite short this time...huuuuu)
A new character....why is she surprised hearing Faiz name??? Check out later...huhu!
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